buy 4th Doctor Playmobil Action Figure

4th Doctor Playmobil Action Figure

If you like Doctor Who and action figures then you have to check out this 4th Doctor Playmobil action figure.

The figure looks like a classic Playmobil figure but this one is bigger then the classic figures. The Doctor Who action figure is 6 inches tall and comes with his famous scarf and wears the famous hat too and yes the Doctor has his own Sonic Screwdriver too just like the real Doctor has.

This Doctor Who figure is made by Funko and Playmobil so you know it looks just like you want it to and it is rated ages 5+ and that means even the kids can play with it.

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buy Crystalline Tardis Light

Crystalline Tardis Light

If you like the Doctor and his Tardis then this crystal figure is what you just have to see.

The piece is a crystal Tardis with inside the 12th Doctor pointing at you and yes it is 3D so you can look from all sides.

The Tardis comes on a base that has the Doctor Who logo and a LED light so that the Tardis can light up blue and becomes a cool light.

The crystal Tardis on its base is 5.5 inches tall and comes in a nice presentation box making it a special gift for a true Doctor Who fan or for yourself.

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buy Funko Pop! War Doctor Figurine

Funko Pop! War Doctor Figurine

John Hurt was the War Doctor and passing to the next dimension makes this Doctor Who figurine just what you need.

This Funko figurine is the War Doctor just like we seen him in the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who and he is just like on the TV.

The War Doctor figurine is number 358 in the series and comes in a cool box that you could keep him in if you like you toys to look new.

Any true Doctor Who collector should have a War Doctor figurine and this 3 3/4 inch one is the perfect size for any collection.

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buy 12th Doctor With Guitar Pop! Figurine

12th Doctor With Guitar Pop! Figurine

Now you can own the 12th Doctor while he is rocking.

This is a pop! figurine of the 12th Doctor Who and this time he is wearing his sonic sunglasses and playing the guitar.

This is a 3 3/4 inches tall figurine in the Pop! series from Funko and it is numbered with 357.

Like all the Pop! Vinyl figurines this Doctor Who one also comes in a cool windowed box so that you can keep him in a new state or just unwrap the Doctor and have him stand on display in your home or maybe even the office.

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buy Tardis 3D Metal Model

Tardis 3D Metal Model

Now you can build your own Tardis and that is something every Doctor Who fan wants to do as everyone wants a Tardis.

This Tardis is made from metal that is blue and when you build in it then it will transform into a detailed 3D model of the Tardis and the doors even work.

This is not a kids toy as it is not that easy to assemble and that is why it is rated ages 14 and up.

All build the Tardis will be 6 x 4 inches and that makes it the perfect size to display on a shelve in your home or in the middle of your Doctor Who collection.

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buy 11th Doctor And Mr Clever Figurine

11th Doctor And Mr Clever Figurine

If you are a Doctor Who figurine collector then you need this figurine of the 11th Doctor as it is really special.

The figurine is not just the 11th Doctor, inside him, you also find Mr Clever and you can see some Cybermen details to his body.

A unique figurine like this can’t be missing in your collection.

At 3 3/4 inch tall Mr Clever is just like most Pop! of the figurine’s made by Funko and the box has number 356 and is windowed so that you can keep the invaded Doctor inside the box to limit contamination with other figurines.

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buy Lady Cassandra Figurine

Lady Cassandra Figurine

A true Doctor Who fan of course knows who Lady Cassandra is and that she can use some moisturizing.

And now you can own your own Lady Cassandra as a figurine.

This Doctor Who figurine is about 4 inch tall and shows you the frame on which Cassandra is stretched.

Sure it is a strange looking creature but we are used to that with Doctor Who of course.


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buy 7th Doctor Collector Figurine

7th Doctor Collector Figurine

Now you can have a Doctor Who figurine of the 7th Doctor and that of course is something a real collector needs for it’s collection.

The highly detailed figurine of the Doctor shows him like we all know him with wearing his famous sweater and of course with his question mark umbrella. The figurine of the 7th Doctor Who stands on a nice stand so that you can have the Doctor on display where ever you prefer.

The Doctor is made from a special metallic resin and is hand painted specially for you.

If you figurine collection is still missing the 7th Doctor then you just wonder what you are waiting for.

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buy Ood Sigma Figurine

Ood Sigma Figurine

Now your Doctor Who collection can have an Ood in it as this is an Ood figurine.

The figurine shows Ood Sigma and it is standing on a nice base.

Made from resin this Doctor Who figurine has great details and yes there is a Sigma on the uniform the Ood is wearing and that of course is how we know it is Ood Sigma.

The Ood figurine is 4 inch tall and just a great addition to any collection of Doctor Who memorabilia.

Come get this Ood a home as he deserves one after all he went through in Doctor Who adventures.

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buy Vinyl Rose Tyler Figurine

Vinyl Rose Tyler Figurine

Now you can own a Rose Tyler figurine and that of course is something any Doctor Who fan wants.

This is a figurine of the companion that had so many adventures with the 9th and  10th Doctor is just something you need and yes Rose is blond just like the real girl and is wearing some fun clothes just like you can expect for her.

The Rose Tyler figurine is part of the Pop! Vinyl series from Funko and the box has number 295 on it and is a windowed box so that you can see Rose without having to unpack this Doctor Who companion.

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