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Weeping Angel Bath Robe

This bath robe is the color of a stone statue and as a Doctor Who fan you of course know about one of those that are not very nice.

Yes this is a Weeping Angel bath robe with printed on it many details you expect from a Weeping Angel and of course that includes wings on the back.

Even on the sleeves it says “Don’t Blink” because even a Weeping Angel know what that means.

The Doctor Who bath robe comes in sizes Small – XL and has a hood to make it even better.

A Weeping Angel bath robe is great for when you come out of the shower but also for just lounging around.

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Tardis And Gears Bath Robe

Doctor Who Tardis And Gears Bath Robe

This fleece robe is for all the Doctor Who fans that like the new Doctor Who promo with the gears.

On this black bath robe you can see the blue Tardis all over it and also blue gears just like you can see in the Doctor Who intro and besides all that blue and black there also are some white Doctor Who logo’s to switch it up.

And this Doctor Who robe also has a robe to keep you head warm.

Lounging around the house or being comfortable when leaving the shower a robe is what you need so come check out this Doctor Who Tardis And Gears Bath Robe.

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The Doctor Who Robe That Says It All

The Doctor Who Bath Robe That Says It All

This black bath robe is the robe any Doctor Who fan wants.

Men or women this robe tells a story that only a Doctor Who fan would understand.

On the black fabric you can find white images of many things related to the Doctor.

Yes the Tardis, Dalek, Cyberman, Sonic Screwdriver and even K-9 are all there making this the robe you want to wear when leaving the shower and the bath robe you want to wear when you lounge around the house on a Sunday morning.

And this Doctor Who bath robe even has a hood so that you can hide you head and keep it warm at the same time.

Now is the perfect time to order your The Doctor Who Bath Robe That Says It All.

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Tardis Robe

This bathrobe makes you part of the Doctor Who family.

As you can see on the picture the robe is blue and has the Doctor Who logo on the front and on the two pockets you can find signs that you can see on the real Tardis doors.

There is a black belt that has the top sign of the Tardis on it that spells “Police Public Call Box”.

And all that was just the front.

On the back, you can see doors of the Tardis including white windows and of course again the famous top sign (click the picture to see the back).

The Doctor Who robe is made from 100% cotton and is available in many sizes.

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buy 11th Doctor Costume Bathrobe

11th Doctor Costume Bathrobe

A bathrobe is a great way to lounge around and now there is a nice robe based on the 11th Doctor.

This Doctor Who bathrobe has looks like the jacket the Doctor wears complete with elbow patches.
Of course it is longer and softer and much better to dry you with when you get out of the shower.

And this Doctor Who robe even has a satin Sonic Screwdriver sticking out of the breast pocket.

Now you can feel like a real Doctor ready to travel in time and space and all it took was a bathrobe.

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buy Tardis Bathrobe

Tardis Bathrobe

Now you can look like the Tardis from Doctor Who and smell like roses.

OK to smell like roses you need some body wash that has that smell and then take a shower with it and after that you can wear this soft and amazing looking bath robe.

This Tardis robe is blue like the Tardis and on front of it you can see the famous doors with a sign on each door.
And from top to bottom you can see that it says “Police Public Call Box”.

No more boring bathrobes because now you can and want to look like the Tardis from the Doctor.

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buy Dalek Bathrobe

Dalek Bathrobe

Doctor Who Dalek bath robe

Do you feel like you want to exterminate things when you come out of the shower?

If you do then you may need this Dalek bathrobe.

Are you the Doctor Who fan in need of a new robe? Now you can look like a Dalek while feeling warm and fuzzy.

This bathrobe is grey and has the typical details you expect on a Dalek like the dots on the bottom part.

The Doctor Who Dalek bathrobe is made from 100% cotton terry cloth making it nice and soft and still give you great water absorption as  well.

Now you can lounge around the house and scream “EXTERMINATE!” at anything you want because you are a Dalek.

Doctor Who fans now is the time to get ready to wear this Doctor Who Dalek Bathrobe.

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4th Doctor Bathrobe

Doctor Who 4th Doctor Bathrobe

If taking a bath and the 4th Doctor are both things you enjoy then you should have a look at this Doctor Who bathrobe.

This bathrobe is mainly brown but has one very clear feature. It seems like it has the scarf of the 4th Doctor build in.
Yes it is not really a scarf but it looks just like the one Doctor Who used.

Besides having the scarf this Doctor Who robe also has Doctor Who embroidered on the front.

Now bath time will be even better just by knowing that when you are done you are allowed to wear you Doctor Who bathrobe.

This 4th Doctor robe is made from 100% cotton terry cloth to make it warm and making it perfect for absorbing bath water.

Time to dress up like the Doctor in this Doctor Who 4th Doctor Bathrobe.

buy Time Lord Bathrobe

Time Lord Bathrobe

Dr. Who Time Lord Robe

Nothing better then hanging around in a nice warm bathrobe.

And now there is this Doctor Who robe that is black and will feel so much better because it is from the Doctor.

On the back of this bathrobe it shows the Tardis and the words “Time Lord” because the Doctor is a time lord and he is just borrowing your this robe.

On the front and sleeve you can also see Tardis pictures to make it even more fun to wear.

And this Doctor Who bathrobe is made from 100% cotton terry cloth that will absorb water and keeps you dry and warm.
You can even wear the hood of this robe to feel even warmer.

Come and check out this fun Doctor Who Time Lord Bathrobe.