buy I Am The Doctor Socks With The 12th Doctor On Them

I Am The Doctor Socks With The 12th Doctor On Them

Now you can have Doctor Who socks with the 12th Doctor on them.

These socks are one size fit most and will work for both men and women that like the Doctor on their feet.

And these socks are not matching so every foot shows somethings else. One foot shows the text “I Am The Doctor” while the other foot shows the 12th Doctor on them. The socks are white and have black toes and edge on top and the print is in black, white and red.

So now you can have fresh socks that have the Doctor on them and a true fan wants that for sure.

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buy Doctor Who The Christmas Specials Gift Set

Doctor Who The Christmas Specials Gift Set

This Christmas can be spent in front of the TV thanks to the Doctor Who The Christmas Specials Gift Set.

The gift set comes in a DVD or Blu-Ray version and includes 11 Christmas specials and that means almost all of them and to make this an even better Christmas gift they even added a Sonic Screwdriver and it is the one used by the 11th and 12th Doctor.

And to make this set even more special they even added a special bonus feature so that even if you have seen all the Doctor Who Christmas episodes you will find something new.

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buy Tardis Fluffy Slippers

Tardis Fluffy Slippers

If you would like to have Doctor Who slippers that feel more like socks than shoes then you should take a look at these Tardis slippers.

These Tardis slippers are blue and have the doors of the Tardis on them but there is more as they are lined with fluffy white fabric so that your feet will be so nice and warm. On the sole of the slippers, there are some non-slip details that prevent you from sliding away.

And these Doctor Who slippers are one size fits most so women and men can enjoy this special footwear around the house on those days that your feet just need to stay warm.

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buy Weeping Angel Statue Of Liberty Ornament

Weeping Angel Statue Of Liberty Ornament

This year your Christmas tree can have a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who in it but this is not an average Weeping Angel no this is one that looks like the Statue Of Liberty and that means that it is awesome.

And this ornament is not only great for Christmas, you can use it all year long and then when Christmas comes you give her the space she deserves in the tree.

The Weeping Angel ornament is 5 1/2 inches tall and looks stunning.

So we know not to blink and I would remind myself if you get this Statue Of Liberty Christmas ornament.

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buy Men’s Squares Doctor Who Lounge Pants

Men’s Squares Doctor Who Lounge Pants

Lounge and pajama pants are perfect for when you are just hanging out at home and if you like Doctor Who then these pants are just what you need.

These men’s pajama pants have many colorful squares and in some, you will find the blue police box called the Tardis while other just have words in them like Doctor Who or Dalek and all that together makes for some fun and colorful lounge pants that are just perfect for you.

You can get these Doctor Who pajama pants in sizes Small – 2XL and they have a drawstring so that you can easily adjust them to fit perfectly.

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buy Adipose Christmas Stocking

Adipose Christmas Stocking

Christmas stockings don’t have to be red, green or shaped like most are and this Doctor Who stocking proves that.

This Christmas stocking is shaped like and Adipose and we all kind of like this fat eating creature and that makes it perfect as Christmas decoration and I am sure it’s just as good as a normal shaped stocking at holding Christmas presents.

The Adipose stocking is white and has the face of the creature on it and his arms, hands, and feet are there too so that it looks just like a real Adipose.

This Doctor Who Christmas stocking is 19 inches long and just a great addition to your Christmas decorations this holiday season.

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buy Tardis 3D Metal Model

Tardis 3D Metal Model

Now you can build your own Tardis and that is something every Doctor Who fan wants to do as everyone wants a Tardis.

This Tardis is made from metal that is blue and when you build in it then it will transform into a detailed 3D model of the Tardis and the doors even work.

This is not a kids toy as it is not that easy to assemble and that is why it is rated ages 14 and up.

All build the Tardis will be 6 x 4 inches and that makes it the perfect size to display on a shelve in your home or in the middle of your Doctor Who collection.

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buy Women’s Dripping On The Tardis Top

Women’s Dripping On The Tardis Top

This Doctor Who shirt is different as it shows the Tardis and blue lines dripping on it and it is just perfect for women that like the Tardis and the Doctor.

The white top has a Tardis blue collar and short sleeves. On the white fabric, you can see the Tardis being rained on by blue lines but don’t worry the won’t touch the Tardis as it is special.

You can get his Doctor Who top in women’s junior sizes XSmall – 3XL.

So if a normal t-shirt is too informal and you want to wear something nice with the Tardis on it then you should check out this amazing top.

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buy 11th Doctor Skate Style Cosplay Dress

11th Doctor Skate Style Cosplay Dress

If you want to look like a sexy version of the 11th Doctor then this Doctor Who dress is what you want.

The costume dress is great for Halloween or cosplay and has everything you want from you dress.

The skater style dress has a black skirt part and the sleeveless top looks like the jacket the 11th Doctor wears complete with a bow tie and there even are pockets for storing your Sonic Screwdriver.

This Doctor Who costume dress is available in women’s sizes XSmall – 3XL and just is amazing looking.

Besides cosplay or Halloween, this is still a super fun dress to wear and many people who never heard of Doctor Who will just admire your outfit.

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buy Doctor Who Ugly Christmas Sweater Mug

Doctor Who Ugly Christmas Sweater Mug

Do you have a special mug for the holidays?

If you do just forget about that one and look at this Doctor Who mug.

The dark blue mug has Christmas details like Christmas trees but there is more exciting stuff on there for Doctor Who fans like you.

There are rows of Sonic Screwdriver and you can find images of Dalek, Tardis, Cybermen, and Weeping Angel.

A mug like this almost looks like an ugly Christmas sweater and even the images look a bit pixelated to add to the look.

Morning coffee and afternoon tea will be so much better when served in this Doctor Who Christmas mug.

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