buy The War Doctor Vinyl Figurine

The War Doctor Vinyl Figurine

Doctor Who figurine of the war doctor

Vinyl figurines are fun and cute and now there is a new one in the Doctor Who series by Titans.

It’s the War Doctor and he looks just like how we have seen him in the 50th Anniversary episode “The Day Of The Doctor”.

And this is not a tiny figure either as the Doctor is 6.5 inch tall and yes of course he comes in a display box so that you can keep him in mint condition ready to be worth lots of money when there is the 100th anniversary of Doctor Who.

I think the War Doctor would be a great addition to your collection of Doctor Who figurines so I would say don’t wait any longer come get your Doctor Who The War Doctor Vinyl Figurine.

buy Union Jack Dalek Figurine

Union Jack Dalek Figurine

Doctor Who Union Jack Dalek Figurine

This figure is special.

Yes it is a Dalek and yes they are still not friends with Doctor Who. But this Dalek is painted with the Union Jack flag on it and it’s only 12 inch tall so much smaller then the once that try to catch the Doctor.

This Dalek figurine comes with lights and sounds and can even move it’s arms and head so it’s almost like an action figure.

And this Dalek can say one of 8th phrases and those are:

  • Seek! Locate! Annihilate!
  • Seek! Locate! Destroy!
  • You will obey the Daleks… obey, obey!!
  • Halt or you will be exterminated!
  • You are an enemy of the Daleks!
  • We are the Supreme Beings.
  • Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! (with gun-firing sound effects)
  • Exterminate! (with gun-firing sound effects)

So now you home can have a Dalek that behaves like one with light and sounds and it looks so much better then the single colored once.

Make you Doctor Who collection complete with this Doctor Who Dalek Figurine With Light And Sound.

buy Doctor Who Figurine Of The War Doctor

Doctor Who Figurine Of The War Doctor

Doctor Who Figurine Of The War Doctor

If you have seen the Day of the Doctor anniversary episode then you know all about the War Doctor.

And now you can have your own figurine of this special Doctor Who.

This figurine shows the War Doctor in a pose with his arms on his back while looking at you.

This Doctor Who figurine is about 3 1/2 inch tall and really brings out the best of the Doctor.

You Doctor Who collection can’t be missing this special Doctor so why would you miss out of this special figurine.

Do not wait any longer, come get your Doctor Who Figurine Of The War Doctor.

buy 10th Doctor Vinyl Figure

10th Doctor Vinyl Figure

There we have the 10th Doctor.

This time Doctor Who is a vinyl figurine but he looks so much like the real Doctor Who as played by David Tennant that you may believe that something really bad happened to the real doctor and now he is just a cute figure for on a shelve.

The 10th Doctor figurine is 6.5 inch tall and comes with the Sonic Screwdriver the doctor uses and you can even take it away from him or place it in his other hand.

Just imagine an army of Doctor Who figurines and of course the 10th Doctor in front.

Get your 10th Doctor Vinyl Figure

buy 11th Doctor Figurine

11th Doctor Figurine

There we have the 11th Doctor played by Matt Smith.

And this time he is a figurine and just as real looking as the real Doctor Who.

This figurine is based on the Doctor Who episode “The Pandorica Opens” and could have just stepped out of you TV.

At 4 inch tall this figure of the 11th Doctor is just the perfect size for on your desk, bookshelf or display case.

This time the Doctor is made from metallic resin so that it looks amazing and so that it will last many more Doctors.

Get your 11th Doctor Figurine

buy 9th Doctor Vinyl Figure

9th Doctor Vinyl Figure

Dr. Who 9th Doctor Vinyl Figure

Now you can have your own little Doctor figure.

This is a 6.5″ tall figure of the 9th Doctor as played by Christopher Eccleston.

As you can see this Doctor Who figure has amazing details and looks so much like the Doctor that you are wondering if this is the real Doctor in some kind of trouble.

This is a vinyl figure that even bring it’s own Sonic Screwdriver and that of course make it fun to play with.

Personally I would love to have one these Doctor Who figures just to display as they look cute and realistic.

So why don’t you have a closer look at this Doctor Who 9th Doctor Vinyl Figure.

buy 11th Doctor Vinyl Figure

11th Doctor Vinyl Figure

Dr. Who 11th Doctor Vinyl Action Figure

There we have the 11th Doctor but this time he is just a vinyl figure.

This Doctor Who action figure is about 6 1/2 inch tall and looks just like the 11th Doctor as played by Matt Smith.

And the Doctor of course needs his Sonic Screwdriver so this figure also has one and you can take it out of his hand and place it in the other if you like.

Vinyl figures are fun to play with or just to have on display and if they look like Doctor Who then you know you need one.

Come have a closer look at this Doctor Who 11th Doctor Vinyl Figure.

buy 4th Doctor Bust

4th Doctor Bust

Dr. Who 4th Doctor Bust

Any real fan of the Doctor has at least heard about the 4th Doctor as played by Tom Baker and now there is this amazing bust of this doctor.

This Doctor Who bust is about 8 inch high and has amazing details that we all recognize from the 4th Doctor.

Of course there is the big long scarf in all it’s detail and yes the Doctor is holding his Sonic Screwdriver to.

A statue like this is just amazing as part of your Doctor Who collection so why not give it a special place.

You should have a much closer and better look at this Doctor Who 4th Doctor Bust.

buy Cyberman Bust And Book

Cyberman Bust And Book

Dr. Who Cyberman Bust And Book

Now you can have your own Cyberman to add to your Doctor Who collection.

As Cybermen are one of those enemies that keep coming back in the Doctor Who adventure you should add one to your collection as they are special.

And this time you can have Cyberman bust and a book all about the encounters the Doctor and the Cybermen had.

The 32 page Doctor Who Cybermen book is filled with great photo’s and the story about them.

So you get two great additions for you Doctor Who fan collection in one go.

Come and read more about this Doctor Who Cyberman Bust And Book.

buy Amy Pond Figurine

Amy Pond Figurine

Amy Pond Figurine

Did you like Amy Pond when she was the travel companion of the Doctor?

You know if you did then you have to check this out because now Amy can be your travel companion.
OK not the real Amy but a little statue of her.

This is a 1/6 scale version of Amy Pond and she is imported from the UK so that makes it even more real.

Now Amy Pond can be living in your home standing around and maybe even warning your when something bad is happening.

Doctor Who fans are gone love this little Amy.

Come and have a closer look at this amazingly detailed Amy Pond Figurine.