buy First Female Doctor Who Plush

First Female Doctor Who Plush

Now you can own a First Female Doctor Who Plush.

Doctor Who fans will really like this plush of the 13th Doctor.

The plush is 4.5 inches tall and rated age 5+ so that kids and adults can enjoy playing with one.

The plush of the doctor looks really like her with her blond hair and her facial expressions and there is her famous outfit too just like you have seen her wear on TV.

And this plush of Doctor Who comes in a nice box with a window so that you can choose to keep the Doctor in new condition while being able to see her.

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buy Plush Of The 12th Doctor

Plush Of The 12th Doctor

If you always wanted to hug Doctor Who then now you can thanks to this plush version of the 12th Doctor.

The Doctor looks spiffy in his coat and even wears nice and shiny shoes and he is holding his Sonic Screwdriver because you never know when he needs it.

And this 9-inch tall plush is not just a plush as it also talks just like the Doctor and it is rated ages 3 and up so even grownups are allowed to play with him.

A Doctor Who plush is great because it looks fun and would look amazing in a chair, the couch and even the backseat of your car.

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buy 11th Doctor Talking Plush Key Chain

11th Doctor Talking Plush Key Chain

Doctor Who 11th Doctor Talking Plush Key Chain

Now you can have a little Doctor Who with you where ever you go.

This plush version of the 11th Doctor is the perfect size to hang on your backpack or live with you keys. And yes this is a Doctor Who key chain.

And being plush and cuddly is not the only amazing thing about this Doctor Who key chain. This plush key chain talks and there is even a Sonic Screwdriver sound because of course the Doctor has a plush Sonic Screwdriver with him to.

No need to wonder if something went terribly wrong with the Doctor, this is just a toy and you can get one.

Add some fun to your life with this Doctor Who 11th Doctor Talking Plush Key Chain.

buy Sonic Screwdriver Draft Stopper

Sonic Screwdriver Draft Stopper

Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver Draught Excluder

If you dreamed of owning a giant Sonic Screwdriver then you are in luck as now you can have one that is 35 inch long.

This plush Sonic Screwdriver is designed to keep drafts that come from under the door out and of course looking pretty at doing so.

This is the same Sonic Screwdriver as used by the 11th and 12th Doctor and that makes this just one of those Doctor Who items you need to own.

Besides being an amazing draft stopper you can of course use this Sonic Screwdriver for other things to as it is a great decorative piece.

Want to cuddle a Sonic Screwdriver? Come get your own Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Draft Excluder.

buy Plush Cyberman That Talks

Plush Cyberman That Talks

Doctor Who Talking Cyberman Plush

A true fan of Doctor Who is not afraid of a Cyberman specially not one that is soft and cuddly.

And this one is because it’s a plush cyberman. No Cybermen army here just one lonely Cyberman.

This Doctor Who plush is 9 inch tall and even talks. He will say things like “Upgrading is compulsory.” and “You will become like us or you will be deleted.”.

Even kids can enjoy a cuddle from this Doctor Who enemy as he is safe for kids ages 5 and up.

Just imagine having this scary but cute plush sitting on your couch next to you while you watch your favorite Doctor Who episode over and over.

Come give this plush a home, come get your Doctor Who Cyberman Plush.

buy Doctor Who K-9 Talking Plush

Doctor Who K-9 Talking Plush

Doctor Who K-9 Talking Plush

Dogs are fun but if you can have K-9 from Doctor Who then why would you go for a real dog.

Now you can have your own K-9 and this one is soft in cuddly because it is a plush based on the real K-9 from the Doctor.

This plush K-9 is about 8 inch tall and 7 inch wide and can say things like Maximum defines mode!, Affirmative, and Master?.

Just imagine having this robot dog around while you just want to cuddle and watch Doctor Who on TV.

The nice thing about this Doctor Who plush dog is that you don’t have to walk it or clean up after it. Just play and enjoy that is all that the K-9 plush wants.

Get a plush pet in your family and I would start with this Doctor Who K-9 Talking Plush.

buy Adipose 4″ Plush Key Chain

Adipose 4″ Plush Key Chain

dr. who Adipose Plush with bag clip

There we have a little baby Adipose. This one still has to fatten up a bit but then it can be a big Adipose.

This 4″ tall plush Adipose is has a clip on it so that you can hang it on all kind of things from your keys (as a key chain) or on your jacket and maybe a backpack. Anything with a loop is a good home for this Adipose plush.

And the fun part of this Adipose is that it has sound effect straight out of the Doctor Who TV series so you know it’s the real deal.

Give this fat eater a new home! So come and adopt your own Doctor Who Adipose 4″ Plush Key Chain.

buy Weeping Angel Talking Plush

Weeping Angel Talking Plush

Dr. who Weeping Angel Talking Plush

Those big Weeping Angels are not the most thing to look at but remember Don’t Blink.

Now you can have a smaller version of one of Doctor Who’s enemies. This is a 9 inch tall plush that makes sounds.
And even if you blink this will still be a scary looking plush version of a Weeping Angel.

Maybe if you cuddle with it all day long then the mean big once become soft and cuddly to.

If your Doctor Who collection is in need of a Weeping Angel then why not start with a plush one.

Find a nice spot to put your Doctor Who Weeping Angel Talking Plush.

buy Adipose Plush

Adipose Plush

Cute Dr. Who Adipose Plush


There we have an Adipose that we all know from that famous episode of Doctor Who where they grew inside people eating on their fat.

But don’t worry this Adipose is just a super cute plush.

The plush Adipose is about 10 inch tall and does not contain human fat but could remind you that diet shortcuts don’t work.

And as this Adipose is basically still a baby you should cuddle it lots and let it hang with you while you watch Doctor Who on TV.

This Doctor Who Adipose plush is just a great addition to any Doctor Who fan’s home so do you have a spot?

You should come have a closer look at this cute Doctor Who Adipose Plush.

buy 11th Doctor Plush

11th Doctor Plush

Eleventh Doctor Plush toy

OK you collect anything Doctor Who but do you have your own Doctor yet?

If not then this is a plush made to look like the 11th Doctor.

This Doctor Who plush is 8 inch tall and of course looks just like the Doctor complete with red bow tie and a Sonic Screwdriver that lights up. And to make this plush version of the Doctor even better they made it possible for the plush to talk.

This plush Doctor Who is a must have item that should not be missing in your Doctor Who collection.

So why wait come give the Doctor a home, get your own Doctor Who 11th Doctor Plush.