buy Tardis Geometric Poster

Tardis Geometric Poster

Doctor Who Tardis Geometric Poster

A Doctor Who fan of course would like an amazing poster on the wall of their favorite TV show.

How about this Tardis poster that shows the Tardis breaking through some fun shapes making it look kinda SiFi like.

Besides the Tardis this poster also has the Doctor Who logo in the top corner to make it all perfect.

This poster is 30 x 40 cm and comes just like that or if you like you can get it framed or laminated.

Office, bedroom, and the living room all can use this unique Doctor Who poster so don’t hesitate and order your Doctor Who Tardis Geometric Poster.

buy 4th Doctor Who Cardboard Poster

4th Doctor Who Cardboard Poster

Tom Baker standee as Doctor Who

Tom Baker was probably the first Doctor Who I heard about a long time ago and he still looks to funny with his giant scarf.

And now the 4th Doctor Who can be part of you life.

This cardboard cutout of the Doctor is life-size (181 cm) and is of course officially licensed and looks just like the real 4th Doctor.

And this Doctor Who standee poster is free standing so it can be any where and when you want the doctor to be out of the way then he just fold flat.

I would not think about this any longer, you just need this Doctor Who 4th Doctor Cutout Standee.

buy River Song Cowboy Cardboard Poster

River Song Cowboy Cardboard Poster

Doctor Who River Song Cowboy Cardboard Poster

There is River Song like we all know her from her adventures in Doctor Who.

And this time River Song is dresses like a cowboy ready to shoot at the Stetson cowboy hat that the 11th Doctor was wearing.

This freestanding cardboard poster of River is life size so you can have a true to size version of River Song in your home ready to surprise you guests.

So if River Song is one of you favorite Doctor Who characters then why not getting a full size version of her to keep your company.

So get the party started and decorate with this Doctor Who River Song Cardboard Standee.

buy Tardis Blueprint Measurements Poster

Tardis Blueprint Measurements Poster

Dr. Who Tardis Blueprint Measurements Poster

A real Doctor Who fan of course wants to know how big the Tardis really is and this poster will tell you exactly the size of every details of the Tardis.

With this Doctor Who poster you would be able to build the Tardis in the right scale and yes that if of course only the outside as inside is kind of difficult to measure.

This poster is 24 x 36 inch and shows the galaxy in the background and the words “The Tardis” on top and below that a Drawing of the Tardis with all the measurements right beside it.

So if you want to build the Tardis or just want all the facts this poster will give you the answers you need.

Now is the perfect time to get educated about the Tardis by this Doctor Who Tardis Blueprint Measurements Poster.

buy Clara And The Doctor Stand In Cardboard Poster

Clara And The Doctor Stand In Cardboard Poster

Doctor Who Clara And The Doctor Stand In Cardboard Poster

Always wanted to be the companion of Doctor Who?

Now you can take a photo that can make the world believe that you met the 11th Doctor.

This free standing life-size cardboard poster shows the 11th Doctor on a motorcycle and on the back there is Clara Oswald.

But someone cutout Clara’s face and that mean you can stand in for her and that makes it like you where on the bike with the Doctor.

It would also be great if you are having a Doctor Who themed party as everyone can then hang out with a life-size version of the Doctor.

So get ready to hang out with the Doctor on this Doctor Who Clara And The Doctor Stand In Cardboard Poster.

buy Allons-y! Sonic Screwdriver Poster

Allons-y! Sonic Screwdriver Poster

Allons-y! Sonic Screwdriver Poster

Empty walls are boring but now a Doctor Who fan can change that wall into something nice.

This Doctor Who poster has a cream border with a black background in the middle and then a Sonic Screwdriver and the word “Allons-y!” so yes the Sonic Screwdriver is from the 10th Doctor.

And this poster is not to busy so that it would even look good in your living room without scaring away the rest of your decor.

Framed or just like it is this 10th Doctor reminder poster is just perfect with nice tones in color.

Find a spot on your wall for this Doctor Who Allons-y! Sonic Screwdriver Poster.

buy The Twelfth Doctor Poster

The Twelfth Doctor Poster

Dr. Who The Twelfth Doctor Poster

By now we all know Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor Who.

And I have to be honest I like him as the Doctor.

I don’t know if I like him enough to get a poster of him on my wall but maybe you like one.

This Doctor Who posters shows a background of a drawing of the design of the Tardis and in front of that you can see the Doctor wearing his black coat. And as you can see the Doctor does not have any color just black and white giving it that special effect that works well with the plain background.

On the lower part the poster shows the Doctor Who logo and below that in red the words “The Twelfth Doctor”.

This Doctor Who poster is 24 x 36 inch and can bought just as the poster or framed if you like.

Come take a better look a this Doctor Who The Twelfth Doctor Poster.

buy 9th Doctor Cardboard Poster

9th Doctor Cardboard Poster

Doctor Who free standing card board poster of the 9th Doctor

Doctor number 9 is still one of my favorites and now there is a cardboard version of him and he can stand by himself with the included easel and yes he is life size.

This standee of Christopher Eccleston shows him as Doctor Who wearing his famous leather jacket and pointing his Sonic Screwdriver at you.

Just imagine having the Doctor around when you are doing a Doctor Who marathon. And when it’s over you can just fold his stand and put him in a closet for the next Doctor Who party.

Always wanted to know what it would feel like to be the companion of Doctor Who? By getting this cardboard version of the doctor you can at least have a bit of that feeling.

Come take a better look at this Cardboard Version Of The 9th Doctor Who.

buy 12th Doctor Cardboard Poster

12th Doctor Cardboard Poster

Dr. Who 12th Doctor Cardboard Standee Poster

There we have the 12th Doctor and this life size version of Doctor Who can be yours.

This is a cardboard poster of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor and this poster can stand by itself making it a great gimmick for a Doctor Who party. And the Doctor is 188 cm tall making it real life size and bigger then me.

You can easily assemble and fold the Doctor up so that you can put him away when you don’t want people to see him.

And besides standing somewhere in the room this cardboard cut out poster of the Doctor can also be placed against a wall if you prefer.

Come get your own Doctor that maybe a bit flat but still, so get your 12th Doctor Cardboard Poster.

buy Sontaran Cardboard Poster Of General Staal

Sontaran Cardboard Poster Of General Staal

Dr. Who Doctor Who Sontaran Cardboard Poster Of General Staal

There is General Staal one of the Sontaran’s we have seen in the Doctor Who stories.

And this Sontaran is a life-size cutout that can stand on it’s own and makes a great decoration piece for a Doctor Who party.

This Sontaran has all the details you expect and of course there doesn’t seem to be a neck.

Besides having this Sontaran standee as a free standing thing you can also keep him flat so that you could place or hang it against a wall.

And as you can see General Staal is ready for battle with his weapon ready. OK maybe he should be wearing his helmet instead of carrying it but besides that he is ready for battle.

Come check out this Doctor Who Sontaran Cardboard Poster Of General Staal.