buy Lady Cassandra Figurine

Lady Cassandra Figurine

A true Doctor Who fan of course knows who Lady Cassandra is and that she can use some moisturizing.

And now you can own your own Lady Cassandra as a figurine.

This Doctor Who figurine is about 4 inch tall and shows you the frame on which Cassandra is stretched.

Sure it is a strange looking creature but we are used to that with Doctor Who of course.


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buy Tardis Blue Messenger Bag

Tardis Blue Messenger Bag

This Tardis messenger bag is perfect for school, work and everyday use.

Inside this Doctor Who bag you find room for many things and there is even a laptop and tablet sleeve. There are 4 smaller pockets on the outside so that you can always have your things handy and at quick reach.

The padded adjustable strap makes it real comfortable to wear this messenger bag. And as you can see the bag is Tardis blue with the top sign and the windows.

Unfortunately Doctor Who did not confirm is it is bigger on the inside so many it is just a normal size messenger bag for Doctor Who fans.

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buy Tardis In Space Women’s T-Shirt Dress

Tardis In Space Women’s T-Shirt Dress

This Doctor Who dress is a t-shirt style dress and that makes it comfortable and fun.

The dress has black sleeves and back and on the front you can find a picture of space and there you find a big image of the Tardis ass well but the police box is not completely clear, it looks like it is disappearing to somewhere else the Doctor wants it to go.

The women’s dress is great to wear as it just feels like wearing a nice long t-shirt.

You just need to pick a size between XSmall and 2XL and you are all set to show the world that you still Doctor Who.

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buy 10th And 11th Doctor Cardboard Poster

10th And 11th Doctor Cardboard Poster

Of course you have seen the 50th anniversary episode from Doctor Who and if you did then you have seen the 10th and 11th Doctor Who together just like on this cardboard cutout poster.

This freestanding poster has a easel so that it can stand any where you want and as it is life-size you can feel that you are together with two versions of the Doctor.

The standee shows the 11th Doctor standing in front of the the 10th Doctor and there is an active Sonic Screwdriver to.

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buy Tardis Crew Socks

Tardis Crew Socks

Tardis socks is what you want and these Doctor Who socks are exactly the once you need.

These crew socks are great for both men and women that want to wear the Tardis on there feet.

Made in one size to fit most these Doctor Who socks are perfect for your feet. The socks are made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex and have photocell image on them.

And yes these Tardis socks are officially licensed so you know it’s the real Tardis on the socks that will keep your feet warm.

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buy Dalek Ceiling Fan Pull

Dalek Ceiling Fan Pull

You ceiling fan will soon be in Doctor Who style if you get this Dalek ceiling fan pull.

The ceiling fan pull has a red Dalek on it and it is ready to exterminate the warm air in your room.

At 4.5 x 2 x 2 inch the Dalek is the perfect size to dangle under your fan. The ceiling fan pul has a 5 inch chain that is easy to attach to your fan.

Now your fan finally does not look boring any more and that is all thanks to this Doctor Who villain we all hate and love.

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buy Ceramic Dalek Travel Mug

Ceramic Dalek Travel Mug

Now there is a Dalek travel mug that is just perfect for your morning coffee.

The ceramic mug is double walled and has a silicon top and all of it looks like a Dalek.

Just bring this mug to your favorite coffee place to get it filled or just bring coffee from home.

And any Doctor Who fan can even use this mug at home or the office to.

This officially licensed Doctor Who product can hold up to 400ml of your favourite drinks.

Coffee, tea or maybe just water this Doctor Who travel mug is what you need.

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buy K-9 Robot Dog Ceiling Fan Pull

K-9 Robot Dog Ceiling Fan Pull

Now you ceiling fan can have the famous K-9 from Doctor Who on it as a ceiling fan pull.

Why would you go for a boring chain on your ceiling fan when you can have this robot dog that is loved by the Doctor.

Maybe we didn’t see K-9 for a while but I am sure that the Doctor still has a soft spot for it.

The K-9 robot dog ceiling fan pull is 4.5 x 2 x 2 inch and has a 5 inch chain that is easy to attach to your fan.

Let K-9 guard your room and prevent warm air from entering.

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buy Women’s Tardis Romper

Women’s Tardis Romper

Now you can be comfy and show your true geek by wearing this fun looking Tardis romper.

The romper is Tardis blue and is great as lounge wear or as costume for cosplay and Halloween.

The romper has a zipper on the front and even has a hood and the front also shows the windows and door signs of the Tardis.

Just imagine dressing up like the Tardis and just waiting for the Doctor to take you on an new adventure.

You can get this romper costume in women’s sizes Small – XL and it just looks fun.

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buy Cyberman Head And Faces T-Shirt

Cyberman Head And Faces T-Shirt

This is a Cyberman t-shirt for all the women out there that would like a Doctor Who villain on their shirt.

The light grey t-shirt shows the head of a Cyberman in a burgundy red color and if you look closely you can see that in the face of this creature there are many more Cybermen so it’s a shirt with more then one of the Doctor Who villain that likes to delete people.

You can get this Cyberman t-shirt in women’s sizes Small – XL and it will be one of those t-shirt you will love to wear.

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