buy Amy And The Doctor Cardboard Poster

Amy And The Doctor Cardboard Poster

Dr. Who Amy And The Doctor Cardboard Poster

Is you circle of friends a bit small and would love to have so real special friends that don’t talk to much?

How about the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond?

Now you can have a life size cardboard version of Amy and the Doctor.
This is a freestanding cutout that you can place anywhere or if you want you can hang it flat on a wall.

The cutout of Amy and the 11th Doctor is about 180cm tall just like the real hight of the Doctor and his companion.

Having cardboard friends has the advantage that they are easy to stow away again and always available to hang out.

So if you are planning a Doctor Who gathering or just need some friends then come get your Doctor Who Amy And The Doctor Cardboard Poster.