buy The Doors Of The Tardis T-Shirt Dress

The Doors Of The Tardis T-Shirt Dress

Doctor Who fan now there is a The Doors Of The Tardis T-Shirt Dress.

The women’s dress is made from 99% cotton and 1% spandex and it is available in women’s junior sizes XSmall – 3XL and also in plus sizes.

The back of the t-shirt dress is just empty with the exception of a small Doctor Who logo. On the front you can find the doors of the Tardis complete with the top sign and the new door sign that has shown up with the 13th Doctor.

A fun Doctor Who dress like this just looks great on its own but you can even combine it with pants and wear it as a long t-shirt.

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buy Tardis Hooded Cardigan

Tardis Hooded Cardigan

Now Doctor Who fan can be wearing this Tardis Hooded Cardigan.

The cardigan is dark blue in color and has a hood and besides the blue that are on the top and the bottom section that shows a fair isle like print that even include some snow flakes and many images of the Tardis.

You can get this Doctor Who cardigan in women’s junior sizes XSmall – 3XL and they are all made from 100% acrylic.

Now you can stuff you hands in the pockets of this Tardis cardigan and be all nice warm and comfy and enjoy winter.

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buy 13th Doctor Who Mini Backpack

13th Doctor Who Mini Backpack

Now there is a 13th Doctor Who Mini Backpack that is perfect for your own adventures.

This backpack is not made to carry your school books but more like a handbag you can put on your back. The Doctor Who backpack is 9 x 10 1/2 x 4 1/2.

The outside from the backpack looks a lot like the Doctor Who outfit the 13th doctor wear complete with the colorful stripes she has on her shirt.

The outside also show the Tardis and the bags lining has the Tardis all over it.

Now you can carry your stuff on your back while Doctor Who fans will know right away that you are a fan like them.

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buy Tardis Trinket Tray

Tardis Trinket Tray

Now there is the perfect Tardis trinket tray for all the small things a Doctor Who fan has lying around.

The Tardis tray is made from ceramic and is Tardis blue with the inside having the doors of the Tardis. The tray is 4 1/2 x 2 inches.

A trinket tray is great for collecting all those small things. If you take jewelry off at night then why not put them in this Tardis tray so that you know where they are tomorrow morning.

A little tray like this can be perfect at your nightstand or dressing table and I am sure that all Doctor Who fans will want one.

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buy 2019 Doctor Who 13th Doctor Wall Calendar

2019 Doctor Who 13th Doctor Wall Calendar

Fans of the Doctor should check out this 2019 Doctor Who 13th Doctor wall calendar.

This is the first female Doctor Who and that deserves a space on your wall and that is why you want to check out this 2019 Doctor Who wall calendar that includes many pictures of the 13th Doctor and her companions. And like any true Doctor Who calendar you will find the Tardis in there too.

The Doctor Who calendar has a nice big calendar with major holidays printed on it for you while leaving enough space for you to write down other important things that happen in your life over the year like birthdays and anniversaries.

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buy Tardis And The Night Sky Blanket

Tardis And The Night Sky Blanket

Now there is a cool Doctor Who Tardis and the night sky blanket.

The Doctor Who blanket is 45 x 60 inches and is made from 100% polyester fleece making it nice and warm while looking amazing.

On the blanket you can see the Tardis just parked smoother and in the background you see the night sky with lots of stars and maybe even something burning while entering the atmosphere.

A nice fleece blanket like this is great for use at the bed, couch, or even a picnic in the park.

If you are looking for a fun Doctor Who present for a true fan then a blanket always comes in handy.

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buy Doctor Who The Women Who Lived Book

Doctor Who The Women Who Lived Book

Now there is a Doctor Who The Women Who Lived Book.

The book is all about the women that show up in the amazing Doctor Who TV series.

There will be a lot of companions in the book but also queens and even the first female Doctor Who herself.

Each woman has a nice picture of herself and a story and more info like when they showed up first and many other details.

Not only is this Doctor Who book a great read it is also a great reference guid with the details you want about the women you have seen on TV.

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buy LEGO 13th Doctor Who Minifigure

LEGO 13th Doctor Who Minifigure

If you like LEGO and Doctor Who then you should check out this LEGO 13th Doctor Who minifigure.

The LEGO Doctor Who is not an official LEGO product which means that it is really special and something most people won’t find in a store.

And the first female Doctor Who comes in a nice package so that it also becomes an nice present for the real Doctor Who fans.

The Doctor Who action figure looks just like the Doctor and she comes with the key to the Tardis because that is what she is using for transportation.

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buy Tardis And Dalek Dots Socks

Tardis And Dalek Dots Socks

Doctor Who fan that need socks should check out these Tardis And Dalek Dots Socks.

These Doctor Who socks are dark blue and the top of the socks have white dots on them that remind all the fans of the Dalek and then the foot part of the socks have the Tardis on them.

These Doctor Who socks are great for men and women and are made from 98% polyester and 2% spandex.

So now your feet will be warm and surrounded by the Dalek and the Tardis and that has to feel great on the feet of a true Doctor Who fan.

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buy Emojibot Ornament

Emojibot Ornament

If you like Doctor Who and robots then you are going to love this Emojibot ornament.

As a true fan of Doctor Who you did recognize this robot from that episode with the 12th Doctor and Bill.

And you can own this Emojibot robot for in your Christmas tree as it is an ornament that is 4 inches tall.

Besides for Christmas you can use the Emojibot the rest of the year as room decoration to as it does not really have any Christmas details.

Be careful as this robot is a bit scary and if you didn’t know that then go watch the episode with the Emojibot and the 12th Doctor Who.

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