buy 3 Doctors Edible Cake Image

3 Doctors Edible Cake Image

3 Doctors on this Doctor Who edible cake topper image

Are you looking for that perfect Doctor Who birthday cake?

I know it’s hard to find one but there is a simple solution.

This is a edible cake topper image that you can put on a cake you bake or one you buy in store and then you have your Doctor Who cake.

On this edible image you can see 3 Doctor’s there is the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors and of course the Tardis all against a picture of the galaxy. And below that image you can have your own birthday message witch will be part of the image.

And this Doctor Who edible cake topper image is kosher, gloten free, soy free and transfat free. Just stick it on the cake and eat it with the yummy cake below it.

Come and prepared for the birthday cake by getting this Doctor Who 3 Doctors Edible Cake Topper Image.

Doctor Who Table Lamp


Doctor Who Table Lamp

Do you still have side table empty that really could use a lamp?

If so then check out this Doctor Who lamp.

The base of the 20 inch tall lamp is made from brushed nickel and on top of that there is a dark shade with on it a picture of Doctor Who, Amy Pond and Rory Williams all staring at you and the 11th Doctor is even using his Sonic Screwdriver on you.
And to make it all complete the Doctor Who table lamp has a little pull to turn it on and on the end of that you can see a little Tardis.

This Doctor Who table lamp can hold a bulb up to 60 watt and will be a great addition to your room.

Come and have a closer look at this Doctor Who Table Lamp.

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buy 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi Logo T-Shirt

12th Doctor Peter Capaldi Logo T-Shirt

Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor Who

And after 11 comes 12 and that makes Peter Capldi the 12th Doctor.

Doctor Who always changes if we want it or not and number 12 will be different but I am sure we love him as much as we did the lasts 11.

And this Doctor Who t-shirt show Peter combined with the Doctor Who Tardis shape logo.

This Doctor Who t-shirt  comes in men and women’s version in a range of colors and sizes to make every Doctor Who fan happy.

Be the first of your friends who have a 12th Doctor t-shirt so come and order this Doctor Who 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi Logo T-Shirt .

buy Doctor Who Tardis Logo Patch

Doctor Who Tardis Logo Patch

Doctor Who tardis logo clothing patch

A Doctor Who clothing patch makes it possible to make anything into Doctor Who gear.

This patch looks like the current Doctor Who logo the letters DW that are placed in a way so that it looks like the Tardis.

You can just iron this Doctor Who patch onto any piece of clothing or sew it to make it more sturdy.

Just imagine the possibilities. Jackets, pants, shirts, caps and backpacks can all become part of your Doctor Who world.

This Tardis patch is about 3.5 inch tall and 2.5 inch wide and will look amazing on your clothes.

Come and have a better look at this Doctor Who Tardis Logo Clothing Patch.

buy Team Smith 11 T-Shirt

Team Smith 11 T-Shirt

Doctor Who Team Smith t-shirt

I am definitely a team Smith fan and I understand ever you prefer a different Doctor. Matt Smith is my Doctor Who and he is the 11th Doctor.

But now there is this t-shirt witch comes in 21 fun colors that has a big 11 on it and above that the word “Smith” it’s like how they do it on sports jerseys.

The fun thing is that now as a geek people will think you like sports while you actually support Doctor Who.

You can get this print on the front or the back of the t-shirt and the Doctor Who shirt comes in a range of styles for men and women and they even have a hoodie.

No more sports shirts for me I will go for this Doctor Who Team Smith 11 T-Shirt.

buy Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia

Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia

Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia

Many Doctor Who fans are not old enough to know about all the adventure the Doctor had.

But now there is this book that tells you more about all 11 Doctor’s and the friends and enemies it had to deal with all those years.

This hardcover book offers 207 pages with facts and bits of trivia about the Doctor and the other character from this famous TV series.

In the book you will find information about all 11 Dcotors and more then 200 friends and foes.
And this Doctor Who encyclopedia has stunning picture to make the information even better.

So if you really just want make sure you know it all then come and get your copy of the Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia.

buy 10th Doctor Cardboard Poster

10th Doctor Cardboard Poster

Life size Doctor Who free standing poster

If you always wanted the 10 Doctor to stand in you home then you are in luck because this life size poster of Doctor Who can be yours so that he can stare over you all day long.

This is a life size cardboard cut out poster of David Tennant as the Doctor.
He is having his arms crossed like he used to do TV.

This Doctor Who poster is 21 x 73 inch and that makes it the right size for any Doctor.

So if you are looking to invite the Doctor to a party or just to come live with you then this is the easiest way to make that happen.

Come and check out this Doctor Who 10th Doctor Cardboard Poster.

buy 11th Doctor Cardboard Poster

11th Doctor Cardboard Poster

11th Doctor Cardboard cut out poster

Did you always wanted to travel with the Doctor?

Now you can with this cut out poster of Doctor Who.
Ok it may not be very convenient but now you don’t have to wait for him to show up.

This is a 6 feet tall free standing cardboard poster of the 11th Doctor.

If Matt Smith your favourite Doctor then why not have him all for yourself.

You can use this cut out of the Doctor for all kinds of things like a party or just to decorate your bedroom.

The Doctor is not picky so you can do what ever you want with his cardboard version.

Come and check out this Doctor Who Cardboard Cutout Poster Of  The 11th Doctor.

buy Doctor Who Logo Coasters

Doctor Who Logo Coasters

Are you sick of a dirty sticky table?

If you are a Doctor Who fan then you are in luck with this Doctor Who coaster set.

This set of coaster has 8 different Doctor Who coasters and each coaster has a different Doctor Who logo on it.

And that means that now not only your table stays cleaner it also looks better with all those Doctor Who coasters.

Each coaster is made from ceramic and has a felt back and measure 4 1/4 inch in diameter and that means that most cups and glasses will fit on it perfectly.

Get your Doctor Who Logo Coasters

buy Doctor Who Special Edition Wall Calendar 2014

Doctor Who Special Edition Wall Calendar 2014

Doctor Who wall calendar 2014

As you know the 11th Doctor was not the first one there where 10 Doctor Who before him.

On this 2014 wall calendar you can find all 11 Doctors and of course the Tardis.

This Doctor Who wall calendar offers 12 months of Doctor Who fun.

It is a special edition calendar like it is made for the 50th anniversary of the Doctor.

So if your wall still has room for one more Doctor Who item then you should check out this Doctor Who 2014 Wall Calendar.