buy Tardis and Cyberman Lounge Pants

Tardis and Cyberman Lounge Pants

You can never have enough Doctor Who pajama pants and these unisex pants would make a great addition to you collection.

The lounge pants are black and on it a lot is happening. If you look closely (click the picture) you can see a map, cities and Cybermen and of course the Tardis from Doctor Who is there to because how would we other wise end up here.

The Doctor Who pajama pants come in unisex sixes Small – 3XL and are made from 100% cotton and have an elastic waistband with drawstring for the perfect fit.

Now hanging around the house or taking a nap will be better then ever because you can wear these special Doctor Who lounge pants.

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buy Tardis Christmas Tree Ornament With Lights

Tardis Christmas Tree Ornament With Lights

A Christmas tree would not be the same if there where not lights and if you are a Doctor Who fan then now you have the opportunity to add some light to your tree.

This Christmas tree ornament is the Tardis and it looks just like it all 3D and with all the signs and if you look closely at the windows you notice that there is light inside the Tardis.

Yes the Tardis windows of the Christmas tree ornament have lights and not just any color they actually cycle through red, green, yellow, blue and violet so that it feels like the real thing. And yes you can turn the lights off so that the Tardis can be dark at night when we sleep.

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buy Blue Oval Tardis Mug

Blue Oval Tardis Mug

Coffee is for many the way to start the day and other love their afternoon tea and either way this Doctor Who mug is the perfect way of drinking it.

The mug is blue and shows gears in the background and a picture on the front of that. On the back the mug has the DW logo that looks like the Tardis and even on the inside the mug says “Doctor Who”.

Unfortunately the Tardis mug is not bigger on the inside so only 18oz can fit in it witch is still more then a standard mug can hold.

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buy Weeping Angel Bath Robe

Weeping Angel Bath Robe

This bath robe is the color of a stone statue and as a Doctor Who fan you of course know about one of those that are not very nice.

Yes this is a Weeping Angel bath robe with printed on it many details you expect from a Weeping Angel and of course that includes wings on the back.

Even on the sleeves it says “Don’t Blink” because even a Weeping Angel know what that means.

The Doctor Who bath robe comes in sizes Small – XL and has a hood to make it even better.

A Weeping Angel bath robe is great for when you come out of the shower but also for just lounging around.

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buy Weeping Angel Bookends

Weeping Angel Bookends

Bookends are those amazing things that makes sure books do not fall over when put on a shelve.

And if you don’t have books any more then you can still use bookends to keep up your Doctor Who DVD collection or maybe to hold up all your tablets and ereaders.

But these Weeping Angel bookends are something every Doctor Who fan needs as they are just the perfect item for decorating your room or office.

The set includes 2 Weeping Angels that are about 4 inch tall one is ready to attack and the other angel is holding it’s hands in front of it’s eyes.

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buy Tardis Topographic Lounge Pants

Tardis Topographic Lounge Pants

As a true Doctor Who fan you of course love to lounge around and watch reruns of the Doctor and all his adventures.

Now there is this fun pair of lounge pants that have a topographic map print with on top the Tardis floating around.

It could be the map of Gallifrey and that of course would make it extra special.

These Doctor Who pajama pants come in unisex sizes Small – 3XL and would make for a great holiday gift to. The waistband is elastic and has a draw string so that you can make these Tardis pants fit the way you like them.

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buy Dalek And Bowties Christmas Sweater

Dalek And Bowties Christmas Sweater

If red and green are to much for you for the holidays then you may like this black Christmas sweater with Dalek and bowties on them.

This Doctor Who Christmas sweater is mainly black with white question marks and then there is a white panel that shows blue Daleks on them and below that a row of red bowties.

So now you found the perfect ugly Christmas sweater you can wear and even after Christmas sweater can enjoy while watching reruns of Doctor Who of course with the 11th Doctor because of the bowties.

You can get this Doctor Who Christmas sweater in men’s sizes Small – 2XL and yes ladies it will fit you perfectly to.

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buy Cyberman Delete Christmas Sweater

Cyberman Delete Christmas Sweater

If you are looking for a good looking ugly Christmas sweater based on Doctor Who then you came to the right spot.

This blue unisex Christmas sweater shows in the middle a Cyberman made from ice and around him the text “Delete Christmas” and besides his sad view of Christmas it also shows rows with the Tardis and snowflakes.

This 100% acrylic sweater is officially licensed and is available in unisex sizes XSmall – 3XL for the perfect fit for men and women.

Why go for red or green when you can really show the world that you feel blue about Christmas.

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buy Exploding Tardis Mini Notebook

Exploding Tardis Mini Notebook

Paper notebooks are so handy specially one that is the right size to travel with you where ever you go.

And if you are a Doctor Who fan then you are in luck because this is a mini journal just for you.

On the outside of the journal you can see Vincent van Gogh’s painting of the exploding Tardis and that makes this so cool to own.

Inside the Doctor Who notebook you will find lined pages and there even is a nice elastic to keep it all closed when on the go.

The exploding Tardis journal is 3 x 5 1/2 inch making it perfect for in almost any bag or even a jacket or pants pocket.

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buy Tardis Wash Bag And Soap On A Rope

Tardis Wash Bag And Soap On A Rope

If you travel a lot then you know how handy it is to have a wash bag with your toothbrush and other stuff in it.

And if you are a Doctor Who fan then you are in luck because now there is a special wash bag that looks like the Tardis. And besides the bag it also comes with  soap on a rope that looks like the Tardis to.

Now you can have your soap handy as it’s on a rope and it looks stunning because it looks like the Tardis.

The wash bag is tardis blue and of course looks like The Tardis and has a zipper close on the front and a loop on the top.

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