buy A Bit More Sonic Pin

A Bit More Sonic Pin

Doctor Who fans can now have this fun A Bit More Sonic Pin that is all about the Sonic Screwdriver.

This pin shows 3 Sonic Screwdrivers and they are the once used by the 4th, 9th, 10th, and 12th Doctor.

The 3 screwdrivers are hold together by a banner that says “This Could Be A Bit More Sonic”.

The enamel Doctor Who pin has two pins on the back to make it stay in place securely.

A cool pin like this will look great on your clothes but also on your backpack and maybe even your cap.

If you can use some more sonic in your life then this could be the solution as there are 3 of them.

Get your A Bit More Sonic Pin

buy 12 Inch Tall 9th Doctor Action Figure

12 Inch Tall 9th Doctor Action Figure

If you are a true Doctor Who collector then you just need this 9th Doctor action figure.

The figurine of Doctor Who is 12 inches tall and has a scale of 1:6.

And this classic Doctor Who comes with 8 changeable hands and lots of accessories like Sonic Screwdriver’s, banana and much more. And the 9th Doctor will stand on display base with an illuminating Gallifrey symbol.

All in all this Doctor Who figurine is something for the true collector of Doctor Who memorobilia and it is a action figure that you won’t see often especially because you can change things in the hands of the Doctor so he can use one of two Sonic Screwdriver and when he get hungry his banana but there is more that you can find out more about by clicking on the picture.

Get your 12 Inch Tall 9th Doctor Action Figure

buy 4 Doctor’s Shower Curtain

4 Doctor’s Shower Curtain

Doctor Who 4 Doctor's Shower Curtain

If you want your bathroom to have a Doctor Who theme then you have to come buy this Doctor Who shower curtain.

This shower curtain shows 4 Doctors, in the background you can find Doctor’s 9, 10 and 11 and in front of all of them you find the 12th Doctor and he is pointing at you.

Just imagine taking a shower while 4 Doctors are there to make sure nothing bad will happen to you. No Cyberman, Dalek or Weeping Angel would ever dare to enter you bathroom when there are 4 generations of Doctor Who there.

So why not make you bathroom look amazing with this Doctor Who 4 Doctor’s Shower Curtain.

buy Fantastic, Allons-Y And Geronimo Tank Top

Fantastic, Allons-Y And Geronimo Tank Top

Doctor Who Fantastic, Allons-Y And Geronimo Tank Top

Who is you favorite Doctor?

If it’s number 9, 10 or 11 then this tank top could be perfect for you.

This blue women’s tank top comes in sizes XSmall – 3XL and is made from 95% cotton and 5% lycra.

On the front of the tank top you can see 3 famous catchphrases  uses by one of those 3 Doctors.

Doctor Who’s are a bit funny so the phrases are Fantastic, Allons-y and Geronimo. And each word has at least a Sonic Screwdriver in it but there is a shoe, bowtie and fez to.

Not everyone is gone get this tank top but that will sort out the real Doctor Who fans from the once that just want to be one.

Get ready for summer by wearing this Doctor Who Catchphrases Tank Top.

buy Doctor Who 13 Pin Button Set

Doctor Who 13 Pin Button Set

Dr Who pins and buttons (13 pieces)

If you are a Doctor Who fan in need of some fun Doctor Who buttons then this is a got set to start with.

This button set has 13 pin back button with a diameter of 1.25 inch.

The first 11 buttons are easy to guess. Yes each Doctor has it’s own button but only up to the 11th Doctor. And a set of Doctor Who pins of course need one with the Tardis on it to so that is included as well and so is one with the Doctor Who logo.

So now you can have the perfect set of Doctor Who buttons to get you started. Jackets, bags and other fabrics can all use a fun button on it.

Don’t wait come get your own Doctor Who 13 Pin Button Set.

buy 11 Doctor’s Serving Tray

11 Doctor’s Serving Tray

Doctor Who 11 Doctor's Serving Tray

If you are looking for a perfect serving tray then why not a Doctor Who one?

This serving tray is based on the 50th anniversary year and shows 11 Doctors from the 1st to the eleventh and yes the 11th Doctor is standing in the middle because bow ties are cool.

Now you can use this tray in your home to server things when you have a party or just to use to get dinner to the table. Serving trays are so handy and this Doctor Who one even lets you move around Doctor Who merchandise.

So if you have serving to do or planing a party then come get your own 11 Doctor Who’s Serving Tray.

buy The 9th Doctor And Rose T-Shirt

The 9th Doctor And Rose T-Shirt

Dr. Who The 9th Doctor And Rose T-Shirt

I really enjoyed Doctor number 9 and this t-shirt brings back good memories of the time that he was Doctor Who.

This black t-shirt that is available in a girly fit and a regular cut shows a black a white imagine of the Tardis and Doctor Who and Rose leaving it and looking at something in the distance.

It is a great t-shirt with a real clear imagine of everything that cares and that is of course Doctor Who, his companion and the Tardis.

Now you can show the world what you are passionate about and that you know more then just the current Doctor.

Come take a much closer look at this Doctor Who The 9th Doctor And Rose T-Shirt.

buy 9th Doctor Cardboard Poster

9th Doctor Cardboard Poster

Doctor Who free standing card board poster of the 9th Doctor

Doctor number 9 is still one of my favorites and now there is a cardboard version of him and he can stand by himself with the included easel and yes he is life size.

This standee of Christopher Eccleston shows him as Doctor Who wearing his famous leather jacket and pointing his Sonic Screwdriver at you.

Just imagine having the Doctor around when you are doing a Doctor Who marathon. And when it’s over you can just fold his stand and put him in a closet for the next Doctor Who party.

Always wanted to know what it would feel like to be the companion of Doctor Who? By getting this cardboard version of the doctor you can at least have a bit of that feeling.

Come take a better look at this Cardboard Version Of The 9th Doctor Who.

buy Doctor Who 9th Doctor Costume Dress

Doctor Who 9th Doctor Costume Dress

become the 9th Doctor Who with this costume dress

The 9th Doctor is still one of my favorite and now there is this costume dress that makes women look just like this Doctor Who.

This dress is mainly black and the top has the looks of the jacket the Doctor wore and his purple shirt under it.

Just a super fun costume dress that is great for a Doctor Who Halloween costume or just for everyday as the design is just fun.

The 9th Doctor dress is sleeveless and that makes it great for summer or easy to combine with something else when it’s cold.

You can get this Doctor Who dress in sizes XSmall – 3XL and it’s made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

Get ready to become the Doctor by simply wearing this Doctor Who 9th Doctor Costume Dress.

buy 11 Doctors Bookmark

11 Doctors Bookmark

Doctor Who 11Doctors Bookmark

We all read books it could be for fun, school or work but we have to read somethings and how do we keep track at where we are?

A bookmark is the answer and this Doctor Who bookmark is the one you should have a closer look at.

This bookmark shows the Doctor 11 times. Yes on this bookmark you can see Doctor Who from number 1 to number 11 all in photo’s next to each other.

So the bookmark looks stunning and to make you life even easier they gave this bookmark a tassel so that you can keep hanging that out of you book to easily find the page you are at.

School work, office work or just a fun book they all deserve this Doctor Who 11 Doctors Bookmark.