buy Bow Ties Are Cool Women’s T-Shirt

Bow Ties Are Cool Women’s T-Shirt

Doctor Who Bow Ties Are Cool Women's T-Shirt

If you know all about the 11th Doctor then you know that bow ties are cool.

And this Doctor Who t-shirt gives that message one more time.

On this fitted grey t-shirt you can see red suspenders and a red bow tie and below the bow tie it says “Bow Ties are Cool”.

You can get this fun Doctor Who t-shirt in women’s junior sizes XSmall – 2XL and it is made from 100% cotton to give you the perfect fit and feel.

The 11th Doctor maybe a bit weird to some but at least he had a fashion sense we can spread by wearing this Doctor Who Bow Ties Are Cool T-Shirt.

buy Regenerate And Carry On T-Shirt

Regenerate And Carry On T-Shirt

Doctor Who Regenerate And Carry On Women's T-Shirt

This black women’s t-shirt is all for the true Doctor Who fan.

You don’t just watch because of one Doctor you watch because of all of them.

On the t-shirt you can first see the Doctor Who logo that looks like the Tardis and below that it says “Regenerate and Carry On”.

So even many Doctor’s came and went we all sticked around to see how amazing the next regeneration would be.

You can get this Doctor Who t-shirt in women’s junior sizes Small – XL.

Sure many people won’t get this t-shirt but that of course makes it special for you and the true fans.

Come check out this Doctor Who Regenerate And Carry On Women’s T-Shirt.

buy 11th Doctor Pop! Vinyl Figurine

11th Doctor Pop! Vinyl Figurine

Doctor Who 11th Doctor Pop! Vinyl Figurine

The nice people of Funko made one of our favorite Doctors into a Pop! Vinyl figurine that you can get today.

This figure is of the 11th Doctor and yes he wears a red bow tie and even brought his Sonic Screwdriver.

The figurine of Doctor Who is 3 3/4 inch tall and comes in his own box. This time the Doctor does not travel in the Tardis but in a nice cardboard box with a big window so that you can see in and he can look out.

It will be so much fun having this little copy of the 11th Doctor on your desk, table or bookshelf. His typical outfit and wild hair make it look almost to real.

Don’t wait another minute come and order your Doctor Who 11th Doctor Pop! Vinyl Figurine Number 220.

buy Tardis Bad Wolf Pajama Pants

Tardis Bad Wolf Pajama Pants

Tardis Bad Wolf Pajama Pants

Pajama pants are great for sleeping of course but also for just being comfortable around the house and now there are some fun Doctor Who lounge pants you need to see.

The Doctor Who pajama pants are dark blue and have the Tardis on one leg with below it in a spray paint fashion the words “Bad Wolf”.

You can get these Bad Wolf pajama pants in sizes Small – 2XL and those are men’s sizes but that should not stop the girls from getting some.

The Doctor Who pajama pants have an elastic waist with draw string for ultimate comfort.

Get ready to lounge or sleep in these Doctor Who Bad Wolf Pajama Pants.

buy Tardis Shaped Sprinkles

Tardis Shaped Sprinkles

Doctor Who Tardis Shaped Sprinkles

What would a plain cake or cupcake need to make a Doctor Who fan happy?

Yes the Tardis and now there are sprinkles that looks just like the famous police box from the Doctor.

These sprinkles are Tardis blue and have a little hole in them to make them look more like the real police box we all love.

There are 108 grams of Tardis sprinkles in each bottle and that is enough to make a true Whovian happy many times.

Why keep your frosting plain when you can decorated with these fun Doctor Who inspired sprinkles.

Come take a look at these Doctor Who Tardis Shaped Sprinkles.

buy Tardis Industries Tote Bag

Tardis Industries Tote Bag

Doctor Who Tardis Industries Tote Bag

Why get a boring tote bag from your grocery store when you can have one made special for Doctor Who fans.

This bag has black sides that are covered in the Doctor Who logo and the front shows an image of a city scape all high tech and yes there is the Tardis in their to and even a Dalek. And all the way down it even says “Tardis Industries”.

Stop using plastic or paper and go with a reusable bag like this Doctor Who one.

Go get a bag and maybe fill it up with custard and fish sticks just in case a curtain Doctor stops by.

Here is your opportunity to order a Doctor Who Tardis Industries Tote Bag.

buy Women’s Fantastic Allons-y Geronimo T-Shirt

Women’s Fantastic Allons-y Geronimo T-Shirt

Doctor Who Women's Fantastic Allons-y Geronimo T-Shirt

Do people make comment that you only wear Doctor Who t-shirt’s?

No worries we have you covered this women’s Doctor Who t-shirt may not be to obvious to most people.

The shirt is blue and has Gallifrey symbols in the background and on top of that in white letters the catch phrases of the Doctors 9, 10 and 11.

So this t-shirt says Fantastic, Allons-y and Geronimo just like our Doctors said so often.

This women’s Doctor Who t-shirt comes in sizes XSmall – 2XL and those are junior sizes. And like any good Doctor Who t-shirt this one is also made from 100% cotton.

Get ready to show the world this Doctor Who Fantastic Allons-y Geronimo T-Shirt.

buy 11th Doctor Talking Plush Key Chain

11th Doctor Talking Plush Key Chain

Doctor Who 11th Doctor Talking Plush Key Chain

Now you can have a little Doctor Who with you where ever you go.

This plush version of the 11th Doctor is the perfect size to hang on your backpack or live with you keys. And yes this is a Doctor Who key chain.

And being plush and cuddly is not the only amazing thing about this Doctor Who key chain. This plush key chain talks and there is even a Sonic Screwdriver sound because of course the Doctor has a plush Sonic Screwdriver with him to.

No need to wonder if something went terribly wrong with the Doctor, this is just a toy and you can get one.

Add some fun to your life with this Doctor Who 11th Doctor Talking Plush Key Chain.

buy Doctor Who, Rose And Allons-Y T-Shirt

Doctor Who, Rose And Allons-Y T-Shirt

Doctor Who, Rose And Allons-Y Girls T-Shirt

This is a white girls Doctor Who t-shirt with on it a black and white picture and some red writing.

Yes the red word on the shirt is “Allons-y!” and that means that the 10th Doctor should be around.

And yes the pictures shows the 10th Doctor and Rose peeking out of the Tardis doors.

It’s always nice to see some classic Doctor Who stuff specially if it’s Rose Tyler and the 10th Doctor.

This women’s t-shirt comes in junior sizes Small – 3XL and is made from 100% cotton.

Summer will be fun if you wear this Doctor Who t-shirt with some fun shorts.

I would not wait and just order this Doctor Who, Rose And Allons-Y T-Shirt.

buy 12th Doctor Vinyl Figurine

12th Doctor Vinyl Figurine

12th Doctor Vinyl Figurine

The people from Titans did it again and this time the created the 12th Doctor as a figurine.

This vinyl Doctor Who figurine is about 6 1/2 inch tall and looks just like the Doctor and he sure has a focused stare. And yes he wears his long blue coat that is red lined.

Now you can own you own Peter Capaldi figurine as Doctor Who just a little bit smaller and without his accent.

Of course owning the Doctor would be great just imagine him standing on a shelve or maybe on your nightstand being there ready for when ever something Doctor Who worthy happens.

Come and adopt your own Doctor Who 12th Doctor Vinyl Figurine.