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Tardis Serving Tray

If you need a serving tray and are a Doctor Who fan then you should check out this Tardis Serving Tray.

The serving tray comes in black or natural wood and then the bottom of the tray it has an image of the Tardis on it and that is just fun because then you can have a tray to carry your stuff while being reminded how awesome Doctor Who is.

And this Doctor Who serving tray is available in different sizes too.

Now you can have this tray in ready in the kitchen for dinner or in the living room with your TV remotes on it.

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buy Ceramic Tardis Serving Tray

Ceramic Tardis Serving Tray

If you need something to serve with then you should check out this ceramic Tardis serving tray as it is just perfect for every Doctor Who fan.

The Doctor Who tray is ceramic and it is shaped like the Tardis and it is Tardis blue and on the serving tray, you can see an image of the Tardis in a free drawing kind of way.

The Tardis serving tray is 16 inches making it nice and big and perfect for putting things on as decoration or for serving your guest when you are having a fun party.

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buy 11 Doctor’s Serving Tray

11 Doctor’s Serving Tray

Doctor Who 11 Doctor's Serving Tray

If you are looking for a perfect serving tray then why not a Doctor Who one?

This serving tray is based on the 50th anniversary year and shows 11 Doctors from the 1st to the eleventh and yes the 11th Doctor is standing in the middle because bow ties are cool.

Now you can use this tray in your home to server things when you have a party or just to use to get dinner to the table. Serving trays are so handy and this Doctor Who one even lets you move around Doctor Who merchandise.

So if you have serving to do or planing a party then come get your own 11 Doctor Who’s Serving Tray.

buy Bigger On The Inside Serving Tray

Bigger On The Inside Serving Tray

Doctor Who Tardis Bigger On The Inside Serving Tray

Serving trays are a great way to carry around stuff around the house.

Tea, drinks, food and what else you can think about will work fine when carried on a serving tray.

And now there is a nice Doctor Who serving tray that every Whovian just need.

The serving tray is white and has a big Tardis picture on it with next to it the text “Bigger on the inside” and it also has the Doctor Who logo in the corner.

At 18 inch long and 15 inch wide  the serving tray is the perfect size to carry your stuff around.

Doctor Who fans come see this Doctor Who Tardis  Bigger On The Inside Serving Tray.

buy Tardis Tea Tray

Tardis Tea Tray

Doctor Who Tardis Tea Tray

How to you carry your tea set around?

As a Doctor Who fan you of course want a Tardis tea tray that besides for your tea set is great for carrying other things as well.

Dinners, parties or just moving stuff around the house all can use a tray and now their is one that looks like the front of the Tardis.

Made from strong melamine this tray offers 11 1/2 x 15 1/2 inch of space to use and when it gets dirty just pop it onto the top tray of the dishwasher and the Tardis will come out all clean and ready to use again.

Doctor Who fans don’t wait with getting your Doctor Who Tardis Tea Tray.