buy 4th Doctor Short Costume Scarf

4th Doctor Short Costume Scarf

As a Doctor Who fan you can now wear this 4th Doctor Short Costume Scarf.

We all know that Doctor Who used to wear a really long scarf and that is not really practical if you want to use one as your everyday scarf and for that reason they now have a shorter version.

This Doctor Who scarf is made from knitted acrylic and it is 2 meters long and it has lots of tassels.

Besides as winter wear you can also use it as part of your Halloween or cosplay costume scarf.

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buy Tardis And Tassels Scarf

Tardis And Tassels Scarf

If you want to be a warm Doctor Who fan this winter then check out this Tardis And Tassels Scarf.

This Doctor Who scarf is dark blue with on both ends a big pixelated Tardis on it and in the middle you find colorful lines just like on the shirt of the 13th Doctor and those colors can also be found on all the tassels that just belong on a great winter scarf.

So now you can be the cool Doctor Who fan that has a scarf that looks amazing and will keep you warm when the cold winter winds are blowing around.

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buy Tardis And Dalek Holiday Scarf

Tardis And Dalek Holiday Scarf

If you like Doctor Who and winter then you should check out this Tardis and Dalek holiday scarf.

The scarf is mainly blue and shows holiday things like Christmas trees but they are not too obvious so that you can enjoy it the whole winter.

On the 100% acrylic scarf, you can see a row of Tardis and there is a row with Daleks too.

And the scarf is 30 x 190 cm and looks great and you can see the design better by clicking on the image.

So now you can enjoy being outside because this Doctor Who scarf is made for keeping your warm.

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buy 4th Doctor Season 18 Scarf

4th Doctor Season 18 Scarf

As a true fan of Doctor Who you of course know all about the classic long scarf that the 4th Doctor used and you probably knew as well that he changed scarfs in some seasons and in season 18 there was a complete different scarf.

And now we found you the scarf from season 18 so that you can look like the 4th Doctor did in that special series.

The Doctor Who scarf is more red and not so many colors in the design but still a great scarf with tassels and it can be yours for a cold day or as part of a Doctor Who costume.

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buy Tardis All Over Scarf

Tardis All Over Scarf

Doctor Who Tardis All Over Women's Scarf

Girls love their scarfs and if you are a fan of Doctor Who then you may like this Tardis scarf.

The Scarf has a white background and printed on that you can find the Tardis all over in two versions a “normal” blue one and one that is just a line drawing. Together both pictures makes this into a great looking design.

And this  Doctor Who scarf is just easy to combine with so many items in your wardrobe that you probably will be wearing this scarf very often.

Why would any fan of the Doctor go with a scarf that isn’t Doctor Who when you can have your own Doctor Who Tardis All Over Scarf.

buy Tardis Police Box Scarf

Tardis Police Box Scarf

When weather turns you want to pull out that scarf a little more often but do you have a Doctor Who scarf?

This scarf is the ultimate scare for Doctor Who fan.

The scarf is 76 inch long and 7 inch wide and is Tardis blue with on it the top sign of the Tardis that says “Police Public Call Box” and on the ends your find little pockets to put you hands it and they have the windows of the Tardis on them.

Yes this scarf is amazing and it goes with so many jackets and sweaters that it should be just be part of your winter collection.

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buy 7th Doctor Silk Scarf

7th Doctor Silk Scarf

Dr. Who 7th Doctor Silk Scarf

Now you can look a bit more like the 7th Doctor by simply wearing his scarf.

OK this is not the real scarf Doctor Who wore but a replica of it.

The Doctor Who scarf is made from 100% silk and is an officially licensed Doctor Who product.
And the scarf of the 7th Doctor even comes in a special presentation box that has the BBC and Doctor Who logo on it.

This item is a great addition to any Doctor Who collection. You can wear this scarf everyday or keep it for a costume party and yes keeping it in the special box is an option to.

Come admire the pattern of this Doctor Who 7th Doctor Silk Scarf.

buy Van Gogh Exploding Tardis Infinity Scarf

Van Gogh Exploding Tardis Infinity Scarf

Doctor Who Van Gogh Exploding Tardis Infinity Scarf

Now there will never come and end to your love of the Doctor.

This is a Doctor Who infinity scarf. And on this scarf you can find the famous van Gogh painting of the exploding Tardis.
Ok maybe Vincent van Gogh didn’t really paint it but still this scarf will be a hit as it looks stunning and it has everything a Doctor Who fan needs.

By simply wearing this scarf you will have the feeling you are part of the Doctor Who story and luckily for you it’s an infinity scarf so the story never has  to end.

This Tardis scarf is one size fits mosts and can be worn on almost any outfit.

Now is the time to shop for your Doctor Who Vincent Van Gogh Exploding Tardis Infinity Scarf.

buy Tardis Snowflake Scarf

Tardis Snowflake Scarf

Dr. Who Tardis Snowflake Scarf

Winter is the time of year we want to wear a scarf and there is of course no better scarf then a Doctor Who scarf.

This Doctor Who scarf comes in all kind of fun colors and also in Tardis blue and on this scarf you can see some picture of the Tardis and snowflakes. It all makes the Doctor Who scarf playful and fun.

This Tardis winter scarf is 93 x 16 inch and is made from 100% preshrunk jersey cotton.

You now have the opportunity that have a winter scarf that is different then the once other wear and of course revolves all around the Doctor.

Get ready for a cold day with this Doctor Who Tardis Snowflake Scarf.

buy 4th Doctor Scarf

4th Doctor Scarf

Now you can be just like the 4th Doctor or like Osgood (from the day of the doctor episode). This is replica of the scarf that was worn by both.

This deluxe Doctor Who scarf is 143 x 9 inch making it extra long just like the Doctor would like it.
And yes it has the colored stripes and fringes.

A Doctor Who fan would not want to wear anything else in the winter and that of course is a great reason for getting one.

Now you can feel a bit more like the 4th Doctor and all it took was a nice scarf.

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