buy 3D Tardis Greeting Card

3D Tardis Greeting Card

Now there is this 3D Tardis Greeting Card that is made for the true Doctor Who so if you know one of those then send them this card.

This Tardis card is amazing as it looks like a plain card from the front just saying Tardis and shows a bit of the Tardis top but when you open the card then you will be amazed as you can find the Tardis inside in 3D and yes that means it will stand tall until you close the card again.

And the Doctor Who greeting card is blank on the inside so you can write your own message and that makes this card perfect for any occasion from Christmas to a birthday or just for fun.

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buy Tardis Notebook

Tardis Notebook

Ready to write down your thoughts then you need this Tardis Notebook.

Doctor Who fans can get this nice Tardis journal that looks like the Tardis only flat like a notebook but with the typical Tardis door on the front and even the side is part of the design.

Inside the notebook you find lined pages and even there you find Doctor Who details and they even added a bookmark to keep you journal closed or to mark you pages.

This Doctor Who notebook is 6 x 8.5 inches and has 80 pages so plenty of room for notes.

Back to school or maybe back to the office this Doctor Who notebooks is a must have for all the fans.

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buy Tardis And The Stars Swim Shorts

Tardis And The Stars Swim Shorts

Now you can be wearing these Tardis And The Stars Swim Shorts to the pool and feel closer to the Doctor and show other swimmers that you like Doctor Who.

These men’s swim trunks are dark blue and are available in many men’s sizes and also has a drawstring to make it fit just perfectly.

On the dark blue short shows stars in the background and then on top of it all a big image of the famous blue police box that all Doctor Who fans know as the Tardis and the Tardis on these swim shorts seem to be missing the hard lines and that really makes it look cool.

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buy Tardis Wrist / Pocket Watch

Tardis Wrist / Pocket Watch

Now Doctor Who fans can get this Tardis Wrist / Pocket Watch that is just amazing.

This Doctor Who watch is really special and you should click on the image to see other images about this cool watch.

This is not just a wrist watch because you can fold the sides up and then the watch comes out and it comes with a chain to make it into a pocket watch with a nice Tardis buckle on the end.

And the Doctor Who watch itself has a nice blue strap with lots of Tardis details you need to see up close.

And to make this Doctor Who watch a really nice thing to have they get your this Tardis watch in a nice wooden box with a metal Tardis on top.

This really is an different unique and amazing thing to have.

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buy St John Ambulance And Tardis Sign Mug

St John Ambulance And Tardis Sign Mug

Now there is this St John Ambulance And Tardis Sign Mug that is just perfect for all the Doctor Who fans that like the Tardis.

This Doctor Who mug is 20 oz and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

The mug has a white handle and is white on the inside and the outside is Tardis blue with on one side the St John Ambulance logo and on the other the door sign of the Tardis. And yes these are the signs of the Tardis used by the 11th and 12th Doctor.

And there is more as inside the mug it says “Time And Relative Dimension In Space” as that is what Tardis stands for.

This Doctor Who mug is cool so get one for yourself or give it as a present as it comes in a cool box too.

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buy Doctor Who Tardis Face Mask

Doctor Who Tardis Face Mask

Now there is this Doctor Who Tardis Face Mask so that you are protected and everyone will know that you like Doctor Who.

This fabric face mask is not medical grade but perfect for people like you and me to wear when being out in public.

On this black mask you can see and image of the top of the Tardis and then instead of the typical top sign there is one that says “Doctor Who”.

So now you can be safe in public while having a cool mask instead of the once everyone else wears. Help contain the pandemic by wearing this Doctor Who face mask.

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buy Tardis Rainbow Card Wallet

Tardis Rainbow Card Wallet

Now there is this Tardis Rainbow Card Wallet that is great for all Doctor Who fans that have to many card lying around.

The Doctor Who card pouch is based on the Tardis from the 13th Doctor, it is Tardis blue as expected but it also has the new door sign on it and there is a strap over it in rainbow like colors and the same rainbow colors can be found as lining for the card wallet.

So now you can put your credit cards, loyalty cards and maybe even the library card inside it and it will be all ready for you when ever you need.

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buy The 13th Doctor’s Tardis Figurine

The 13th Doctor’s Tardis Figurine

Now there is this The 13th Doctor’s Tardis Figurine that is perfect for all the Doctor Who fans that want to stay up with the newest time machine.

As a true Doctor Who fan you know that the first female Doctor got a different Tardis even the outside is different with different signage on the doors.

This Tardis figure has great details and it almost looks like it is made from wood.

And you can open the door to the Tardis as you want to check out if it is bigger on the inside. And to make this the perfect figurine they even build in sound and take off and landing lights.

Now could be the right time to update you Doctor Who collection with the newest Tardis.

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buy Crystal 1st Doctor In The Tardis

Crystal 1st Doctor In The Tardis

Now there is this Crystal 1st Doctor In The Tardis figure that looks stunning in your home in the light and the dark.

This is a solid K9 crystal that is 5 inches tall and it is looks like the Tardis and inside it you find the 1st Doctor Who the one that it all started it so long ago.

And the Doctor Who crystal comes with a Doctor Who base with LED lights inside it and that makes the crystal look stunning in the dark in your home.

If you are a true fan that want something to remind us all of where it all started then this is what you need.

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buy Tardis Spinner Ring

Tardis Spinner Ring

Now Doctor Who fans can get this fun Tardis Spinner Ring.

This Doctor Who ring is like normal ring it is chrome in color with on it man images of the Tardis on it.

The ring is made from stainless steel so it will keep looking great and there is more as it is a spinner ring so the outer part spins making this piece of Doctor Who jewelry also into a fidget spinner.

Now Doctor Who fans can always have the Tardis near all thanks to this ring that will keep spinning for you all day long so that you have something to play with when in a meeting.

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