buy Doctor Who 13 Piece Coaster Set

Doctor Who 13 Piece Coaster Set

If you are a Doctor Who fan that does not like marks on the table then you need this Doctor Who 10 piece coaster set.

The set includes 13 coasters and on each coaster, you will find a different doctor. You will have Doctor’s 1 – 12 and the War Doctor all on a nice coaster all in the same blue style.

The coasters are made from wood with a cork no-slip back and they store neatly in a nice metal Doctor Who box.

Now you can dress up your table and have friends over for a drink because 13 coasters means 13 glasses so lots of friends.

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buy Doctors 1 Till 11 And The Tardis Coaster Set

Doctors 1 Till 11 And The Tardis Coaster Set

Doctors 1 Till 11 And The Tardis Coaster Set


Now you can own an amazing Doctor Who coaster set.

The set has 12 coasters and the first 11 you will see a Doctor and on the 12th you find the Tardis.
The Doctor’s coasters show a side silhouette of one of the Doctors and in this silhouette you can see pictures from their adventures.
Like the 11th Doctor’s coaster shows Amy, Rory, River Song, Dalek and the Silence.

The Doctor Who coasters are made from a wood composite with a cork back.

So with coaster like this there are just no glass marks on tables any more and 12 coasters means that you can have a big Doctor Who party.

Come check out the pictures of all the Doctor Who Coasters.

buy Tardis Coasters

Tardis Coasters

Why get big marks from wet glasses and cups on your table when the Doctor has a solution for that.

This is a set of coasters that look like the Tardis from Doctor Who.

4 coasters are in each set and they have a metal top and a cork bottom so that they are easy to clean and the cork holds them nicely in place.

The Doctor Who coasters are 7 x 3.75 inch and will make you table look even better because now the Doctor has landed.

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buy Doctor Who Logo Coasters

Doctor Who Logo Coasters

Are you sick of a dirty sticky table?

If you are a Doctor Who fan then you are in luck with this Doctor Who coaster set.

This set of coaster has 8 different Doctor Who coasters and each coaster has a different Doctor Who logo on it.

And that means that now not only your table stays cleaner it also looks better with all those Doctor Who coasters.

Each coaster is made from ceramic and has a felt back and measure 4 1/4 inch in diameter and that means that most cups and glasses will fit on it perfectly.

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