buy 5th Doctor And The Tardis Figurine

5th Doctor And The Tardis Figurine

Now Doctor Who fans can get this 5th Doctor And The Tardis Figurine.

If you are a Doctor Who fan that likes to recreate classic adventures or just like to have amazing stuff related to your favorite TV show then you are in luck.

This set includes the Tardis and what owns a Tardis, the Doctor and the 5th Doctor is included in this set too.

And this is not just a pretty set to have on a shelve, you can play with it too as the Doctor has multiple points of articulation and it is rated ages 5+ so kids and adults can enjoy it.

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buy 13th Doctor Action Figure

13th Doctor Action Figure

Now Doctor Who fans can replay episodes of the TV series all thanks to this 13th Doctor Action Figure.

This Doctor Who action figure is 5.5 inches tall and shows the first female Doctor Who in her typical outfit but without her coat but she did bring her Sonic Screwdriver and you can remove it from her hand.

And this is an action figure and that means that she can actually be played with and you can pose her as her arms and legs move. The Doctor Who toy is rated ages 5+ and is great for kids and adults that love Doctor Who.

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buy Female Doctor Who Barbie Doll

Female Doctor Who Barbie Doll

Now there is a Female Doctor Who Barbie Doll.

The Barbie is 11.5 inches tall and is the 13th Doctor Who and she is also the first female Doctor Who.

The Doctor Who Barbie doll is wearing her amazing blue outfit and her long coat and she did bring her Sonic Screwdriver too.

A Doctor Who Barbie is a true Doctor Who collectibles but also a true Barbie and that could be really fun to play with as she is a true action figure and an amazing looking figurine.

Now Doctor Who Barbie can go searching for Ken and maybe she like to hang out with some other Barbies you own.

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buy LEGO 13th Doctor Who Minifigure

LEGO 13th Doctor Who Minifigure

If you like LEGO and Doctor Who then you should check out this LEGO 13th Doctor Who minifigure.

The LEGO Doctor Who is not an official LEGO product which means that it is really special and something most people won’t find in a store.

And the first female Doctor Who comes in a nice package so that it also becomes an nice present for the real Doctor Who fans.

The Doctor Who action figure looks just like the Doctor and she comes with the key to the Tardis because that is what she is using for transportation.

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buy 13th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

13th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

A new Doctor Who means new tools too and that is why you need to check out this 13th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver.

The Sonic Screwdriver that will be used by the first female Doctor looks to me like a robot finger only this finger is almost 8 inches tall and has light and sound build in to be just like the real Sonic Screwdriver only without the special powers it brings to Doctor Who.

A Sonic Screwdriver as used by the 13th Doctor is great to own as part of your collection or as part of you cosplay or Halloween costume.

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buy 4th Doctor Playmobil Action Figure

4th Doctor Playmobil Action Figure

If you like Doctor Who and action figures then you have to check out this 4th Doctor Playmobil action figure.

The figure looks like a classic Playmobil figure but this one is bigger then the classic figures. The Doctor Who action figure is 6 inches tall and comes with his famous scarf and wears the famous hat too and yes the Doctor has his own Sonic Screwdriver too just like the real Doctor has.

This Doctor Who figure is made by Funko and Playmobil so you know it looks just like you want it to and it is rated ages 5+ and that means even the kids can play with it.

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buy Tardis 3D Metal Model

Tardis 3D Metal Model

Now you can build your own Tardis and that is something every Doctor Who fan wants to do as everyone wants a Tardis.

This Tardis is made from metal that is blue and when you build in it then it will transform into a detailed 3D model of the Tardis and the doors even work.

This is not a kids toy as it is not that easy to assemble and that is why it is rated ages 14 and up.

All build the Tardis will be 6 x 4 inches and that makes it the perfect size to display on a shelve in your home or in the middle of your Doctor Who collection.

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buy 12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

Now you can have the Sonic Screwdriver used by the 12th Doctor.

Sure the Doctor first stared using the Sonic Screwdriver from the 11th Doctor and after that the sonic sunglasses but now he has a fancy Sonic Screwdriver that you just need to own.

This replica of the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver has build in sound and light and besides blue there is green light in there to because you may need a different sonic program to do what you want with it.

It’s a great cool item that can’t be missing in a Doctor Who collection and also works great as part of you Doctor Who cosplay or Halloween costume.

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buy Adipose And The 10th Doctor Action Figure

Adipose And The 10th Doctor Action Figure

As Doctor Who fan you of course remember the episode with the Adipose and now you can replay that episode with this action figure set.

In the set you will find a 5 inch tall 10th Doctor figure that can move things like his arms and more and to make this set so much more fun they added Adipose to them so with the Doctor and the Adipose you are ready to recreate the famous episode.

Of course this 10th Doctor action figure also belongs in your collection and some Adipose are always fun to own.

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buy Inflatable Yellow Dalek

Inflatable Yellow Dalek

Now you can have your own Dalek just like the once that like to chase the Doctor.

If you are a true Doctor Who fan then this yellow Dalek would make a great addition to you collection.

The Dalek is yellow and looks a lot like the real thing only way softer and not so much extermination going on.

The inflatable Dalek is 30 x 23 x 4 inch and is just something fun to have standing around.

And as it is an inflatable you could of course choose to make this Dalek watch over the pool in summer.

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