buy Tardis Music Box With Dancing Doctor T-Shirt

Tardis Music Box With Dancing Doctor T-Shirt

Now you can get this Tardis Music Box With Dancing Doctor T-Shirt and show the world that you are a true Doctor Who fan.

You can get this Doctor Who t-shirt in many styles for men, women, and kids and lots of colors too and there are other products with this design like hoodies and even baby bodysuits.

On the t-shirt you can find what looks like the Tardis and on the side you can find a key and that is there because it looks like the police box is a music box and the top of the Tardis is a lid and as you can see the 13th and first female Doctor is turning around on it while dancing on the music.

It is just one of these Doctor Who t-shirts you should take a closer look at especially if this is the doctor you like best and you love some fun music.

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buy Doctor Who Gift Set

Doctor Who Gift Set

This Doctor Who Gift Set is a great gift for a Doctor Who fan in your life.

This gift set includes 3 items all for the women that that want the Doctor near.

It all starts with a makeup bag that had a blue edge and is see through and has the doors of the Tardis on it and then there is a fun wristlet that has the Union Jack flag on it and the text “I heart Heart The Doctor” as they have two hearts and then finally there is a blue coin purse with a Gallifrey symbol on it.

The whole set is just a fun present so surprise a Doctor Who fan.

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buy Copper Dalek Sticker

Copper Dalek Sticker

Now there is this Copper Dalek Sticker that is great for on almost anything to make it more like it is Doctor Who merchandise.

This sticker is like a copper Dalek with lots of details and it really looks like a more vintage Dalek which really make it look like your are a true Doctor Who fan that has been a fan from the beginning.

A Doctor Who fan is mostly not fond of Dalek but the Doctor Who universe would be kind of boring without this Exterminating villain.

I am sure this sticker will look great on your computer, notebook, fridge, car, or almost anything else flat.

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buy 2022 Doctor Who Poster Wall Calendar

2022 Doctor Who Poster Wall Calendar

There is this really special 2022 Doctor Who Poster Wall Calendar that really want a nice spot on your wall.

We all want Doctor Who all the time and this Doctor Who calendar is what you want.

And as there are 13th Doctors they made this a 13 month calendar and each month will bring a different Doctor on the poster with some of the things that happened in their adventures.

On the calendar you won’t see photo’s but comic style images which looks really nice.

As it is a poster calendar there is no grid but just the days of the week with the numbers under it.

Get your 2022 Doctor Who Poster Wall Calendar

buy 4 Tardis Face Masks

4 Tardis Face Masks

Now there is this set of 4 Tardis Face Masks that a true Doctor Who fan just needs to have.

We all know that masks are a great way to be a bit more safe from viruses and other airborne things and if you are a Doctor Who fan then now you can get fun masks that are way cooler than a plain mask.

This set has 4 masks that all have a Tardis on it but all designs are different which makes it extra fun as you can change your reusable masks and still wear your Doctor Who mask.

And these masks come with filters too so that you can be extra protected.

Get your 4 Tardis Face Masks

buy 4th Doctor Short Costume Scarf

4th Doctor Short Costume Scarf

As a Doctor Who fan you can now wear this 4th Doctor Short Costume Scarf.

We all know that Doctor Who used to wear a really long scarf and that is not really practical if you want to use one as your everyday scarf and for that reason they now have a shorter version.

This Doctor Who scarf is made from knitted acrylic and it is 2 meters long and it has lots of tassels.

Besides as winter wear you can also use it as part of your Halloween or cosplay costume scarf.

Get your 4th Doctor Short Costume Scarf

buy Black Dalek Socks

Black Dalek Socks

Now there are these Black Dalek Socks that are great for Doctor Who fans.

And even if you really hate the Doctor then these socks are still perfect for you as they are covered in images of the Dalek one of the famous Doctor Who villains.

These Doctor Who socks are unisex so great for both men and women and they are made from 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex.

And the black socks are covered in many images like there is a lot of fighting there even seem to be a lot of bullet holes on it and of course lots of Daleks.

Get your Black Dalek Socks

buy Tardis Tea Pot And Mug

Tardis Tea Pot And Mug

Now there is this Tardis Tea Pot And Mug that is perfect for a Doctor Who fan that loves some tea.

This mug and tea pot stack and together they look like the Tardis with two handles and a spout.

Stacked it just looks fun in your kitchen and then when you want tea just make it in the tea pot and when it is ready you drink it from your mug.

It is fun to have this ceramic Doctor Who tea set and I am sure you will have a good time drinking tea and thinking about Doctor Who adventure.

Get your Tardis Tea Pot And Mug

buy Doctors And Friends Mug

Doctors And Friends Mug

This Doctors And Friends Mug is a must have for a true fan of Doctor Who.

This is just a mug like any other great for drinking your coffee, tea, and more but it looks so much better especially for a true Doctor Who fan.

There are 5 rows willed with cute images of the Doctors and also many of his friends including even K-9 the robot dog.

And as there are so many characters on it you can just look at the mug and find something new almost everyday you use it.

If you like a mug that keeps you staring at it then Doctor Who is having you covered.

Get your Doctors And Friends Mug

buy 1963 Bigger On The Inside Tardis T-Shirt

1963 Bigger On The Inside Tardis T-Shirt

Come and get a 1963 Bigger On The Inside Tardis T-Shirt because it is just a fun shirt for a fan like you.

As a Doctor Who fan you know it all started in 1963 with the first episode and this t-shirt brings back memories to that with a fun and colorful design.

The Doctor Who t-shirt is available in many colors and in sizes Small – 10XL and is available in styles for both men and women.

On the t-shirt you can see a circle in the background and it has a rainbow design and then there is a big letter the word “Tardis” on it and above the word it even shows the time machine but there is more as it shows a big 63 to remember that it started in 1963 and there is even the description of the word Tardis and just to makes sure it also says that it’s bigger on the inside.

Get your 1963 Bigger On The Inside Tardis T-Shirt