buy Missy Ornament For The Christmas Tree

Missy Ornament For The Christmas Tree

Missy is part of Doctor Who right now and that is why it should be part of your holiday decorations so come check out this Missy ornament.

The ornament of Missy is 5 inches tall and shows a really detailed character and she is wearing her classic purple outfit complete with hat and umbrella.

So now besides the Doctor, you can have an other time lord in your tree.

And as Missy does not look too Christmasy you could have her hanging around all year long.

The Missy Christmas ornament is made from durable resin so that it can last for a long time.

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buy Adipose Christmas Ornament

Adipose Christmas Ornament

If you want Doctor Who details in your Christmas tree then come check out this Adipose Christmas ornament.

The ornament is perfect in a Christmas tree as it is white and that works great on a nice green Christmas tree.

The Adipose ornament looks just like the fun looking Doctor Who creature and it is waving at you but still, shows his tooth.

And as the Adipose is not really Christmas decorated you can use the ornament the whole year long just hang it on your ceiling or maybe in your locker at school or work.

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buy 12th Doctor And Sonic Screwdriver Christmas Ornament

12th Doctor And Sonic Screwdriver Christmas Ornament

Christmas need some Doctor Who to it and thanks to this ornament set you will be all up to date.

The ornament set includes two Doctor Who Christmas ornament that includes the 12th Doctor that is holding a nice Christmas present in his hands and the other ornament is the 12th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver so that you have the coolest ornaments that are all like we have seen in his last season.

Besides your Christmas tree these ornament will be cool in other parts of you home too as you could hang them anywhere as there are nice strings on it.

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buy Gingerbread Tardis Ornament

Gingerbread Tardis Ornament

What does a Christmas from a Doctor Who fan need? Yes, it needs a Tardis ornament and now there is one that looks like a gingerbread Tardis.

The glass ornament is made by Kurt Adler and he is famous for making amazing ornaments.

The Tardis is 4 1/2 inch and looks like a yummy gingerbread cookie and it has all the details from the Tardis and it looks like it is icing that made them and on the door, you also find a wreath because it is a Christmas ornament.

Your Doctor Who themed Christmas tree will look so amazing when you add this Tardis ornament.

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buy Doctor Who The Return of Doctor Mysterio Blu-Ray

Doctor Who The Return of Doctor Mysterio Blu-Ray

If you want the Doctor Who Christmas special of 2016 then you are in luck as this is the 2016 Christmas special on Blu-ray.

The Christmas special called “The Return Of Doctor Mysterio” is a great addition to you Doctor Who collection and can become part of your Christmas tradition.

If you like Doctor Who and would like to see how a superhero gets made then this Blu-ray is what you want and it also shows that superheroes are great at normal jobs too.

Don’t let this Doctor Who Christmas special out of your Doctor Who collection because it is great fun to see the 12th Doctor in another crazy adventure.

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buy Doctor Who The Christmas Specials Gift Set

Doctor Who The Christmas Specials Gift Set

This Christmas can be spent in front of the TV thanks to the Doctor Who The Christmas Specials Gift Set.

The gift set comes in a DVD or Blu-Ray version and includes 11 Christmas specials and that means almost all of them and to make this an even better Christmas gift they even added a Sonic Screwdriver and it is the one used by the 11th and 12th Doctor.

And to make this set even more special they even added a special bonus feature so that even if you have seen all the Doctor Who Christmas episodes you will find something new.

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buy Weeping Angel Statue Of Liberty Ornament

Weeping Angel Statue Of Liberty Ornament

This year your Christmas tree can have a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who in it but this is not an average Weeping Angel no this is one that looks like the Statue Of Liberty and that means that it is awesome.

And this ornament is not only great for Christmas, you can use it all year long and then when Christmas comes you give her the space she deserves in the tree.

The Weeping Angel ornament is 5 1/2 inches tall and looks stunning.

So we know not to blink and I would remind myself if you get this Statue Of Liberty Christmas ornament.

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buy Adipose Christmas Stocking

Adipose Christmas Stocking

Christmas stockings don’t have to be red, green or shaped like most are and this Doctor Who stocking proves that.

This Christmas stocking is shaped like and Adipose and we all kind of like this fat eating creature and that makes it perfect as Christmas decoration and I am sure it’s just as good as a normal shaped stocking at holding Christmas presents.

The Adipose stocking is white and has the face of the creature on it and his arms, hands, and feet are there too so that it looks just like a real Adipose.

This Doctor Who Christmas stocking is 19 inches long and just a great addition to your Christmas decorations this holiday season.

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buy Doctor Who Ugly Christmas Sweater Mug

Doctor Who Ugly Christmas Sweater Mug

Do you have a special mug for the holidays?

If you do just forget about that one and look at this Doctor Who mug.

The dark blue mug has Christmas details like Christmas trees but there is more exciting stuff on there for Doctor Who fans like you.

There are rows of Sonic Screwdriver and you can find images of Dalek, Tardis, Cybermen, and Weeping Angel.

A mug like this almost looks like an ugly Christmas sweater and even the images look a bit pixelated to add to the look.

Morning coffee and afternoon tea will be so much better when served in this Doctor Who Christmas mug.

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buy Adipose String Lights

Adipose String Lights

String lights are great for in the Christmas tree but this set of Adipose lights are great for year long use by a true Doctor Who fan.

The sting light has 10 Adipose lights and is great for indoor or outdoor use.

Just imagine having the fat eating creatures in your Christmas tree it will be so much fun. Also just having a string on your bedroom wall will make your room looks more cosy because of these cute lights.

Of course you have to like Doctor Who to really enjoy these fun Christmas lights.

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