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4th Doctor Scarf Neck Tie

OK I do understand that you like to be a bit more like the 4th Doctor but wearing that scarf to work instead of a neck tie is a bit much.

But you are in luck as now there is this special neck tie that looks like the famous scarf.

This Doctor Who neck tie has all the stripes you know from the 4th Doctor’s scarf and will look pretty amazing on a white dress shirt. So now you don’t look so awkward at company meetings anymore because this tie is pretty awesome.


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Doctor Who Tardis Neck Tie

Having to dress up is not my favorite things and having to wear a neck tie is one thing I hate most.

But I may change my mind after seeing this Doctor Who neck tie.

This neck tie is Tardis blue and even has the doors of the Tardis on it. You can see the door panels, windows and the top sign of the Tardis and besides that the tie is Tardis blue.

Besides being a Doctor Who neck tie it just is a normal neck tie that you have to tie yourself and the blue works great with a nice white shirt.

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Tardis Neck Tie

Shop Doctor Who for a Tardis Neck Tie

Are you the Doctor Who fan that is in need of a nice neck tie for when he has to dress up?

Now you can have a neck tie that has the Tardis printed on it.

This Doctor Who neck tie shows the front door design of the Tardis a couple of times on top of each other to make the whole front of the tie look like the Tardis.

This Tardis neck tie is 55 inch long and 4 inch wide (at the widest point).

On any occasion that you can dress up for you can now wear a Doctor Who neck tie.

Don’t wait come and order your Doctor Who Tardis Neck Tie.