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The Doctor T-Shirt

The Doctor T-Shirt

My favorite Doctor is the 11th one and this t-shirt shows that.

This black Doctor Who t-shirt comes in a women’s and men’s fit and is made from 100% preshrunk cotton. You can get this The Doctor t-shirt in sizes Small – 2XL all in black with an the same amazing Doctor on it.

So lets get a bit more into the design. It looks like the old picture of The Godfather and Matt Smith is also wearing the red rose and he of course has a red bow tie because bow ties are cool.

With the rose and the bow tie being the only colors on the shirt makes it all look even more stunning.
Matt looks like the 11th Doctor but also as The Godfather.

If you are a fan of the 11th Doctor then why would you wait come and get your The Doctor T-Shirt.