buy Twice Up On A Time 2017 Christmas Episode DVD or Blu-ray

Twice Up On A Time 2017 Christmas Episode DVD or Blu-ray

If you like to watch Doctor Who but would like more then 1 Doctor then you just need to get this Doctor Who Twice Up On A Time Christmas episode.

The 2017 Christmas episode of Doctor Who included Bill Potts as the companion but there is not just one Doctor in this episode as there are the 1st original Doctor in it but also it is the last episode of the 12th Doctor.

And as a true fan of Doctor Who you probably watched this Christmas episode but that probably means that you really want to own it and you are in luck as you can get this Doctor Who episode on DVD or Blu-ray.

Get your Twice Up On A Time 2017 Christmas Episode DVD or Blu-ray

buy 12th Doctor And Sonic Screwdriver Christmas Ornament

12th Doctor And Sonic Screwdriver Christmas Ornament

Christmas need some Doctor Who to it and thanks to this ornament set you will be all up to date.

The ornament set includes two Doctor Who Christmas ornament that includes the 12th Doctor that is holding a nice Christmas present in his hands and the other ornament is the 12th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver so that you have the coolest ornaments that are all like we have seen in his last season.

Besides your Christmas tree these ornament will be cool in other parts of you home too as you could hang them anywhere as there are nice strings on it.

Get your 12th Doctor And Sonic Screwdriver Christmas Ornament

buy The 12th Doctor, Bill and Nardole Poster

The 12th Doctor, Bill and Nardole Poster

If you are enjoying series 10 from Doctor Who then you should check out this Doctor Who poster.

The posters galaxy in the background and the Tardis is flying in it with the doors open and you can see that the Doctor is holding Bill Potts as she seems to be dangling out of the Tardis and Nardole is behind the Doctor making sure both are safe.

The Doctor Who poster is 36 x 24 inches and will be sent to you in a sturdy cardboard tube.

So find the perfect spot for your new Doctor Who poster as this shows series 10 at it’s best.

Get your The 12th Doctor, Bill and Nardole Poster

buy Crystalline Tardis Light

Crystalline Tardis Light

If you like the Doctor and his Tardis then this crystal figure is what you just have to see.

The piece is a crystal Tardis with inside the 12th Doctor pointing at you and yes it is 3D so you can look from all sides.

The Tardis comes on a base that has the Doctor Who logo and a LED light so that the Tardis can light up blue and becomes a cool light.

The crystal Tardis on its base is 5.5 inches tall and comes in a nice presentation box making it a special gift for a true Doctor Who fan or for yourself.

Get your Crystalline Tardis Light

buy Plush Of The 12th Doctor

Plush Of The 12th Doctor

If you always wanted to hug Doctor Who then now you can thanks to this plush version of the 12th Doctor.

The Doctor looks spiffy in his coat and even wears nice and shiny shoes and he is holding his Sonic Screwdriver because you never know when he needs it.

And this 9-inch tall plush is not just a plush as it also talks just like the Doctor and it is rated ages 3 and up so even grownups are allowed to play with him.

A Doctor Who plush is great because it looks fun and would look amazing in a chair, the couch and even the backseat of your car.

Get your Plush Of The 12th Doctor

buy 5 Doctor’s outfit socks

5 Doctor’s outfit socks

If you are a Doctor Who fan in need of socks then you are in luck as this set of 5 pairs of socks is all about the Doctor.

The set includes 5 pairs of no-show socks and that means that you are the only one that knows that the Doctor is at your feet.

The Doctor Who socks show the outfits of 5 of the Doctors so that you can adjust the Doctor with the way you feel that day.

There are socks from Doctor’s 4, 5, 10, 11, and 12 and all have that written on the bottom but the top looks like their famous outfits.

Get your 5 Doctor’s outfit socks

buy 12th Doctor With Guitar Pop! Figurine

12th Doctor With Guitar Pop! Figurine

Now you can own the 12th Doctor while he is rocking.

This is a pop! figurine of the 12th Doctor Who and this time he is wearing his sonic sunglasses and playing the guitar.

This is a 3 3/4 inches tall figurine in the Pop! series from Funko and it is numbered with 357.

Like all the Pop! Vinyl figurines this Doctor Who one also comes in a cool windowed box so that you can keep him in a new state or just unwrap the Doctor and have him stand on display in your home or maybe even the office.

Get your 12th Doctor With Guitar Pop! Figurine

buy I Am The Doctor Socks With The 12th Doctor On Them

I Am The Doctor Socks With The 12th Doctor On Them

Now you can have Doctor Who socks with the 12th Doctor on them.

These socks are one size fit most and will work for both men and women that like the Doctor on their feet.

And these socks are not matching so every foot shows somethings else. One foot shows the text “I Am The Doctor” while the other foot shows the 12th Doctor on them. The socks are white and have black toes and edge on top and the print is in black, white and red.

So now you can have fresh socks that have the Doctor on them and a true fan wants that for sure.

Get your I Am The Doctor Socks With The 12th Doctor On Them

buy 12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

Now you can have the Sonic Screwdriver used by the 12th Doctor.

Sure the Doctor first stared using the Sonic Screwdriver from the 11th Doctor and after that the sonic sunglasses but now he has a fancy Sonic Screwdriver that you just need to own.

This replica of the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver has build in sound and light and besides blue there is green light in there to because you may need a different sonic program to do what you want with it.

It’s a great cool item that can’t be missing in a Doctor Who collection and also works great as part of you Doctor Who cosplay or Halloween costume.

Get your 12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

buy 12 Doctor Listen Poster

12 Doctor Listen Poster

Now there is a Doctor Who poster that says “Listen” on it and that is of course something we all should do once in a while.

The square poster shows a picture of the 12th Doctor in front of a black board with on it the word “Listen” and the Doctor looks at us like this is something really important so we better listen to what he has to say.

A Doctor Who poster as interesting looking as this should find a cool spot in your home or office and for people that don’t like just a plain poster they even offer to frame it for you so that you can just find a nice spot on your wall for it.

Get your 12 Doctor Listen Poster