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Doctor Who Mini Glass Set Of 4

buy Doctor Who Mini Glass Set Of 4
September 20, 2014 Posted by

Doctor Who Mini Glass Set Of 4

Need some small glasses for shots of some other drinks?

Doctor Who fans are gone love these little ceramic glasses that come in a pack of 4.

The cups are white but are covered with comic style art. Each cup has a different color and on one side you can see the Doctor Who logo and on the other something from the show. You can see the Tardis, Dalek, Cyberman or The Silence on the cups.

And yes these Doctor Who glasses are dishwasher safe but they can not be used in the microwave.

Tea, coffee or something strong it all will fit in this set of Doctor Who Mini Glasses.

12th Doctor Costume T-Shirt

buy 12th Doctor Costume T-Shirt
September 19, 2014 Posted by

Doctor Who 12th Doctor costume t-shirt

Want to look like the 12th Doctor but not really want to dress up to fancy like him?

How about this Doctor Who t-shirt that makes you look like the real 12th Doctor.

The t-shirt is black and has the jacket and his shirt on it and that means that by simply wearing this t-shirt you look just like the Doctor.

And this Doctor Who costume t-shirt comes in a wide range of adult sizes and as it is officially licensed that means that you look like the real doctor.

Of course you want to be able to look like the latest Doctor so come get your Doctor Who 12th Doctor Costume T-Shirt.

10th Doctor Allons-y T-Shirt

buy 10th Doctor Allons-y T-Shirt
September 18, 2014 Posted by

Doctor Who Allons-y t-shirt

Is Doctor number 10 your favorite?

If it is then why are you not wearing this girls t-shirt that shows a silhouette picture of the 10th Doctor Who while wearing his famous coat and 3D glasses?

And if the picture on this Doctor Who t-shirt is not good enough then the text below it makes it even better and yes it says “Allons-y” the one word used by the Doctor we all remember.

This Doctor Who t-shirt comes in junior sizes XSmall – 3XL and is made from 100% cotton.

And this t-shirt may not be the obvious Doctor Who t-shirt for average people but a true Doctor Who fan knows exactly what it is about.

Now is the perfect time to add a t-shirt to your collection and let it be this Doctor Who 10th Doctor Allons-y T-Shirt.

Tardis Doors Crossbody handbag

buy Tardis Doors Crossbody handbag
September 17, 2014 Posted by

Doctor Who Tardis handbag

Shoulder bags are handy but it’s hard to find a cute one.

But if you like Doctor Who then this Tardis bag maybe the one.

This handbag is Tardis blue with on the front the top part of the Tardis including the windows and the sign that says “Police Public Call Box”.

On the inside you find two main compartment and a zipper compartment so plenty of space to store your stuff. And you never know this Doctor Who bag maybe bigger on the inside.

The bag has two black straps on the front and a nice long (resizable) shoulder strap.

If you want a new handbag then you have to take a better look at this Doctor Who Tardis Crossbody Handbag.

Tardis Fingerless Gloves

buy Tardis Fingerless Gloves
September 16, 2014 Posted by

Dr. Who Tardis Fingerless Gloves

When they days get shorter the temperatures go down and that means cold hands.

Luckily Doctor Who got your covered with this pair of Tardis gloves.

And these are not just any kind of Doctor Who gloves they are fingerless gloves.

Fingerless Tardis gloves are perfect for those cold days indoors or outdoors. So yes you can use them while typing on your computer and yes you can use them while walking outside.

These blue gloves show the top windows of the Tardis and the Tardis sign that says “Police Public Call Box”.

Winter and fall where never much fun without these Doctor Who Tardis Fingerless Gloves.

Doctor Who Bad Wolf Necklace Pendant

buy Doctor Who Bad Wolf Necklace Pendant
September 15, 2014 Posted by

Doctor Who Bad Wolf Necklace Pendant

So you have a nice necklace but nothing cool dangling on it.

Hmmm maybe Doctor Who can help.

This is a Doctor Who necklace pendant that spells Bad Wolf and the D and W also make a blue Doctor Who logo and on top of that is the hanging point.

The Doctor Who pendant is about 1 inch wide and is made from a zinc alloy.

You have to admit that this is a real special piece of Doctor Who jewelry and I am sure that it would look stunning on you.

Remember the world about Bad Wolf with this Doctor Who Bad Wolf Necklace Pendant.

Tardis Beanie Hat

buy Tardis Beanie Hat
September 14, 2014 Posted by

Doctor Who Tardis Watchman Beanie Hat

A cool beanie is something everyone needs.

And this Doctor Who beanie is great for looking cool or just to keep your head warm.

This Tardis blue beanie hat is like a part of the Tardis. You can see the white windows of the Tardis and the door sign that says “Police Public Call Box”.

Just imagine having a cool winter hat like this .

And luckily for you this Doctor Who hat is one size fits most and that will probably include you.

No more boring beanies for you because you are a Doctor Who fan and you simply deserve this Doctor Who Tardis Beanie Hat.

Tardis Safe With Lights And Sound

buy Tardis Safe With Lights And Sound
September 13, 2014 Posted by

Tardis Safe With Lights And Sound

Where do you store your priced possessions? I hope they are safely stored.

But if you don’t have a good storage space for those expensive things then this Tardis safe can be the best thing out there.

This Tardis safe looks just like the real Tardis from Doctor Who and if you put batteries in it it will even have lights and sounds just like the real Tardis.

On the front door you can see a lock witch can only be opened with one of the two included keys. And if you unlock it then the top of the Tardis will open and then you can put you things in it.

The Tardis safe is 9 x 4 x 4 inch and it is not confirmed yet if it is bigger on the inside.

Lets get your valuable get safely stored in this Doctor Who Tardis Safe With Lights And Sound.

Doctor Who Gallifrey Symbols Blanket

buy Doctor Who Gallifrey Symbols Blanket
September 12, 2014 Posted by

Doctor Who Gallifrey Symbols Blanket

Just enjoy the warmth of this Doctor Who blanket next time you watch the Doctor on TV.

This 50 x 60 inch blanket is black with what i think is the galaxy in the background and then in the top corner you can see the Doctor Who logo and the rest of the blanket is filled with bit Gallifreyan symbols.

It’s a great looking blanket that just needs a good home that gives is plenty of hugs and cuddles and it will keep you safe when TV gets to scary.

A true Doctor Who fan of course will love this blanket.

So don’t wait any longer just come get your Doctor Who Gallifrey Symbols Blanket.

Future Time Lord Maternity T-Shirt

buy Future Time Lord Maternity T-Shirt
September 11, 2014 Posted by

Dr. Who Future Time Lord Maternity T-Shirt

Are you pregnant and expecting a time lord?

This Doctor Who maternity t-shirt is would be perfect for you.

This blue t-shirt has on your belly a circle with in the middle the Tardis and around that the text “Future Time Lord Regeneration In Progress”.

And this Doctor Who t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and is available in sizes Small – 3XL so that you can wear the perfect size throughout your pregnancy.

Sure there are other maternity shirts out there but you are getting a future time lord and that deserves a special t-shirt .

Make the pregnant Doctor Who fan happy with this Doctor Who Future Time Lord Maternity T-Shirt.

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