buy Blue Tardis Napkins

Blue Tardis Napkins

Every Doctor Who party of course needs napkins and now there are Tardis paper napkins specially made for that.

These napkins come in a pack of 20 and measure 6.5 x 6.5 inch and they are blue of course with the doors of the famous police box on it complete with all the signs . These Doctor Who napkins are 3 ply and that makes them nice and strong for wiping the ketchup and cake from your face.

Birthday party, summer bbq or just a Doctor Who marathon these Tardis napkins are just perfect to get your party going and keeping you clean.

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buy Tardis Doors Paper Plates

Tardis Doors Paper Plates

If you want a Doctor Who party that has food then you need these Tardis paper plates.

The square paper plates are 9 inch and come in a pack of 8 and on the plates you can find the blue Tardis doors with the famous signs and the big windows.

With party wear like this any party can become a Doctor Who party and that of course is something a Doctor Who fan wants.

Birthday party or a big bbq these paper plates are perfect for cake, hotdogs and more. And after the party no dishes as these plate are made for one time use.

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buy Tardis Sign Paper Cups

Tardis Sign Paper Cups

If you are planning a Doctor Who themed party then you need these Tardis paper cups.

The paper cups are Tardis blue and have the famous door sign on them so that everyone finally can read the whole text that you can find on the door of the Tardis and any classic blue police box.

With 8 cups in each pack this set is a good start for any party. Birthday, bbq or more these 9 oz cups are strong and perfect sized for almost any drink.

And paper cups don’t have to be washed so after your party clean up will be easy to.

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buy Doctor Who Party Supply Set

Doctor Who Party Supply Set

If you want a Doctor Who themed party or maybe even a birthday party then this  party supply set could be just what you need.

The set is good for a party of 16 people as it includes 16 paper cups, 16 7 inch plates and 16 napkins.

On the plates and cups you can see the blue police box that we all know as the Tardis and next to it you can see what to me looks like the Sonic Screwdriver of the 4th Doctor and on the other side of the Tardis you can see red bowties.

The napkins have something like a vortex on it and if you look closely you can see them to in the background of the plates and cups.

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buy Doctor Who Party Ware Set

Doctor Who Party Ware Set

If you are having a party for a Doctor Who fans then what do you need most?

Paper plates and napkins of course and that are where this set is perfect for.

This Doctor Who party set includes 12 paper plates that have Dalek or the Tardis on it and are 9 inches in diameter and there are 20 paper napkins that have an exterminating Dalek on them.

Now you just need a cake and finger foods and you can have the Whovian party you always wanted to have.


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buy Doctor Who Party Go Napkins

Doctor Who Party Go Napkins

Doctor Who paper napkins

A Doctor Who party would not be perfect if you didn’t have paper napkins that fit the theme.

And now you can get these green Doctor Who napkins that have many Dalek and Cybermen on them and the words “Party Go” on them. Of course you don’t have to worry as these napkins also have some picture of a tiny Tardis on it.

These Doctor Who party napkins come in a pack of 16 napkins so that you have plenty to supply the whole party.

Besides for a party these Doctor Who napkins also go well in your lunchbox that you take to work or school.

Come take a closer look at these Doctor Who Party Go Napkins.

buy Tardis Shaped Sprinkles

Tardis Shaped Sprinkles

Doctor Who Tardis Shaped Sprinkles

What would a plain cake or cupcake need to make a Doctor Who fan happy?

Yes the Tardis and now there are sprinkles that looks just like the famous police box from the Doctor.

These sprinkles are Tardis blue and have a little hole in them to make them look more like the real police box we all love.

There are 108 grams of Tardis sprinkles in each bottle and that is enough to make a true Whovian happy many times.

Why keep your frosting plain when you can decorated with these fun Doctor Who inspired sprinkles.

Come take a look at these Doctor Who Tardis Shaped Sprinkles.

buy Doctor Who Paper Cups

Doctor Who Paper Cups

Doctor Who Paper Cups

If you are gone have a Doctor Who party then of course you need special party wear.

And now there is this set of 8 paper cups that are all in the spirit of Doctor Who.

The paper cups are light blue and on that you can find the Tardis and Cybermen and Dalek and the words “Go Party!”.

Special paper cups like these just make a Doctor Who birthday party even better and no worries the Dalek and Cybermen will behave because they like cake to.

Come and get that party started with these Doctor Who Paper Cups.

buy Doctor Who Cake Decoration Kit

Doctor Who Cake Decoration Kit

Doctor Who Cake Decoration Kit

Can’t find an Doctor Who cake in the grocery store?

No worries this cake decoration kit will make the perfect Doctor Who birthday cake.

The kit includes an 11 inch long band that has famous quotes from mainly enemies of the Doctor and then there are 3 toppers to make the cake complete.

You will find the 11th Doctor, Clara Oswald, Weeping Angel, Tardis, Cyberman, Dalek and K-9. So you can decide who will make it to the top of the cake or who will stay far away from the birthday food.

If you like the Doctor and cake then you need to get this Doctor Who Cake Decoration Kit.

buy Cyberman Party Invitations

Cyberman Party Invitations

What does a Doctor Who party need most?

Invitations of course and lucky for you we found those for you.

This is a set of 6 invitation cards and envelops. On the invitation card it shows a Cyberman saying “Party Party” and room to fill out all the important details and on the envelops there your find the Tardis and room for the name of the person you are inviting to your party.

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