buy Copper Dalek Sticker

Copper Dalek Sticker

Now there is this Copper Dalek Sticker that is great for on almost anything to make it more like it is Doctor Who merchandise.

This sticker is like a copper Dalek with lots of details and it really looks like a more vintage Dalek which really make it look like your are a true Doctor Who fan that has been a fan from the beginning.

A Doctor Who fan is mostly not fond of Dalek but the Doctor Who universe would be kind of boring without this Exterminating villain.

I am sure this sticker will look great on your computer, notebook, fridge, car, or almost anything else flat.

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buy Doctor Who Tardis Family Window Decals

Doctor Who Tardis Family Window Decals

OK those stickers on car windows that show the whole family mommy, daddy the kids and even the dog.

But for a Doctor Who fan there has to be a better way of doing it and we found it.

Now you can make you own family out of decals of the Tardis there are big once and small once and there is once with bows for the girls.

But what about the dog you wonder?

Of course there is a decal for K-9 the robot dog to.

So now you can show the true Doctor Who family on the back of you car window and they come in all kind of colors to make it even better.

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