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Dalek Exterminate Leggings

Posted on May 13, 2014 by George buy Dalek Exterminate Leggings

Doctor Who Dalek Exterminate Leggings

Doctor Who leggings we have seen before but never did we see this on Shop Doctor Who.

These leggings are black with a star here and there but then on one leg you can see a big red Dalek and on the other leg on this pair of leggings there is just one word “EXTERMINATE” just like you can expect from a Dalek.

These Doctor Who leggings are fun and are great to wear just like this or with a skirt or shorts but I would just wear them just like this to show the world it all revolves around the Dalek.

You can get these Dalek leggings in sizes Small – 2 XL so that you can get the perfect Dalek for your legs.

Come and check out these Doctor Who Dalek Exterminate Leggings.

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Tardis Galaxy Leggings

Posted on January 2, 2014 by George buy Tardis Galaxy Leggings

Dr. Who Tardis Galaxy Leggings

We seen leggings before at Shop Doctor Who but these ones look more fun to me.

These leggings show the galaxy and the Tardis. As you can see above the Tardis is not just a tiny picture, it’s almost as high as a leg.

Leggings like these are great to wear just like that with a nice shirt on top.
Doctor Who leggings like these will be loved by almost any fan of the Doctor.

And these form fittings Doctor Who Tardis leggings come in sizes Small – XLarge (more sizing info by clicking the picture).

So if you don’t have the perfect pair of Doctor Who leggings yet then at least check out these Doctor Who Tardis Galaxy Leggings.

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3D Tardis Leggings

Posted on December 14, 2013 by George buy 3D Tardis Leggings

Dr. Who 3D Tardis Leggings

Navy blue leggings go with almost anything and now there is a pair pictures of the Tardis in 3D on it.

This pair of Doctor Who leggings works great on it’s own or with a skirt or dress and you know the Tardis is on it so they will be a hit.

You can get these Doctor Who Tardis leggings in sizes Small – 3XL and they are made from 100% polyester.

The fun part of these Doctor Who leggings is that they are navy blue and with a 3d version of the Tardis flying on it with the light on it feels like you legs become the galaxy they travel through.

You should have a closer look at these fun Doctor Who 3D Tardis Leggings.

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Doctor Who Logo Leggings

Posted on December 5, 2013 by George buy Doctor Who Logo Leggings

Doctor Who Logo Leggings

Are you still looking for the perfect pair of Doctor Who leggings?

How about these leggings? They are covered in the Doctor Who logo that looks like the Tardis and the top seem to give light and that makes it really cool.

These Doctor Who leggings come in women’s sizes Small – 3XL. These leggings are ankle length fitting grey leggings.

Just imagine Clara or Amy in these leggings that would have been so fun.
But luckily for you now you can have the coolest Doctor Who leggings out there.

So lets not wait any longer come and get your own Doctor Who Logo Leggings.

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Tardis Winter Leggings

Posted on November 9, 2013 by George buy Tardis Winter Leggings

Doctor Who Tardis Winter Leggings

Do you want some special winter themed Doctor Who leggings?

These leggings shows snow flakes on the side and then on the lower part there is of course the Tardis from Doctor Who.

These Tardis leggings are made by American Apparel are are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex.
And the fun these Doctor Who leggings don’t only come in Tardis blue they come in a bunch of fun colors and all off them have the Tardis and snowflakes on them.

So now you can bring the Tardis from the Doctor in winter setting just by wearing these leggings.

Come and check out all the colors and have a closer look at these Doctor Who Tardis Winter Leggings. 

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Van Gogh Tardis Leggings

Posted on May 23, 2013 by George buy Van Gogh Tardis Leggings

Doctor Who Tardis Leggings

It is a known fact that Doctor Who and Vincent van Gogh met in 1890 and now you can see the results of that.

These leggings show a piece of art designed by van Gogh and it really means that now you can have Tardis leggings.

The Doctor Who leggings show the Tardis while traveling through space and time and that all in a oil painting style as we are expecting to see from the Dutch painter.

These Tardis leggings are made from 100% polyester and come in a wide selection of adult sizes from Small – 3XL.

So if you are looking for the most amazing leggings out there then you have to check out these Doctor Who Tardis Leggings.

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Tardis Leggings

Posted on December 9, 2009 by George

Shop for you Doctor Who leggings

To cold for bare legs?

Great because then you can wear some fun Doctor Who leggings.

Now there are those blue leggings that show a bit of a galaxy but just far in the background but on one leg you can see a picture of the Tardis and this picture wraps around almost completely around the leg so that people can see it on the front, back and the side.

Just imagine how fun these leggings will look on you just like that or with a nice skirt or dress.

And these Doctor Who Tardis leggings are available in a wide range of sizes to be a perfect fit.

Come have a better look from all angels of these Doctor Who Tardis Leggings. 

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Cosmic Tardis Leggings

Posted on May 30, 2009 by George

Doctor Who Tardis Leggings for Women

Leggings come in all kind of prints but now you can get Doctor Who leggings with the Tardis on it and a big galaxy.

These Doctor Who leggings have a print of the galaxy where the Doctor travels through and then on the bottom of one of the legs you can see the Tardis appear.
And we all know that the Doctor is near if the Tardis appears.

These fun Tardis leggings comes in a range of sizes from X-Small to X-Large.

If you are a Doctor Who fan that likes to be stylish and warm then you should check out these Doctor Who Tardis Leggings.

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Dalek Blueprint Leggings

Posted on May 27, 2009 by George

Dalek Blueprint Leggings

We all know that Dalek’s and Doctor Who are not friends but now you can get leggings that have the blueprints of the Dalek on them. Help the Doctor save the world by wearing these leggings.

The leggings are nice and blue and shows all kind of drawings of the Dalek so that we can see how they where designed. Doctor Who fans who like warm legs and are in need of a pair of new leggings should check these out.

The Doctor Who leggings will look amazing on any fan of the Doctor so if you are one then come and have a closer look at these Doctor Who Dalek Leggings.

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