buy 9th Doctor Cardboard Poster

9th Doctor Cardboard Poster

Doctor Who free standing card board poster of the 9th Doctor

Doctor number 9 is still one of my favorites and now there is a cardboard version of him and he can stand by himself with the included easel and yes he is life size.

This standee of Christopher Eccleston shows him as Doctor Who wearing his famous leather jacket and pointing his Sonic Screwdriver at you.

Just imagine having the Doctor around when you are doing a Doctor Who marathon. And when it’s over you can just fold his stand and put him in a closet for the next Doctor Who party.

Always wanted to know what it would feel like to be the companion of Doctor Who? By getting this cardboard version of the doctor you can at least have a bit of that feeling.

Come take a better look at this Cardboard Version Of The 9th Doctor Who.