buy Rose And The 10th Doctor Figurine Set

Rose And The 10th Doctor Figurine Set

Doctor Who fans can now own this Rose And The 10th Doctor Figurine Set that will look stunning in your home.

The set includes two figurines one of the 10th Doctor and one of his best companion Rose Tyler. Both the Doctor and Rose have great details and as they are separate you can place them where ever you want.

A fun set like this is a must have for true collectors of Doctor Who and they are rated ages 14 and up so they are not really a toy but more like a display piece so give it a nice place in your home.

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buy Vinyl Rose Tyler Figurine

Vinyl Rose Tyler Figurine

Now you can own a Rose Tyler figurine and that of course is something any Doctor Who fan wants.

This is a figurine of the companion that had so many adventures with the 9th and  10th Doctor is just something you need and yes Rose is blond just like the real girl and is wearing some fun clothes just like you can expect for her.

The Rose Tyler figurine is part of the Pop! Vinyl series from Funko and the box has number 295 on it and is a windowed box so that you can see Rose without having to unpack this Doctor Who companion.

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buy Rose And The 10th Doctor Travel Pass Holder

Rose And The 10th Doctor Travel Pass Holder

We all have those card that you use a lot and just don’t belong in you wallet and for those card they made this Doctor Who pass holder.

Inside you can store things like your buss ticket, travel card, school ID or maybe your credit card.

And this travel pass holder is white and shows a black and white image of the 10th Doctor and Rose on a scooter.

If Rose Tyler and the 10th Doctor Who are your favourites then this pass holder could be perfect for you.

And sure it’s not a replacement for your wallet but I am sure you are going to use it a lot more then you may think.

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buy The 9th Doctor And Rose T-Shirt

The 9th Doctor And Rose T-Shirt

Dr. Who The 9th Doctor And Rose T-Shirt

I really enjoyed Doctor number 9 and this t-shirt brings back good memories of the time that he was Doctor Who.

This black t-shirt that is available in a girly fit and a regular cut shows a black a white imagine of the Tardis and Doctor Who and Rose leaving it and looking at something in the distance.

It is a great t-shirt with a real clear imagine of everything that cares and that is of course Doctor Who, his companion and the Tardis.

Now you can show the world what you are passionate about and that you know more then just the current Doctor.

Come take a much closer look at this Doctor Who The 9th Doctor And Rose T-Shirt.

buy Rose Bad Wolf T-Shirt

Rose Bad Wolf T-Shirt

We all know what Rose did to save the world and this t-shirt is in honour of her.

This Doctor Who t-shirt is black and comes in a unisex style and a women’s junior fit in a whole bunch of sizes.

And on this Doctor Who t-shirt  you can see the Tardis in the background and then a bunch of red roses on witch Rose Tyler is sitting and on top of that there is text that says “Bad Wolf”.

And all that just makes this t-shirt perfect for everyone who like Rose and to be honest who doesn’t like her.

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buy Doctor Who Converse All Star Shoes

Doctor Who Converse All Star Shoes

Plain colored shoes are OK but as a Doctor Who fan yo want more.

How about some amazing sneakers with two Doctors, companions and enemies on them?

These Converse All Star shoes bring all that.

On the left side you can see the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond and in the back the Tardis and there are Weeping Angels and a Silent. And on the right side there is the 10th Doctor with Rose Tyler, Cybermen, Dalek and again the Tardis.

These amazing Doctor Who shoes come in men’s sizes 3.5 – 13 and women’s sizes 5.5 – 15 and yes they come in half sizes to.

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buy Rose Tyler Bad Wolf iPhone Case

Rose Tyler Bad Wolf iPhone Case

Does you Samsung Galaxy S4 or your iPhone 5s need some Doctor Who on it?

If so then you are in luck as we found the Bad Wolf herself Rose Tyler and she loves to be on the case that will protect your phone from harm.

The case does not scream Doctor Who or Bad Wolf it just has a fun light blueish color and build in pattern and on that in grey you can see a picture of Rose and the words “Bad Wolf”.

You can get this design on a case for many different model iPhones including the iPhone 11 and it goes down all the way to the iPhone 4 and when you read this there maybe newer models and by clicking the buy now button you can find out if this case is available for that iPhone too.

And each case is specially made to fit your device perfectly and by doing so it will protect it from harm.

If your phone does not have Doctor Who protection yet then a case like this could give you just what you need.

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buy Bad Wolf Rose Tyler T-Shirt

Bad Wolf Rose Tyler T-Shirt

Dr. Who Rose Tyler Bad Wolf T-Shirt

Remember Rose? the Bad Wolf will always be in my memory.

And Doctor Who fans who likes Rose Tyler as much as Doctor 9 and 10 are in luck because now there is this great shirt to remind her by.

This white t-shirt shows a picture of Rose Tyler in black and besides her it says her name “Rose Tyler” and then in red right over that it says “Bad Wolf” and we all know why that is.

This Doctor Who Rose Tyler t-shirt comes in a men and women’s version in a wide range of sizes from Small – 6XL.
And the Bad Wolf t-shirt is made from 100% comfortSoft cotton and is even preshrunk.

Let bring back the Bad Wolf by wearing this Doctor Who Bad Wolf Rose Tyler T-Shirt.

buy Rose Tyler Cardboard Poster

Rose Tyler Cardboard Poster

Dr. Who Rose Tyler Cardboard Poster

The Doctor would be no where without his companion and now you can have a life size version of one of the 9th and 10th Doctor’s companion.

This is a cardboard poster of Rose Tyler and because it is cardboard you can just place it any where. It even comes with an easel so that Rose can stand freely any where you want her to stand.

Just imagine the faces of you friends when the first meet Rose Tyler standing around in your home.

And if you don’t want Rose to stand then just hang her on the wall, she is an easy companion as she is made from cardboard.

Come and get your own Doctor Who Rose Tyler Life Size Cardboard Poster.