buy Tardis Fluffy Slippers

Tardis Fluffy Slippers

If you would like to have Doctor Who slippers that feel more like socks than shoes then you should take a look at these Tardis slippers.

These Tardis slippers are blue and have the doors of the Tardis on them but there is more as they are lined with fluffy white fabric so that your feet will be so nice and warm. On the sole of the slippers, there are some non-slip details that prevent you from sliding away.

And these Doctor Who slippers are one size fits most so women and men can enjoy this special footwear around the house on those days that your feet just need to stay warm.

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buy Doctor Who Logo Slippers

Doctor Who Logo Slippers

After a day of work in uncomfortable shoes you want to go home and put on these black Doctor Who slippers.

These plush black slippers just are what you need for your tired sore feet and they look nice to.

On the footbed of these slippers it says in big letters “Doctor Who” and on the top of the slippers it shows the BBC Doctor Who logo.

And yes you can get these slippers in many sizes so that men and women that want some fun footwear for at home can enjoy them.

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buy Tardis Image Slipper Boots

Tardis Image Slipper Boots

Now the Doctor will make sure you don’t get cold feet this winter.

These Tardis slipper boots are fun and warm and the perfect way to walk around the home instead of getting cold feet when walking barefoot.

These slippers boots are Tardis blue and have black lining and edging and on the shaft you can find a fun picture of the Tardis complete with the top light that seems to be on as it is yellow.

You can get these Doctor Who slippers in sizes Small – XL witch covers women’s sizes 5 -12.

This is the season for lounging so do it in style while wearing these Tardis boots and be warm.

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buy 11th Doctor Moccasin Slippers

11th Doctor Moccasin Slippers

Now you can walk around you home in style or at least the style of the 11th Doctor.

These Doctor Who moccasin slippers look a lot like the 11th Doctor.

The seem to be the same fabric as the Doctor’s jacket and on top you find a red bow tie because bow ties are cool.

So you feet can feel like you are wearing the Doctor himself.

You can get these Doctor Who slippers in many sizes that cover men’s sizes 7 – 14 and yes of course they fit women to.

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buy Tardis Moccasin Slippers

Tardis Moccasin Slippers

Of course you want to walk around the house in style and these Doctor Who moccasins would be a great shoe to do that in.

These moccasin slippers are white and fluffy on the inside and Tardis blue on the outside. And on the top of these shoes you can see the door of the Tardis and on the back heel you can find the Doctor Who logo.

These Doctor Who moccasin slippers come in women’s sizes 8 and 10 and men’s sizes 10, 12 and 14. And this footwear is made from manmade materials so vegan friendly.

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buy Tardis Canvas Slip On Shoes

Tardis Canvas Slip On Shoes

Doctor Who fans need shoes to and with Toms being so popular they made a shoe that looks like that but more importantly it looks like the Tardis from Doctor Who.

These canvas slip on shoes are Tardis blue and on the front you can see the windows of the Tardis complete with the top sign saying “Police Public Call Box” and then on the back there is a label saying “Bigger on the inside” something we all know to be true about the Tardis.

These shoes even have a the Doctor Who logo on the footbed and on little labels on the side.

If your are a Doctor Who fan in need of new footwear then you are in luck as you can get these Tardis shoes in a wide range of sizes.

Do not wait any longer just come and check out these Doctor Who Tardis Shoes.

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buy Tardis Slipper Boots

Tardis Slipper Boots

Dr. Who Tardis Slipper Boots

Inside or outside your feet deserve some cool footwear and maybe some Tardis boots would be perfect.

These boots are fluffy on the inside and the outside is made from microsuede with a textured sole so that you can wear them indoors or outdoors.

The slipper boots of course are really comfortable and come in a wide range of sizes.

And these Doctor Who boots are blue with some white details and of course the windows and “Police Public Call Box” sign on the front and the Doctor Who logo on the back.

This officially licensed Doctor Who footwear is just that piece missing in your shoe collection.

So don’t wait just come check out these Doctor Who Tardis Slipper Boots.

buy Doctor Who Converse All Star Shoes

Doctor Who Converse All Star Shoes

Plain colored shoes are OK but as a Doctor Who fan yo want more.

How about some amazing sneakers with two Doctors, companions and enemies on them?

These Converse All Star shoes bring all that.

On the left side you can see the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond and in the back the Tardis and there are Weeping Angels and a Silent. And on the right side there is the 10th Doctor with Rose Tyler, Cybermen, Dalek and again the Tardis.

These amazing Doctor Who shoes come in men’s sizes 3.5 – 13 and women’s sizes 5.5 – 15 and yes they come in half sizes to.

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buy Doctor Who K-9 Slippers

Doctor Who K-9 Slippers

Are you a dog loving fan of Doctor Who and you like warm feet?

You are in luck because now there are special Doctor Who slippers shaped like K-9 the robot dog we all love.

These slippers are an officially licensed Doctor Who product and have all the details you expect and hoped for.
And those there are many details embroidered on these K-9 slippers. The fun ears and tail make these warm slippers ideal for a Doctor Who marathon and the non slip bottom makes you stay on your feet.

These Doctor Who K-9 slippers come in sizes S – XL witch is women’s 5 -10 and yes men with small feet (like me) could wear them to.

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buy Tardis Boots Slippers

Tardis Boots Slippers

Doctor Who Tardis Slipper Boots


Now you can enjoy a walk around the house even more because these are Doctor Who boots.

They are actually a slipper style boot made from faux suede. The Boots are Tardis blue and have the windows and text from the Tardis on it and then there is a white sole and lining to makes it all stand out nicely.

And any Doctor Who fan can enjoy these boots it does not matter if you are a men, women or a kid they will look stunning on your feet.

And to make these Doctor Who boots even better they pack them in a Tardis shoebox .

You have to take a closer look at these amazing Doctor Who Tardis Slipper Boots.