buy Doctor Who K-9 Talking Plush

Doctor Who K-9 Talking Plush

Doctor Who K-9 Talking Plush

Dogs are fun but if you can have K-9 from Doctor Who then why would you go for a real dog.

Now you can have your own K-9 and this one is soft in cuddly because it is a plush based on the real K-9 from the Doctor.

This plush K-9 is about 8 inch tall and 7 inch wide and can say things like Maximum defines mode!, Affirmative, and Master?.

Just imagine having this robot dog around while you just want to cuddle and watch Doctor Who on TV.

The nice thing about this Doctor Who plush dog is that you don’t have to walk it or clean up after it. Just play and enjoy that is all that the K-9 plush wants.

Get a plush pet in your family and I would start with this Doctor Who K-9 Talking Plush.

buy Doctor Who 5 Piece Cookie Cutter Set

Doctor Who 5 Piece Cookie Cutter Set

Doctor Who 5 Piece Cookie Cutter Set

Beside fish fingers and custard and maybe a banana the Doctor surely loves cookies.

And now you and the Doctor can make some fun Doctor Who cookies.

This is a set of 5 different Doctor Who cookie cutters.

You can make the following shaped cookies:

  • Tardis
  • Dalek
  • Cybermen
  • K-9
  • Sonic Screwdriver (11th Doctor’s version)

Just imagine your next Doctor Who party can be amazing when you bake some fresh cookies shaped with this Doctor Who cookie cutter set.

I would love a bunch of cookies and like the K-9 robot dog best. And these cookie cutter also imprint a design in the cookies to make the look more real.

Come take a closer look at this Doctor Who 5 Piece Cookie Cutter Set.

buy Doctor Who Tardis Family Window Decals

Doctor Who Tardis Family Window Decals

OK those stickers on car windows that show the whole family mommy, daddy the kids and even the dog.

But for a Doctor Who fan there has to be a better way of doing it and we found it.

Now you can make you own family out of decals of the Tardis there are big once and small once and there is once with bows for the girls.

But what about the dog you wonder?

Of course there is a decal for K-9 the robot dog to.

So now you can show the true Doctor Who family on the back of you car window and they come in all kind of colors to make it even better.

Get your Doctor Who Tardis Family Window Decals

buy LEGO K-9 Robot Dog

LEGO K-9 Robot Dog

If you always wanted your own K-9 robot dog just like Doctor Who.

This is a pretty small robot dog as it is made from LEGO, and no you can’t buy this Doctor Who K-9 dog in store so make sure to order it here or build one yourself.

This little robot dog love to play with all your other Doctor Who toys and gadgets and if you are lucky he will even fetch a stick or a sonic screwdriver.

A K-9 robot dog like this is perfect for your LEGO collection.

Get your LEGO K-9 Robot Dog

buy Doctor Who K-9 Slippers

Doctor Who K-9 Slippers

Doctor Who K-9 Slippers

Are you a dog loving fan of Doctor Who and you like warm feet?

You are in luck because now there are special Doctor Who slippers shaped like K-9 the robot dog we all love.

These slippers are an officially licensed Doctor Who product and have all the details you expect and hoped for.
And those there are many details embroidered on these K-9 slippers. The fun ears and tail make these warm slippers ideal for a Doctor Who marathon and the non slip bottom makes you stay on your feet.

These Doctor Who K-9 slippers come in sizes S – XL witch is women’s 5 -10 and yes men with small feet (like me) could wear them to.

Don’t wait to long as you never know when K-9 shows up again so come and get your Doctor Who K-9 Robot Dog Slippers.

buy Doctor Who Dusting Stencil Set

Doctor Who Dusting Stencil Set

Doctor Who Dusting Stencil Set

Now you hot drinks and cupcakes could have Doctor Who theme to.

This dusting stencil set offers 6 designs that can be used to dust drinks like hot chocolates and cappuccino’s or to make a cupcake look even better.

These dusting shields are easy to use and offer a easy way to decorate.

There are 6 different stencils in the Doctor Who stencil set and they are the following:

  • Sontaran
  • Weeping Angel
  • Dalek
  • Cyberman
  • Tardis
  • K-9

So 6 fun designs that will make a Doctor Who party even better and if you wonder how the designs turn out then just simply click on the pictue above that will bring you to a picture of the results.

Lets do some dusting with this Doctor Who Dusting Stencil Set.

buy Doctor Who Vinyl Sticker Set 1 (6 stickers)

Doctor Who Vinyl Sticker Set 1 (6 stickers)

Dr. Who Vinyl Sticker Set 1 (6 stickers)

Now anything can become Doctor Who merchandise with this vinyl sticker pack.

This pack has 6 vinyl sticker in it all related to the Doctor.

There is one sticker of the Tardis and K-9 and then there are 4 different Dalek stickers so that you can have the biggest enemy of the Doctor in all kinds of colors.

Each sticker is about 4 3/4 x 3 1/2 inch and are ready for indoor and outdoor use.

You can now have K-9 on your car and the Tardis on the fridge and an army of Dalek’s on the living room wall.

The sky is the limit so get ready to enjoy your Doctor Who Vinyl Sticker Set 1 (6 stickers).

buy K-9 Key Chain

K-9 Key Chain

Dr. Who K-9 Key Chain

Remember K-9?

The good old robot dog the Doctor had for a while.

Now you can have your own K-9 but this time not a real robot just a key chain of the dog.
This Doctor Who key chain is made from metal so it will stay nice even if it lives with you keys.

K-9 is almost 2 inch wide and looks just like a small version of the real thing.

Keys will love to hang out with you little robot dog so why not give them their own pet.

Come and have a peek at this Doctor Who K-9 Key Chain.

buy Doctor Who Gift Tags

Doctor Who Gift Tags

Doctor Who Gift Tags for Christmas

We already showed you Doctor Who Christmas wrapping paper but a Doctor Who present also needs a gift tag.

Now there is the perfect Doctor Who gift tag for you holiday presents.

The gift tag is light blue with snow in the air and 11 Doctors around the Tardis with snow on the ground and K-9 to keep them company.
And then it of course has the the “to:” and “from:” and the text “Happy WHO-lidays!”.

And because you have more then 1 present to give the gift tag comes in a pack of 10 so plenty to go around and each has a blue ribbon to attach it to the presents.

Come and start wrapping the presents and marking them with these Doctor Who Holiday Gift Tags.

buy K-9 Christmas Ornament

K-9 Christmas Ornament

Dr. Who K-9 Christmas Ornament

K-9 is one of the Doctor’s oldest companions and even though he doesn’t show up often we still have him close to our heart.

And now K-9 loves to be part of your Christmas tree.

This Doctor Who K-9 Christmas ornament shows K-9 complete with some decorations like fluff on his ears.
A K-9 ornament is special and that is why it is made by Kurt Adler and it is made from glass.

The K-9 robot dog is about 4″ wide and 3″ high and is specially hand crafted for your Christmas tree.

Doctor Who loves to see K-9 in your tree so why wait come get your Doctor Who K-9 Christmas Ornament.