buy 4th Doctor Scarf Neck Tie

4th Doctor Scarf Neck Tie

OK I do understand that you like to be a bit more like the 4th Doctor but wearing that scarf to work instead of a neck tie is a bit much.

But you are in luck as now there is this special neck tie that looks like the famous scarf.

This Doctor Who neck tie has all the stripes you know from the 4th Doctor’s scarf and will look pretty amazing on a white dress shirt. So now you don’t look so awkward at company meetings anymore because this tie is pretty awesome.


Get your 4th Doctor Scarf Neck Tie

buy 11 Doctors Bookmark

11 Doctors Bookmark

Doctor Who 11Doctors Bookmark

We all read books it could be for fun, school or work but we have to read somethings and how do we keep track at where we are?

A bookmark is the answer and this Doctor Who bookmark is the one you should have a closer look at.

This bookmark shows the Doctor 11 times. Yes on this bookmark you can see Doctor Who from number 1 to number 11 all in photo’s next to each other.

So the bookmark looks stunning and to make you life even easier they gave this bookmark a tassel so that you can keep hanging that out of you book to easily find the page you are at.

School work, office work or just a fun book they all deserve this Doctor Who 11 Doctors Bookmark.

buy 4th Doctor Money Bank

4th Doctor Money Bank

Doctor Who Tom Baker Money bank

We can all use a spot to store those coins and bills that we have lying around.

This Doctor Who money bank is perfect for storing money and it look great to.

This is a metal money bank that is dark blue and has classic Doctor Who pictures all around it. And on the front you can see Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor with the words “Doctor Who” and on the back you can find Daleks so maybe keep that side out of view.

It doesn’t matter if you collect money or Doctor Who items because this would be great for both collections.

Doctor Who fans can now enjoy the 4th Doctor and their money with this Doctor Who 4th Doctor Money Bank.

buy Who Was Your Doctor? T-Shirt

Who Was Your Doctor? T-Shirt

Who Was Your Doctor? T-Shirt

Every Doctor Who fan has it’s favorite Doctor and now you can ask people who’s theirs is.

On this t-shirt it shows a picture with Doctor’s 1 to 11 and above that the text “Who was your Doctor?”.

The Doctor Who t-shirt is black to make the doctor’s stand out nicely and now you can pick.
My favorite is the 11th Doctor but I also really like number 9. Who do you pick? (leave a comment with your favorite)

This t-shirt is made from soft 100% cotton and comes in men’s sizes Small – 2XL and yes it would look great on women to.

Lets get the question out there by simply wearing this Who Was Your Doctor? T-Shirt.

buy Doctor Who Muppets Calendar

Doctor Who Muppets Calendar

Doctor Who Muppets Calendar

The Muppets like Doctor Who to and that is why they decided to all dress up as their favorite Doctor and pose for a calendar.

So now you can have Doctor Who calendar that has Muppets dressed up was their favorite Doctor.

And the fun things about this Doctor Who wall calendar is that it start when you want. Just select the month you want it to start at and you will have 12 months of fun Muppets dressed as Doctor’s.

And yes of course Kermit is there as the 10th Doctor and Beaker is the 11th Doctor.

You just have to come see what Muppet is what Doctor. So check out this Doctor Who Muppets Calendar.

buy Doctors 1 Till 11 And The Tardis Coaster Set

Doctors 1 Till 11 And The Tardis Coaster Set

Doctors 1 Till 11 And The Tardis Coaster Set


Now you can own an amazing Doctor Who coaster set.

The set has 12 coasters and the first 11 you will see a Doctor and on the 12th you find the Tardis.
The Doctor’s coasters show a side silhouette of one of the Doctors and in this silhouette you can see pictures from their adventures.
Like the 11th Doctor’s coaster shows Amy, Rory, River Song, Dalek and the Silence.

The Doctor Who coasters are made from a wood composite with a cork back.

So with coaster like this there are just no glass marks on tables any more and 12 coasters means that you can have a big Doctor Who party.

Come check out the pictures of all the Doctor Who Coasters.

buy 4th Doctor Bust

4th Doctor Bust

Dr. Who 4th Doctor Bust

Any real fan of the Doctor has at least heard about the 4th Doctor as played by Tom Baker and now there is this amazing bust of this doctor.

This Doctor Who bust is about 8 inch high and has amazing details that we all recognize from the 4th Doctor.

Of course there is the big long scarf in all it’s detail and yes the Doctor is holding his Sonic Screwdriver to.

A statue like this is just amazing as part of your Doctor Who collection so why not give it a special place.

You should have a much closer and better look at this Doctor Who 4th Doctor Bust.

buy 11 Doctors Wall Clock

11 Doctors Wall Clock

Dr. Who 11 Doctors Wall Clock

Traveling in time and space makes knowing what time it is a bit difficult but for us humans the Doctor got us this clock.

This Doctor Who wall clock shows the Tardis in the middle and 11 Doctors around it.

Each hour has a Doctor, the 1st Doctor is at one all the way to the 11th Doctor on 11 and then on top it says “Doctor Who”.

The Doctor Who clock is 12 inch in diameter and is made from glass. The Doctor Who clock run on 1 aa battery witch is not included.

So lets find out what time it is with this Doctor Who 11 Doctors Wall Clock. 

buy The Day Of The Doctor DVD And Blu-ray

The Day Of The Doctor DVD And Blu-ray

Doctor Who The Day Of The Doctor DVD And Blu-ray

This is the dvd and blu-ray version of the 50e anniversary episode “The Day Of The Doctor”.

Of course I can not tell you what happens but if you didn’t see it then what are you waiting for.

Now you can own the special 50e anniversary Doctor Who episode that brings back memories from the past and shows you a couple of Doctors and companions.

This Doctor Who episode is 75 minutes long and that time flies by.

Even if you seen it this is an episode to keep and it makes the perfect gift to for any person that likes the Doctor.

Come and check out the Doctor Who The Day Of The Doctor DVD And Blu-ray.

buy 4th Doctor Scarf

4th Doctor Scarf

Now you can be just like the 4th Doctor or like Osgood (from the day of the doctor episode). This is replica of the scarf that was worn by both.

This deluxe Doctor Who scarf is 143 x 9 inch making it extra long just like the Doctor would like it.
And yes it has the colored stripes and fringes.

A Doctor Who fan would not want to wear anything else in the winter and that of course is a great reason for getting one.

Now you can feel a bit more like the 4th Doctor and all it took was a nice scarf.

Get your 4th Doctor Scarf