buy Doctor Who Projection Watch

Doctor Who Projection Watch

Doctor Who Projection Watch

Do you want to tell the world all about Doctor Who?

It’s difficult when you don’t know what time it is and when you don’t have a TV handy.

Now your life will be easier as not there is this Doctor Who watch that of course tell time.

But this watch also shows 10 different pictures from Doctor Who. How you wonder, simple it projects it to the wall or any other light surface.

Just imagine having Doctor Who always handy for you to show or maybe a Dalek or Weeping Angel just to make it complete.

If you are the Doctor Who fan in need of a special watch then check out this Doctor Who Projection Watch.

buy Amy, Dalek And The Doctor Belt

Amy, Dalek And The Doctor Belt

Doctor Who Amy, Dalek And The Doctor Belt

A seatbelt style Doctor Who belt that has everything I expect from Doctor Who.

The belt shows the Doctor Who logo on the belt and the buckle and even has “Doctor Who” printed on it and there is much more.
Amy Pond, the 11th Doctor and even a Dalek or two.

Yes this belt is pretty busy but that also makes it perfect for Doctor Who fans that like it all.
And don’t worry this Doctor Who belt is adjustable in size so that it will fit most adults.

Maybe this Doctor Who belt is not for fancy dress up occasions but it surely is fun for school and casual wear.

Stop wearing boring plain belts and start wearing this Doctor Who Amy, Dalek And The Doctor Belt.

buy The Day Of The Doctor Poster

The Day Of The Doctor Poster

Dr Who The Day Of The Doctor Poster

The Day Of The Doctor episode was great and was a good way to celebrate the 50e anniversary.

And now you can have a wall poster based on that Doctor Who episode.
This poster shows Doctor’s 10 and 11 back to back and in the middle we find the War Doctor against a  burning backdrop.

This Doctor Who poster is 24 x 36 inch and makes the perfect wall decoration for a true fan of the Doctor.
No matter witch Doctor is you favorite the Day of the Doctor was one of those episode every Whovian has to see.

Lets get ready to decorate some walls with this special Doctor Who The Day Of The Doctor Poster.

buy The Doctor, Amy And The Tardis Pillow Case

The Doctor, Amy And The Tardis Pillow Case

The Doctor, Amy And The Tardis Pillow Case

If you have troubles dreaming about Doctor Who then we can help.

This pillow case will make dreaming about the Doctor, Amy and the Tardis a piece of cake.
Why? Simple this pillow case has a picture of the 11th Doctor with Amy Pond and the Tardis on it and they even put a part of the galaxy in the background.

Now you can admire you favorite characters from the Doctor Who TV series every night.

And this Doctor Who pillow case is 20 x 30 inch and will fit any normal pillow that you have lying around.

Let their be only sweet Doctor Who dreams so get your own The Doctor, Amy And The Tardis Pillow Case.

buy The Doctor T-Shirt

The Doctor T-Shirt

The Doctor T-Shirt

My favorite Doctor is the 11th one and this t-shirt shows that.

This black Doctor Who t-shirt comes in a women’s and men’s fit and is made from 100% preshrunk cotton. You can get this The Doctor t-shirt in sizes Small – 2XL all in black with an the same amazing Doctor on it.

So lets get a bit more into the design. It looks like the old picture of The Godfather and Matt Smith is also wearing the red rose and he of course has a red bow tie because bow ties are cool.

With the rose and the bow tie being the only colors on the shirt makes it all look even more stunning.
Matt looks like the 11th Doctor but also as The Godfather.

If you are a fan of the 11th Doctor then why would you wait come and get your The Doctor T-Shirt.

buy Amy And The Doctor Cardboard Poster

Amy And The Doctor Cardboard Poster

Dr. Who Amy And The Doctor Cardboard Poster

Is you circle of friends a bit small and would love to have so real special friends that don’t talk to much?

How about the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond?

Now you can have a life size cardboard version of Amy and the Doctor.
This is a freestanding cutout that you can place anywhere or if you want you can hang it flat on a wall.

The cutout of Amy and the 11th Doctor is about 180cm tall just like the real hight of the Doctor and his companion.

Having cardboard friends has the advantage that they are easy to stow away again and always available to hang out.

So if you are planning a Doctor Who gathering or just need some friends then come get your Doctor Who Amy And The Doctor Cardboard Poster.

buy 3 Doctors iPod Touch Case

3 Doctors iPod Touch Case

Dr. Who 3 Doctors iPod Touch Case

Does you 5th generation iPod touch look a bit bare?

How about protecting it with a Doctor Who case. This case shows the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctor agains a fun background and completed with the Doctor Who logo.

So you iPod touch can look stunning and be protected from scratches and dings at the same time.

And yes this Doctor Who iPod Touch case leaves all the functions of you iPod  ready to use no ports or buttons are blocked so that it looks like the case is part of your Apple device.

Come have a better look at this Doctor Who 3 Doctors iPod Touch Case.

buy 11th Doctor Vinyl Figure

11th Doctor Vinyl Figure

Dr. Who 11th Doctor Vinyl Action Figure

There we have the 11th Doctor but this time he is just a vinyl figure.

This Doctor Who action figure is about 6 1/2 inch tall and looks just like the 11th Doctor as played by Matt Smith.

And the Doctor of course needs his Sonic Screwdriver so this figure also has one and you can take it out of his hand and place it in the other if you like.

Vinyl figures are fun to play with or just to have on display and if they look like Doctor Who then you know you need one.

Come have a closer look at this Doctor Who 11th Doctor Vinyl Figure.

buy Raggedy Man Goodbye Poster

Raggedy Man Goodbye Poster

Dr. Who Raggedy Man Goodbye Poster

I am sad to see the 11th Doctor go but this Doctor Who poster will be a great item to remind us about him.

This portrait of the 11th Doctor played by Matt Smith looks like a read pencil drawn piece of art but one that can be owned by all of us.

And this Doctor Who poster comes in all kind of styles from a normal poster to a canvas print and if you want you can even have this portrait on a greeting card or phone case.

It doesn’t matter in witch form you choose to get this portrait but it is a sure thing that you want it.

So lets come and look at all the options of this Doctor Who Raggedy Man Goodbye Poster.

buy The Day Of The Doctor DVD And Blu-ray

The Day Of The Doctor DVD And Blu-ray

Doctor Who The Day Of The Doctor DVD And Blu-ray

This is the dvd and blu-ray version of the 50e anniversary episode “The Day Of The Doctor”.

Of course I can not tell you what happens but if you didn’t see it then what are you waiting for.

Now you can own the special 50e anniversary Doctor Who episode that brings back memories from the past and shows you a couple of Doctors and companions.

This Doctor Who episode is 75 minutes long and that time flies by.

Even if you seen it this is an episode to keep and it makes the perfect gift to for any person that likes the Doctor.

Come and check out the Doctor Who The Day Of The Doctor DVD And Blu-ray.