buy Speak Dalek To Me Baby Bodysuit

Speak Dalek To Me Baby Bodysuit

If you are having a baby and you are a big Doctor Who fan then this baby bodysuit is just what you need.

The snapsuit has shows sleeves and is black and on the front it shows an image of a Dalek and around it you find the text “Speak Dalek To Me”.

Maybe your child’s first word can be Dalek or Exterminate witch would be different and unique and definitely something you keep talking about the rest of you life.

You can get this baby clothing in sizes ranging 6 – 24 months and all are made from 100% cotton.

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buy Tardis Bad Wolf Wooden Clock

Tardis Bad Wolf Wooden Clock

Now a wall in your home can have a Doctor Who wall clock made from wood.

This wooden clock comes in walnut or cherry wood giving you the options between a lighter or darker color. Each clock is die cut in the shape of the Tardis and on the wood they engraved the details of the Tardis and they do include the “Bad Wolf” words on it.

The Tardis wall clock is 13.5 x 9 inch and it something truly unique and hard to find.

The Tardis from the Doctor may travel in time and space but this Doctor Who clock will tell you the right time for you any time.

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buy Doctor Who Coloring Book

Doctor Who Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are everywhere and now there is one for Doctor Who fans.

This Doctor Who coloring book makes you color things like the Tardis, Weeping Angels, Dalek and even Missy. Of course there is much more that can surprise you while you are flipping through this book to find the page your want to bring color to.

Inside this book your will find 45 stunning images to color and yes it maybe a bit more difficult then a children’s coloring book but that is to expected and it will keep your busy for many hours.

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buy 5th Doctor Celery Lapel Pin

5th Doctor Celery Lapel Pin

If you are a Doctor Who fan that knows all the Doctors then you of course know that the 5th Doctor had a piece of celery pinned to his jacket  and if you want to copy that then we found the perfect solution for you.

This is not a real piece of celery so you never have to worry about it going bad. The celery is hypoallergenic, lead free, cadmium free and even celery free and is about 8 inch tall and just simply pins to anything you can pin things on. Your coat, backpack or maybe even your Doctor Who t-shirt can all use this pin.

And to make it even better this Doctor Who celery pin comes in a gift box.

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buy Blue Galaxy Weeping Angel T-Shirt

Blue Galaxy Weeping Angel T-Shirt

This blue Weeping Angel t-shirt is just what a Doctor Who fan needs and that is why you should take a closer look.

This shirt is great as casual wear or maybe even a sleep shirt and on there shirt you can see the galaxy in the background and in front of that a giant picture of a Weeping Angel that is covering it’s eyes. Above the angel it says “Don’t turn your back Don’t look away” and it’s seems they forgot to mention not to blink.

You can get this special Doctor Who t-shirt in unisex sizes Small – 2XL so that both men and women can enjoy this special t-shirt. And when you buy this Doctor Who t-shirt you will find out that it is made from 100% cotton.

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buy Whovian Beanie Hat

Whovian Beanie Hat

When it’s cold or just want to look cool then this Doctor Who beanie hat could be just what you need.

This black Doctor Who winter hat is perfect for both men and women that are true fans of the Doctor and his adventures.

On the front of the black beanie it says in big white letters “WHOVIAN” only there  is no O as it is replaced by the Tardis.

This 100% acrylic hat is truly a winter hat for a geeky Doctor Who fan that knows that it does not matter what other people think of your amazing new beanie hat.

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buy Doctor &  Companion Cord Bracelets

Doctor & Companion Cord Bracelets

Many of us Doctor Who fans of course want to be the companion of the Doctor and as there are so many of us that is not likely going to happen.

But now there is this fun Doctor Who bracelet set that makes you feel part of the adventure.

The set has two black cord bracelets of witch one says “Doctor” on it and has the Doctor Who logo on it to and the other one says “Companion”. So you can wear both at the same time and you will feel a bit like you are the Doctor’s companion.

And yes of course these Doctor Who bracelets are adjustable in size to fit you perfectly.

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buy Weeping Angel Valentine’s Day Card

Weeping Angel Valentine’s Day Card

This greeting card is perfect if you Valentine is a Doctor Who fan.

The card has a pink front and on that yo can see a Weeping Angel blocking it’s eyes and around the Weeping Angel it says “Are you a Weeping Angel? Cause I can’t take my eyes off you” and yes there are some hearts to.

It’s just a really cute card to send to the love of you life on Valentine’s Day.

The card is available in two sizes and it does include a envelop to and if you want a postcard version then you are in luck as this Doctor Who card is available as a postcard to.

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buy Rose And The 10th Doctor Travel Pass Holder

Rose And The 10th Doctor Travel Pass Holder

We all have those card that you use a lot and just don’t belong in you wallet and for those card they made this Doctor Who pass holder.

Inside you can store things like your buss ticket, travel card, school ID or maybe your credit card.

And this travel pass holder is white and shows a black and white image of the 10th Doctor and Rose on a scooter.

If Rose Tyler and the 10th Doctor Who are your favourites then this pass holder could be perfect for you.

And sure it’s not a replacement for your wallet but I am sure you are going to use it a lot more then you may think.

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buy Exploding Tardis Queen Size Comforter

Exploding Tardis Queen Size Comforter

A good nights sleep means nice and comfortable sheets and if you are a true Doctor Who fan then this comforter can help you with that.

This is a queen size comforter with on the back a just plain blue color but on the front you can see the image of the exploding Tardis like Vincent Van Gogh painted it.

Now while sleeping you can think back of that adventure with the 11th Doctor and how the explosion got found by Amy on a painting.

This Doctor Who comforter is 88 x 86 inch and does not included pillows or sheets.

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