buy Tardis Cat Library T-Shirt

Tardis Cat Library T-Shirt

Now there is this fun Doctor Who Tardis Cat Library T-Shirt that is something you really want.

This Doctor Who t-shirt is unisex so great on both men and women and it comes in a bunch of colors and in sizes Small – 5XL and if you want a different style shirt then those are available to including tank tops.

On the t-shirt you can see something that looks a bit like the Tardis but if you look closer it looks more like a bookshelf and on the shelves you can find a bunch of cats and they seem to be cat versions of Doctors including the 4th one with the big scarf and the 10th one with 3D glasses and there are many more and there is even a dog aka K-9.

And the top sign of the Tardis says “Police Public Cat Box”.

So if you like reading and cats and Doctor Who then this is the shirt you need.

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buy 4th Doctor With K-9 And THe Tardis Shower Curtain

4th Doctor With K-9 And THe Tardis Shower Curtain

Now Doctor Who fans can have this 4th Doctor With K-9 And THe Tardis Shower Curtain in their bathroom.

This Doctor Who shower curtain is really fun and measures 72 x 72 inches and even comes with shower curtains.

On the dark blue shower curtain you can find the Tardis and the 4th Doctor and there is even K-9 the robotic dog we didn’t see for a long time.

A fun shower curtain is what we all need for an extra smile when you get ready for a shower.

Now Doctor Who fans can have a clean and fun shower curtain that transforms your bathroom.

Get your 4th Doctor With K-9 And THe Tardis Shower Curtain

buy Doctor Who Cake Pan

Doctor Who Cake Pan

If you like Doctor Who and cakes then this cake pan is what you need.

The silicon pan has room to make 6 cakes at once and each of them has a typical Doctor Who item on it.

You will find Sontaran, Tardis, Dalek, K-9, Weeping Angel, and Cyberman in this cake pan and that gives plenty of cool designs for your next high tea or just as a fun desert.

No more need for boring cupcakes or plain cakes because the Doctor will help you create fun cakes that bring back memories to all those adventures Doctor Who has.

Get your Doctor Who Cake Pan

buy K-9 Robot Dog Ceiling Fan Pull

K-9 Robot Dog Ceiling Fan Pull

Now you ceiling fan can have the famous K-9 from Doctor Who on it as a ceiling fan pull.

Why would you go for a boring chain on your ceiling fan when you can have this robot dog that is loved by the Doctor.

Maybe we didn’t see K-9 for a while but I am sure that the Doctor still has a soft spot for it.

The K-9 robot dog ceiling fan pull is 4.5 x 2 x 2 inch and has a 5 inch chain that is easy to attach to your fan.

Let K-9 guard your room and prevent warm air from entering.

Get your K-9 Robot Dog Ceiling Fan Pull

buy K-9 Pop! Vinyl Figurine

K-9 Pop! Vinyl Figurine

Now K-9 can be part of your Doctor Who collection.

This figurine of K-9is part of the Pop! collection of Funko and it’s marked as number 300.

This K-9 robot dog is 3.75 inch tall like all th other Pop! Vinyl figurines and is just cute and a must have.

The robot dog comes in a nice window box so that you can see him while it’s still wrapped up.

Of course K-9 loves to be around the Doctor’s and other character of the series and would love to live in a new home and is hoping it could be yours.

Get your K-9 Pop! Vinyl Figurine

buy Dalek, Tardis And K-9 Socks

Dalek, Tardis And K-9 Socks

If you are a Doctor Who fan with cold feet then socks is what you need.

And we found you this pack of 3 pairs of socks. On the low cut women’s socks you can find typical Doctor Who things.

On pair has K-9 the robot dog from the Doctor on it and another pair shows Tardis and the last pair is covered in many different colored Daleks.

No need to wear those boring plain white socks any more because from now on you can have socks that are approved by the Doctor himself.


Get your Dalek, Tardis And K-9 Socks

buy The Doctor Who Robe That Says It All

The Doctor Who Robe That Says It All

The Doctor Who Bath Robe That Says It All

This black bath robe is the robe any Doctor Who fan wants.

Men or women this robe tells a story that only a Doctor Who fan would understand.

On the black fabric you can find white images of many things related to the Doctor.

Yes the Tardis, Dalek, Cyberman, Sonic Screwdriver and even K-9 are all there making this the robe you want to wear when leaving the shower and the bath robe you want to wear when you lounge around the house on a Sunday morning.

And this Doctor Who bath robe even has a hood so that you can hide you head and keep it warm at the same time.

Now is the perfect time to order your The Doctor Who Bath Robe That Says It All.

buy Remote Controlled K-9 Robot Dog

Remote Controlled K-9 Robot Dog

Doctor Who Remote Controlled K-9 Robot Dog

If you are a Doctor Who fan that really wants a dog then you just have to look at this K-9.

This is a remote controlled K-9 just like we know the robot dog from the Doctor Who TV series.

K-9 is about 1/4 of the original K-9 size but just like the real robot dog he can move around with and has real sounds and light.

Just maneuver your own K-9 robot dog through your life and of course show it to all your Doctor Who loving friends.

So why not add a dog to your life and this one does not need to go for walks and no poop to pick up either.

Doctor Who fans come take a closer look at this Doctor Who Remote Controlled K-9 Robot Dog.

buy Doctor Who Cake Decoration Kit

Doctor Who Cake Decoration Kit

Doctor Who Cake Decoration Kit

Can’t find an Doctor Who cake in the grocery store?

No worries this cake decoration kit will make the perfect Doctor Who birthday cake.

The kit includes an 11 inch long band that has famous quotes from mainly enemies of the Doctor and then there are 3 toppers to make the cake complete.

You will find the 11th Doctor, Clara Oswald, Weeping Angel, Tardis, Cyberman, Dalek and K-9. So you can decide who will make it to the top of the cake or who will stay far away from the birthday food.

If you like the Doctor and cake then you need to get this Doctor Who Cake Decoration Kit.

buy Doctor Who Chocolate Mold

Doctor Who Chocolate Mold

Doctor Who themed chocolates that would be perfect for a party or just because they look fun.

With this chocolate mold that is shaped like the Tardis and can 12 chocolates at a time. The mold has 6 different designs in it so that you can make two chocolates of each kind every time you fill the mold.

You can make:

  • Tardis
  • Dalek
  • Sontaran
  • K-9
  • Cyberman
  • Weeping Angel

Just imagine dark, milk and white chocolate Doctor Who chocolates that would be so much fun for any party and specially a Doctor Who party.

Get your Doctor Who Chocolate Mold