buy Tardis Ceiling Fan Pull

Tardis Ceiling Fan Pull

What is the Tardis good at?

Flying in time and space of course and now you can have a Tardis that will hang in the sky to.

This is a ceiling fan pull that has a blue Tardis on the end so it will hang below you ceiling fan.

The Tardis is 4.5 x 2 x 2 inch and comes with a 5 inch chain and yes that may look bigger then most ceiling fan pulls but hey it is the Tardis and you don’t want it to small even though it is bigger on the inside.

Now you Doctor Who decorated room can have a flying Tardis.

Get your Tardis Ceiling Fan Pull

buy Snowy Tardis Christmas Sweater

Snowy Tardis Christmas Sweater

Doctor Who always makes Christmas special and wearing this Christmas sweater will make your Christmas special to.

This black fleece sweatshirt has an amazing looking imagine on it that feels so perfect.

On the sweater you can see snowy scene at night with trees in the background and in the middle the Tardis all in the light and on the door you find a Christmas wreath to make it look o so festive.

The whole scene is so peaceful and lets hope it stays that way but we know that anything can happen when the Doctor is near.

You can get this Doctor Who snowy Christmas sweater in sizes Small – 3XL and yes it is a unisex sweater so that men and women both can enjoy one.

Get your Snowy Tardis Christmas Sweater

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buy Time Lords Seal T-Shirt

Time Lords Seal T-Shirt

This black t-shirt is all about the time lords.

On the shirt you can see the words “Time Lords” on top and below that a seal that has the Tardis in the middle and around it written on the edge “ninth tenth eleventh twelfth” as the last 4 Doctor’s.

The black Doctor Who t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and comes in men’s sizes Small – 2XL and yes ladies you can wear it to of course.

A black and white t-shirt is something else then the usual blue Tardis and that makes this a great addition to any Doctor Who collection.

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buy Missy Cardboard Poster

Missy Cardboard Poster

Now you can have Missy the old “friend” of the Doctor in your home.

This cardboard cutout of Missy is a free standing poster that is life size (32 x 69 inch) and a great addition to your Doctor Who collection.

Just imagine having a Doctor Who party and having Missy standing around. Or place her close to the window with Halloween and lets see if it scares the children away.

Of course you have to be careful with having this time lord in your home as we still don’t completely understand what she is capable of.

Get your Missy Cardboard Poster

buy Blue Tardis And Gear Blanket

Blue Tardis And Gear Blanket

This Doctor Who throw blanket will be a great addition to your home.

The blanket is blue and measures 50 x 60 inch and on it you can see some gears, writing and the Tardis and even the word “TARDIS” on it.

A blanket like this is real versatile as it’s great for cold nights in front of the TV but it’s also great on hot summer days as you can then use it as a picnic blanket.

Of course you have to be a true fan of Doctor Who to use a nice blanket like this.

Get your Blue Tardis And Gear Blanket

buy Tardis Bad Wolf Baseball Cap

Tardis Bad Wolf Baseball Cap

Doctor Who Tardis Bad Wolf Trucker hat

This snapback hat brings back memories of Rose and the Doctor.

This Doctor Who baseball cap has a black visor and the base is all covered with pictures of the Tardis flying through space and yes on the Tardis the words “Bad Wolf” are painted. And besides all that on the front it also has “Bad Wolf” on the hat.

This Doctor Who hat is great for men and women and because it is a snapback hat it is easily adjusted to fit you right and that makes this Doctor Who cap perfect for almost anyone.

Come take a closer look at this Doctor Who Tardis Bad Wolf Baseball Cap.

buy Damask Tardis Hair Bow

Damask Tardis Hair Bow

If your hair is long enough to wear a hair clip then maybe this is your opportunity to go Doctor Who on your hair.

This hair bow looks like a bow tie just like the 11th Doctor would wear but it’s blue and has a damask print on it and also the Tardis and all this print is done in a lighter blue color then the background.

So now your hair can have a detail of Doctor Who in it without it to be to obevious.

The Doctor Who hair bow measures 5 inch across making it the perfect size for your hair.

Get your Damask Tardis Hair Bow

buy Tardis And Gears Bath Robe

Tardis And Gears Bath Robe

Doctor Who Tardis And Gears Bath Robe

This fleece robe is for all the Doctor Who fans that like the new Doctor Who promo with the gears.

On this black bath robe you can see the blue Tardis all over it and also blue gears just like you can see in the Doctor Who intro and besides all that blue and black there also are some white Doctor Who logo’s to switch it up.

And this Doctor Who robe also has a robe to keep you head warm.

Lounging around the house or being comfortable when leaving the shower a robe is what you need so come check out this Doctor Who Tardis And Gears Bath Robe.

buy Tardis Moccasin Slippers

Tardis Moccasin Slippers

Doctor Who Tardis Moccasin Slippers

Of course you want to walk around the house in style and these Doctor Who moccasins would be a great shoe to do that in.

These moccasin slippers are white and fluffy on the inside and Tardis blue on the outside. And on the top of these shoes you can see the door of the Tardis and on the back heel you can find the Doctor Who logo.

These Doctor Who moccasin slippers come in women’s sizes 8 and 10 and men’s sizes 10, 12 and 14. And this footwear is made from manmade materials so vegan friendly.

Now is the time to stop walking barefoot and start wearing these Doctor Who Tardis Moccasin Slippers.

buy The Doctor Who Robe That Says It All

The Doctor Who Robe That Says It All

The Doctor Who Bath Robe That Says It All

This black bath robe is the robe any Doctor Who fan wants.

Men or women this robe tells a story that only a Doctor Who fan would understand.

On the black fabric you can find white images of many things related to the Doctor.

Yes the Tardis, Dalek, Cyberman, Sonic Screwdriver and even K-9 are all there making this the robe you want to wear when leaving the shower and the bath robe you want to wear when you lounge around the house on a Sunday morning.

And this Doctor Who bath robe even has a hood so that you can hide you head and keep it warm at the same time.

Now is the perfect time to order your The Doctor Who Bath Robe That Says It All.