buy The Legends Of River Song Book

The Legends Of River Song Book

Doctor Who fans can now get this The Legends Of River Song Book and learn more about the world of the Time Lords.

River Song or Melody Pond, Melody Malone and they’re maybe more ways to call her is here to tell you more about the magical world of Doctor Who.

We as true fans of the world of the Doctor know that River Song has done a lot and she wrote some of her stories down for us to read.

And maybe we finally figure out if she married the Doctor or not.

You can get the The Legends Of River Song as a physical book or as an ebook and you need it so come get on.

Get your The Legends Of River Song Book

buy River Song Pop! Vinyl Figurine

River Song Pop! Vinyl Figurine

Now you can own you own little version of River Song.

This River Song figurine is something Doctor Who would like to have in his Tardis just to remind him about her.

River Song is 3 3/4 inch tall and looks just like her and this time she came armed and we all know that you have to look out for this lady as you never know what she is up to.

The River Song figurine is made by Funko in their Pop! Vinyl series and this is number 296 in the series.

And like all the Pop! figurines also River Song comes in a nice windowed box so that you can admire her without the need of getting her out of the box.

Get your River Song Pop! Vinyl Figurine

buy River Song Sonic Screwdriver

River Song Sonic Screwdriver

If even River Song has her own Sonic Screwdriver then that should mean that you an have one to.

And you can because this is the Sonic Screwdriver from River Song and it’s for sale. OK it does not have real sonic powers but it lights up in blue and red and of course has Sonic Screwdriver sounds to.

This special Sonic Screwdriver was given to River Song by the Doctor and that of course makes it extra special as it’s not one that the Doctor himself abuses.

A Sonic Screwdriver like this one should of course be part of a true Doctor Who collector collection.

Get your River Song Sonic Screwdriver

buy River Song Cowboy Cardboard Poster

River Song Cowboy Cardboard Poster

Doctor Who River Song Cowboy Cardboard Poster

There is River Song like we all know her from her adventures in Doctor Who.

And this time River Song is dresses like a cowboy ready to shoot at the Stetson cowboy hat that the 11th Doctor was wearing.

This freestanding cardboard poster of River is life size so you can have a true to size version of River Song in your home ready to surprise you guests.

So if River Song is one of you favorite Doctor Who characters then why not getting a full size version of her to keep your company.

So get the party started and decorate with this Doctor Who River Song Cardboard Standee.

buy 11th Doctor Who Comic Book T-Shirt

11th Doctor Who Comic Book T-Shirt

11th Doctor Who Comic Book T-Shirt

This Doctor Who t-shirt is different then most shirt you seen about Doctor Who and that it because this t-shirt is also a comic.

Yes this Doctor Who t-shirt tells the story about the 11th Doctor dying. And for that the comic of course includes Cybeman, The Silence, Amy, Rory, River Song and of course the Doctor himself.

It’s a real fun t-shirt if you don’t mind that the Doctor dies on it but on the other hand we all know that there is a 12th Doctor so it didn’t end there.

You can get this Doctor Who comic book t-shirt in sizes Small – 2XL and many fans are gone want one to when they see it on you.

Make sure that you get your hands on this 11th Doctor Who Dies Comic Book T-Shirt.

buy Hello Sweetie Journal T-Shirt

Hello Sweetie Journal T-Shirt

River Song Doctor Who River Song Hello Sweetie Journal T-Shirt for the true Dr. Who fan

River Song was such a interesting character in the Doctor Who series and I hope we see her back one day.

But in the mean time this t-shirt can be a fun reminder of her.

On this t-shirt you can see her famous blue journal surrounded by a banner that says “Hello Sweetie” as we heard River Song say so often.

This Doctor Who inspired t-shirt comes in 18 colors and men and women’s cuts in many sizes so that all the true fans of River Song can wear one.

It’s just fun to remember those good old days when River Song and her mom Amy and the 11th Doctor where all still there.

But for now we have to do with this River Song Hello Sweetie Journal T-Shirt.

buy Doctor Who Animated Chess

Doctor Who Animated Chess

Doctor Who Chess Game

If you like chess and Doctor Who then you are in luck because now there is this Doctor Who chess set.

Just like normal there is a board with chess pieces but these pieces are a little bit different.
It’s almost like character from the Doctor Who TV series are stuck in the pieces. Yes they even move.

The board comes with 32 chess pieces and there are the good guys witch include the 11th Doctor, Amy Pond, River Song, Rory and the Tardis.
And then there are the bad guys with include Weeping Angels, Dalek, Cybermen and more.

Now your rainy night becomes way more interesting while playing a game with this Doctor Who Animated Chess Set.

buy Hello Sweetie Valentine’s Day Card

Hello Sweetie Valentine’s Day Card

If River Song would send the 11th Doctor a Valentine’s day card then this would be the one.

The card is Tardis blue and as a couple of hearts floating around and in big letters it says “Hello Sweetie” just like River Song would say to the Doctor.
And then on the bottom it says “Happy Valentine’s Day” with a picture of the Tardis.

On the inside this Doctor Who Valentine’s card has plenty of space as it completely blank.

If you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s day greeting card for the Doctor Who fan in your life then you may have found it.

Get your Hello Sweetie Valentine’s Day Card

buy River Song Journal iPhone 5c Case

River Song Journal iPhone 5c Case

Doctor Who River Song Journal iPhone 5c Case

We all want the journal that River Song uses but on the other hand who still uses a paper journal.

How about making your new iPhone 5c into a River Song journal?

This Doctor Who iPhone 5c case can do exactly that. The case is made by Case-Mate specially for the iPhone 5c and makes it look all pretty.

The case looks like the journal in blue with the panels and it almost looks like you can see the fibbers in the cover.
As you can see the case continues on the edges of the case making it look even more like a real journal.

And this Doctor Who iPhone case of course keeps all your ports and buttons ready for use while in the mean time it protects you phone from harm.

You should check out all he other photo’s of this Doctor Who River Song Journal iPhone 5c Case.

buy River Song Journal

River Song Journal

Doctor Who River Song Journal

If you know River Song then you know the journal she carries around.

And now you as Doctor Who fan can have your own replica of that journal.

Now you can write the stories of your adventures or maybe use it for school or the office.

This Doctor Who journal on the outside looks a bit like the Tardis as it is blue and has the same kind of panels printed on it. And yes the cover is flat so not embossed like the one on TV.

On the inside this River Song’s journal has white pages that are lined for easy writing.

This hardcover journal is 5 x 8 inches and has 160 pages for you to write on.

Doctor Who fans now is the time to start writing your story on in this Doctor Who River Song’s Journal.