buy Amy Pond Maxi Bust Figurine

Amy Pond Maxi Bust Figurine

Doctor Who Ami Pond Titan Maxi Bust

Amy Pond is still my favorite companion for the Doctor and I do miss her.

But now there is a bust figurine of Amy that brings back memories of this amazing person.

The Amy bust is about 8 inch tall and is made in a limited edition so it is a true collectors item every fan of the 11th Doctor and his companion just want.

Just look at the details of the figurine hair, expression and even how show holds her hands are just done perfectly.

I know you want to see Amy again so why wait and just order your own Doctor Who Amy Pond Bust Figurine.

buy 4th Doctor Bust

4th Doctor Bust

Dr. Who 4th Doctor Bust

Any real fan of the Doctor has at least heard about the 4th Doctor as played by Tom Baker and now there is this amazing bust of this doctor.

This Doctor Who bust is about 8 inch high and has amazing details that we all recognize from the 4th Doctor.

Of course there is the big long scarf in all it’s detail and yes the Doctor is holding his Sonic Screwdriver to.

A statue like this is just amazing as part of your Doctor Who collection so why not give it a special place.

You should have a much closer and better look at this Doctor Who 4th Doctor Bust.

buy Cyberman Bust And Book

Cyberman Bust And Book

Dr. Who Cyberman Bust And Book

Now you can have your own Cyberman to add to your Doctor Who collection.

As Cybermen are one of those enemies that keep coming back in the Doctor Who adventure you should add one to your collection as they are special.

And this time you can have Cyberman bust and a book all about the encounters the Doctor and the Cybermen had.

The 32 page Doctor Who Cybermen book is filled with great photo’s and the story about them.

So you get two great additions for you Doctor Who fan collection in one go.

Come and read more about this Doctor Who Cyberman Bust And Book.