buy 4th Doctor Who Cardboard Poster

4th Doctor Who Cardboard Poster

Tom Baker standee as Doctor Who

Tom Baker was probably the first Doctor Who I heard about a long time ago and he still looks to funny with his giant scarf.

And now the 4th Doctor Who can be part of you life.

This cardboard cutout of the Doctor is life-size (181 cm) and is of course officially licensed and looks just like the real 4th Doctor.

And this Doctor Who standee poster is free standing so it can be any where and when you want the doctor to be out of the way then he just fold flat.

I would not think about this any longer, you just need this Doctor Who 4th Doctor Cutout Standee.

buy 4th Doctor Money Bank

4th Doctor Money Bank

Doctor Who Tom Baker Money bank

We can all use a spot to store those coins and bills that we have lying around.

This Doctor Who money bank is perfect for storing money and it look great to.

This is a metal money bank that is dark blue and has classic Doctor Who pictures all around it. And on the front you can see Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor with the words “Doctor Who” and on the back you can find Daleks so maybe keep that side out of view.

It doesn’t matter if you collect money or Doctor Who items because this would be great for both collections.

Doctor Who fans can now enjoy the 4th Doctor and their money with this Doctor Who 4th Doctor Money Bank.

buy 4th Doctor Bust

4th Doctor Bust

Dr. Who 4th Doctor Bust

Any real fan of the Doctor has at least heard about the 4th Doctor as played by Tom Baker and now there is this amazing bust of this doctor.

This Doctor Who bust is about 8 inch high and has amazing details that we all recognize from the 4th Doctor.

Of course there is the big long scarf in all it’s detail and yes the Doctor is holding his Sonic Screwdriver to.

A statue like this is just amazing as part of your Doctor Who collection so why not give it a special place.

You should have a much closer and better look at this Doctor Who 4th Doctor Bust.