buy 4th Doctor With K-9 And THe Tardis Shower Curtain

4th Doctor With K-9 And THe Tardis Shower Curtain

Now Doctor Who fans can have this 4th Doctor With K-9 And THe Tardis Shower Curtain in their bathroom.

This Doctor Who shower curtain is really fun and measures 72 x 72 inches and even comes with shower curtains.

On the dark blue shower curtain you can find the Tardis and the 4th Doctor and there is even K-9 the robotic dog we didn’t see for a long time.

A fun shower curtain is what we all need for an extra smile when you get ready for a shower.

Now Doctor Who fans can have a clean and fun shower curtain that transforms your bathroom.

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buy 4 Doctor’s Shower Curtain

4 Doctor’s Shower Curtain

Doctor Who 4 Doctor's Shower Curtain

If you want your bathroom to have a Doctor Who theme then you have to come buy this Doctor Who shower curtain.

This shower curtain shows 4 Doctors, in the background you can find Doctor’s 9, 10 and 11 and in front of all of them you find the 12th Doctor and he is pointing at you.

Just imagine taking a shower while 4 Doctors are there to make sure nothing bad will happen to you. No Cyberman, Dalek or Weeping Angel would ever dare to enter you bathroom when there are 4 generations of Doctor Who there.

So why not make you bathroom look amazing with this Doctor Who 4 Doctor’s Shower Curtain.

buy Tardis Shower Curtain

Tardis Shower Curtain

Now we can decorate the bathroom into something special.

And the shower will be bigger on the inside because now you can have a Tardis shower curtain.

The Doctor Who shower curtain is the normal 72 inch square and comes with 12 blue hooks to hang it.

Just imagine your bathroom to look like a scene of Doctor Who with a shower curtain that shows the famous Tardis complete messages on the door like we see on the Tardis of the 11th Doctor.

This Doctor Who Tardis shower curtain is made from 100% eco-friendly EVA vinyl and PVC-free and is also officially licensed.

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