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Doctor Who Tardis In Space Snapback Hat

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October 24, 2014 Posted by

Doctor Who Tardis In Space Snapback Hat

Baseball caps are great but often they are all about sport teams and stuff like that.

But now there is one you are gone like.

This is a Doctor Who snapback hat with a black top with the Doctor Who logo embroidered on it and the visor is covered with an image of space in witch you can see the Tardis flying around.

And as this a original snapback hat you know that it comes in one size that you can easily adjust in the back.

If you like to wear hats then this Doctor Who cap should be on your list of new additions.

For now at least come take a closer look at this Doctor Who Tardis In Space Snapback Hat.

Doctor Who Comic Collage Travel Mug

buy Doctor Who Comic Collage Travel Mug
October 23, 2014 Posted by

Doctor Who Comic Collage Travel Mug

Your morning coffee of course can go in a paper cup that you get at you local coffee place but why would it.

There is this fun looking Doctor Who travel mug that is just perfect for that and you can even use it at home, school or work to.

This travel mug shows the Doctor Who logo and a collage of cartoon style images related to Doctor Who. You can find Tardis, Dalek and Cybermen all on this amazing mug.

Stop wasting paper mugs and start using a Doctor Who mug where ever you go because it’s better for the environment and much cooler to.

Come take a closer look at this Doctor Who Comic Collage Travel Mug.

Silver Tardis Ornament

buy Silver Tardis Ornament
October 22, 2014 Posted by

Doctor Who Silver Tardis Christmas Tree Ornament

If you are a real Whovian then of course your Christmas tree needs Doctor Who ornament.

How about this glass Tardis?

The Tardis is not blue this time but silver as it is specially made from the 50th anniversary and this special Tardis will look amazing in almost any Christmas tree as the silver tone goes well with many colors in your tree.

Christmas will never be the same now you have your own personal Tardis in your tree.

The Tardis ornament is 4 1/4 inch tall and is ready to hang in your tree.

And if you don’t have a Christmas tree then maybe give it a spot on a shelve or hang it somewhere else.

Doctor Who fans get ready for Christmas with this Doctor Who Silver Tardis Christmas Tree Ornament.

Tardis Mini Fridge

buy Tardis Mini Fridge
October 21, 2014 Posted by

Dr. Who Tardis Mini Fridge

We could all use a little fridge for little fridge tasks and if it looks nice it could even live on your desk.

Doctor Who fans who would like a mini fridge that is giant on the inside should take a look at this Tardis fridge.

This fridge is Tardis blue and the door looks just like the from of the Tardis. And they say it can hold up to 6 soda cans but as it is the Tardis it could also be much bigger on the inside.

The Tardis fridge runs on US voltage or a DC 12 V car socket so that you can even take the Tardis on a road trip.

Doctor Who fans in need of a cold beverage or other cool stuff should take a look at this Doctor Who Tardis Mini Fridge.

Trust Me I’m The Doctor Pajama Set

buy Trust Me I’m The Doctor Pajama Set
October 20, 2014 Posted by

Dr. Who Trust Me I'm The Doctor Pajama Set

This is the ultimate Doctor Who sleepwear.

The shirt is short sleeve and blue and on that you can see the the silhouette of Doctor’s 9, 10, 11 and 12 and behind them it says “Trust Me” and below them it says “I’m The Doctor”.

And then there are the pajama pants that are black but they are covered in the same picture of the last 4 Doctor’s and in white the text “Trust me I’m the Doctor”.

So now you can dream away in these amazing Doctor Who pajamas and as it is a set you can just drop everything and be comfortable in your Doctor Who sleepwear.

You can get this Doctor Who pajama set in sizes Small – 2XL and yes of course men and women can wear them.

Come take a closer look at this Doctor Who Trust Me I’m The Doctor Pajama Set.

Doctor Who Monopoly

buy Doctor Who Monopoly
October 19, 2014 Posted by

Doctor Who Monopoly

When the days get shorter and colder we start to think about playing more board games and what better game to play then this special Monopoly.

This is the Doctor Who version of Monopoly and that means Doctor’s, Dalek and many more interesting things based on Doctor Who.

This Monopoly game is made because of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and that means that you can find Doctor’s 1 – 11 in this game.

A special board, cards and even play pieces all themed around Doctor Who.

Let the wet, cold and dark days come because you can play Monopoly and this one is better because it is the Doctor Who Monopoly.

Ladies Bigger On The Inside Watch

buy Ladies Bigger On The Inside Watch
October 18, 2014 Posted by

Doctor Who Ladies Bigger On The Inside Watch

Now there is a special ladies watch for the Doctor Who fans.

This watch has a blue faux leather band with fun details and of course the Tardis. And then there is the watch face with shows in the middle the “St. John Ambulance” logo but instead of saying “St. John Ambulance” it says “Bigger on the inside” witch of course is an amazing detail.

The watch has a Japanese mechanism and is made from stainless steel.

A Doctor Who watch like this will last you along time and it just looks great so you can wear it with almost anything.

If you are looking for a nice women’s watch then come see this Doctor Who Bigger On The Inside Watch.

Doctor Who Weeping Angel Pajama Set

buy Doctor Who Weeping Angel Pajama Set
October 17, 2014 Posted by

Dr. Who Don't blink pajamas

Weeping Angels are scary and maybe you don’t want your sleep to be interrupted but this Doctor Who pajama is just amazing looking.

Lets start with the pants they are black and covered in pictures of the Tardis and Weeping Angels and they have two pockets to keep you hands warm.

And then there is the pajama shirt witch is also black but on the front says “Don’t blink”  and below that a huge picture of a Weeping Angel covering it’s eyes. And on the back of this sleep shirt it shows a giant picture of a Weeping Angel in attack mode.

These Doctor Who pajamas come in men’s sizes Small – 2XL but women can enjoy them just as much. And these Weeping Angels pajamas are made from 100% cotton.

Get ready to lounge or a nap in this Doctor Who Weeping Angel Pajama Set.

Personalized Tardis Night Light

buy Personalized Tardis Night Light
October 16, 2014 Posted by

Doctor Who Personalized Tardis Night Light

This night light is special as it has you name on it.

This Doctor Who themed night light is specially made for you.

First it shows the name of the owner and then below that you can see the Tardis. And all that lights up when it’s dark.

And yes this Doctor Who night light has a sensor build in so that it knows when it’s dark and then it just turns on for you.

Just like the Tardis this night light needs very little power and will last a long long time. And if blue is not your color then don’t worry it comes in different colors to.

And if you are looking for a special present for your favorite Doctor Who fan then this night light could be perfect.

Why get a generic night light when you can have your own Doctor Who Personalized Tardis Night Light.

War Doctor Timey Wimey T-Shirt

buy War Doctor Timey Wimey T-Shirt
October 15, 2014 Posted by

The War Doctor Timey Wimey T-Shirt

This Doctor Who t-shirt shows a picture of a Doctor not seen very often. But if you have seen the 50th anniversary episode you know all about the War Doctor.

And this black t-shirt has an amazing portrait of the War Doctor all done in grey tones. And above the Doctor it says “Timey Wimey?” with seem to be more a thing you expect to hear from Doctor number 10.

This 100% preshrunk cotton Doctor Who t-shirt comes in a wide selection of sizes so that you can have the right size added to your Doctor Who collection.

Get ready for your new Doctor Who War Doctor Timey Wimey T-Shirt.

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