buy 4th Doctor Water Bottle

4th Doctor Water Bottle

Stop using plastic water bottles and start taking your own water in a fun Doctor Who water bottle.

This Doctor Who bottles is made from stainless steel and is BPA free and holds up to 750ml of water.

And as you can see the bottle has a scarf on it to make it look like the 4th Doctor. Besides the scarf the bottle has a chrome look making the scarf from the Doctor stand out nicely.

You can’t put this bottle in microwave or dishwasher but besides that you can take the 4th Doctor water bottle almost anywhere.

Get your 4th Doctor Water Bottle

buy Doctor Who Gift Tags

Doctor Who Gift Tags

Doctor Who Gift Tags for Christmas

We already showed you Doctor Who Christmas wrapping paper but a Doctor Who present also needs a gift tag.

Now there is the perfect Doctor Who gift tag for you holiday presents.

The gift tag is light blue with snow in the air and 11 Doctors around the Tardis with snow on the ground and K-9 to keep them company.
And then it of course has the the “to:” and “from:” and the text “Happy WHO-lidays!”.

And because you have more then 1 present to give the gift tag comes in a pack of 10 so plenty to go around and each has a blue ribbon to attach it to the presents.

Come and start wrapping the presents and marking them with these Doctor Who Holiday Gift Tags.

buy Doctor Who Action Figures Set Of First 11 Doctors

Doctor Who Action Figures Set Of First 11 Doctors

Doctor Who Action Figures Set Of First 11 Doctors

We all want our own Doctor Who and now we can have 11.

This set has 11 Doctor figures from the 1st Doctor all the way to the 11th Doctor and each Doctor comes with his own base to stand on.

And you know these Doctor Who action figures are compatible with LEGO so why not build them a HUGE Tardis to live in.

Oh they actually come in a Tardis display box with information about each Doctor.

I know the picture above is not great so click on it to see so that you can see it much better.

Lets play Doctor Who with this Doctor Who Action Figures Set Of First 11 Doctors.

buy 11 Doctors Glass Ball Ornament

11 Doctors Glass Ball Ornament

Doctor Who Glass Ball Christmas Ornament

Of cours you could have 1 Doctor as Christmas ornament but how about 11 of them?

Now you can because this ball ornament shows 11 Doctors with the 11th Doctor Who in the middle.

Your Christmas tree will look so amazing with this glass ball ornament that will stand out nicely with all the other decorations.

The blue ball is made from glass and designed by Kurt Adler who is famous for his quality Christmas decorations.

So if you want Doctors 1 – 11 in your tree then you just need to get this Doctor Who All Doctors Christmas Ornament.

buy 4th Doctor Costume T-Shirt

4th Doctor Costume T-Shirt

Dr. Who 4th Doctor Costume t-shirt

If you want to look like a classic Doctor then how about like the 4th one.

This costume t-shirt makes you look like the 4th Doctor in no time.

A Doctor Who fan can dress up like most doctors so why not be a different one everyday of the week?

This Doctor Who costume t-shirt is red and on the front you can find the typical costume the 4th Doctor wore including his scarf.
The only thing that is missing is the hat.

This Doctor Who t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and is available in sizes Small – 3XL.

Lets not wait any longer, lets dress in this Doctor Who 4th Doctor Costume T-Shirt.

buy 4th Doctor Travel Mug

4th Doctor Travel Mug

Dr. Who 4th Doctor Travel Mug

We all travel. You maybe travel to space or just to school or work either way you need a travel mug for your drink.

A warm coffee or tea in the morning to get you going would be great in a Doctor Who travel mug.

This Doctor Who mug is not screaming Doctor Who it is just a plain white mug with a scarf on it and yes it is the scarf of the 4th Doctor and that makes it great for a true fan.

This Doctor Who travel mug has a plastic BPA free outer shell and a stainless  steel inside. Of course it will keep your hot drinks warm and you cold drinks cold and that all while being an amazing Doctor Who mug.

The 4th Doctor travel mug can hold up to 16 ounce in liquids and that should be enough to get your day started.

Come have a closer look at this Doctor Who 4th Doctor Travel Mug. 

buy 4th Doctor Bathrobe

4th Doctor Bathrobe

Doctor Who 4th Doctor Bathrobe

If taking a bath and the 4th Doctor are both things you enjoy then you should have a look at this Doctor Who bathrobe.

This bathrobe is mainly brown but has one very clear feature. It seems like it has the scarf of the 4th Doctor build in.
Yes it is not really a scarf but it looks just like the one Doctor Who used.

Besides having the scarf this Doctor Who robe also has Doctor Who embroidered on the front.

Now bath time will be even better just by knowing that when you are done you are allowed to wear you Doctor Who bathrobe.

This 4th Doctor robe is made from 100% cotton terry cloth to make it warm and making it perfect for absorbing bath water.

Time to dress up like the Doctor in this Doctor Who 4th Doctor Bathrobe.

buy 4th Doctor Scarf Socks

4th Doctor Scarf Socks

You really like he 4th Doctor and would love to wear that scarf he has everyday of the year but it is just not very convenient.

Now we found a solution with these socks.

These Doctor Who socks look like the 4th Doctor’s scarf but you can just wear them on your feet.

The socks will fit women’s feet size 4 – 10 and will come to over the knee (23 inch).

Besides looking like the Doctor Who scarf the socks have “4th Doctor” printed on top and “The Doctor” on the bottom of the feet.

Get your 4th Doctor Scarf Socks

buy 4th Doctor’s Hat

4th Doctor’s Hat

Doctor Who Tom Baker 4th Doctor's Hat

One thing we remember the 4th Doctor by is his long scarf but he also had an amazing hat.

Now you can wear the same hat as Tom Baker did when he was Doctor Who.

This hat is a prop replica of the exact hat the 4th Doctor wore and you can be the owner of this hat.

If you hat is less then 23 inch in round then this hat will fit you perfectly.

The Doctor Who hat is made from a soft suede like material and looks great. You can wear this hat everyday or just keep it for halloween or other dress up parties.

Come and see this Doctor Who 4th Doctor’s Hat.