buy Metal Tardis License Plate

Metal Tardis License Plate

Now you can get this Metal Tardis License Plate that looks like a true license plate but then for Doctor Who fans.

This is like a normal license plate as it is made from Metal and the main text is stamped into it.

The Doctor Who license plate is Tardis blue and has in giant letters the word “Tardis” and in smaller print “Public Call” and “Police Box”just like it say on the blue police box that the Doctor uses.

You can have this Tardis plate on your if you live in a place where you only need plate on the back or you can use it to decorate your home or maybe even your garage.

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buy T Is For Tardis Book

T Is For Tardis Book

Now the little Doctor Who fans can learn the alphabet with the help of this T Is For Tardis Book.

The book is a nice picture book and all the pictures inside it are related to Doctor Who and they also teach you the alphabet as it for instance says “A is for Angel” and then I shows Weeping Angels, Amy Pond and even an Adipose. And the rest of the book does something similar for the rest of the alphabet.

The hardcover book is 60 pages and also comes as an ebook.

Made for kids 9 – 12 (grade 3 – 7) and will be loved by all the Doctor Who fans.

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buy Emojibot Ornament

Emojibot Ornament

If you like Doctor Who and robots then you are going to love this Emojibot ornament.

As a true fan of Doctor Who you did recognize this robot from that episode with the 12th Doctor and Bill.

And you can own this Emojibot robot for in your Christmas tree as it is an ornament that is 4 inches tall.

Besides for Christmas you can use the Emojibot the rest of the year as room decoration to as it does not really have any Christmas details.

Be careful as this robot is a bit scary and if you didn’t know that then go watch the episode with the Emojibot and the 12th Doctor Who.

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buy Tardis Type 40 Instruction Manual

Tardis Type 40 Instruction Manual

Doctor Who fans know about the Tardis but if you want to know it all then you just need this Tardis type 40 instruction manual.

The Tardis instruction manual has 160 pages and comes in normal paper form and also digital.

Inside the Doctor Who book you will find information of all the version of the Tardis from the beginning all the way to now and that does mean it does include the Tardis version used by the 13th Doctor.

Diagrams, plans, schematics and more describing all the functions of control panel as well as a floorpan of the the Tardis.

So now you can get all prepared for when you run into the Doctor and the Tardis.

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buy Doctor Who Peeling Knee Socks

Doctor Who Peeling Knee Socks

Now there are Doctor Who peeling knee socks.

These one size fits most socks are black with blue on the top and on the toes and heel and on the leg it says “Doctor Who” but in a way that makes it looks like the text is peeling through as is not completely out yet.

The socks are made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex and work great with a skirt or dress but even under longpants, they will be nice as they will keep your legs warm and you still know that the Doctor is near.

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buy Decorating The Tree T-Shirt

Decorating The Tree T-Shirt

This Christmas you can decorate your tree while wearing this Doctor Who decorating the tree t-shirt.

The t-shirt is available in styles for men and women and comes in many colors and sizes Small – 3XL and sweaters are available too.

On the Christmas t-shirt, you can see a Christmas tree with a Tardis behind it and the 10th Doctor is decoring the tree by putting a Weeping Angel on top of the tree while standing on a Dalek and a Cyberman is powering the lights on the tree.

It’s a fun and special Doctor Who shirt that is just made for the holidays.

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buy Tardis Time Lord Backpack

Tardis Time Lord Backpack

If you need a cool backpack then this Doctor Who Tardis Time Lord backpack.

This maybe not the backpack you expect but that makes this an amazing backpack.

The backpack has a design with Gallifrey symbols, the Tardis, and words like Tardis and Time Lord. And you will find the same design on the adjustable straps too but the front pocket is just simple and black and that makes this a cool bag with a side pocket for your water bottle.

The Doctor Who backpack is 12 x 17 inches making it nice and big so that it can keep a lot of stuff with you on you back.

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buy The 12th Doctor, Bill and Nardole Poster

The 12th Doctor, Bill and Nardole Poster

If you are enjoying series 10 from Doctor Who then you should check out this Doctor Who poster.

The posters galaxy in the background and the Tardis is flying in it with the doors open and you can see that the Doctor is holding Bill Potts as she seems to be dangling out of the Tardis and Nardole is behind the Doctor making sure both are safe.

The Doctor Who poster is 36 x 24 inches and will be sent to you in a sturdy cardboard tube.

So find the perfect spot for your new Doctor Who poster as this shows series 10 at it’s best.

Get your The 12th Doctor, Bill and Nardole Poster

buy Ceramic Tardis Stein Mug

Ceramic Tardis Stein Mug

Now there is a ceramic Tardis stein mug that every Doctor Who fan that likes a good beer just needs to own.

This Tardis stein is square and looks like the Tardis and yes there is a lid that is connected to the handle so that you can cover your drink when you take a break.

The ceramic stein can hold 50oz of your favorite beverage and is approximately 9 inches tall.

A mug like this is something every Doctor Who collection deserves and even if you don’t like to drink from it then you can still use it to store things inside.

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buy Doctor Who Comic Book Wallpaper

Doctor Who Comic Book Wallpaper

If you want a Doctor Who bedroom then this Doctor Who comic book wallpaper is what you need.

The wallpaper looks like many covers of comic books just stuck on them and that make it look amazing although it is a bit busy.

The Doctor Who wallpaper is 32.9 feet long and 20 inches wide and just perfect for decorating your room in Doctor Who style.

You can do the whole room in this comic book style or just a feature wall or nook.

I am sure that this Doctor Who wallpaper will make your room even more like you want it to look and If the Doctor is ever near I am sure he wants to come check it out.

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