buy Women’s Tardis Bikini Set

Women’s Tardis Bikini Set

Now Doctor Who fans can be ready for the beach all thanks to this Women’s Tardis Bikini Set.

If you want a cute bikini set that is not to obvious Doctor Who but clearly is to a Doctor Who fan then you want to check out this bikini set.

You can get this fun bikini in women’s sizes Small – 2XL so that you can get the perfect size for you and as it is a string bikini you can also adjust it a bit with the straps on the sides of the panties and on the bikini top too.

Summer is always around the corner so order your Doctor Who swimsuit and be ready for summer.

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buy Tardis And The Stars Swim Shorts

Tardis And The Stars Swim Shorts

Now you can be wearing these Tardis And The Stars Swim Shorts to the pool and feel closer to the Doctor and show other swimmers that you like Doctor Who.

These men’s swim trunks are dark blue and are available in many men’s sizes and also has a drawstring to make it fit just perfectly.

On the dark blue short shows stars in the background and then on top of it all a big image of the famous blue police box that all Doctor Who fans know as the Tardis and the Tardis on these swim shorts seem to be missing the hard lines and that really makes it look cool.

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buy 13th Doctor Bikini Top

13th Doctor Bikini Top

Now Doctor Who fans can go to the beach this summer all thanks to this 13th Doctor Bikini Top.

This bikini top is halter swim top with lots of fabric on the front and the back is open besides a strap on the back and neck.

As you can see the top is dark blue in color and has the fun colored stripes on it just like on the shirt that the 13th Doctor Who wears and the bikini straps are gold in color.

You can get this bikini top in women’s junior sizes XSmall – 3XL and it is made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex with a 100% polyester lining. Even if you would like a whole Doctor Who bikini then you are in luck as they do have bikini bottoms too.

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buy Tardis Two Piece Swimsuit (top and bottom sold separately)

Tardis Two Piece Swimsuit (top and bottom sold separately)

Doctor Who Tardis bikini set

If you like Doctor Who and swimming then this women’s swimsuit is what you want.

The swimsuit almost looks like a one piece but it is not it’s two pieces and the top and bottom are sold separately so that you can mix and match and make it fit perfectly for your body.

The bikini top looks like the doors of the Tardis with a ruffle on the bottom and you can choose to wear it with the spaghetti straps or strapless.

The bikini bottoms show mainly gears against a blue background but on the back, you will also find the Doctor Who logo.

So now swimming will be extra fun this summer all thanks to this Tardis swimsuit.

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buy Women’s Tardis One Piece Swimsuit

Women’s Tardis One Piece Swimsuit

If you are looking for a Tardis one piece swimsuit then you can stop looking because we found the perfect swimwear for a Doctor Who fan like you.

This is a one piece bathing suit that shows on the front and the back the doors of the Tardis and yes that makes this a blue swimsuit.

Now even at the beach or at the pool people will know that Doctor Who is what is on your mind and of course you will make new friends that like Doctor Who as much as you do.

No more plain boring swimwear for you because you can wear the Tardis to the pool.

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buy Tardis Half Way Board Shorts

Tardis Half Way Board Shorts

Doctor Who Tardis Half Way Men's Board Shorts

If you are a man that likes Doctor Who and need some swim shorts then you are in luck.

These board shorts are for the Doctor Who fan that does not need to have it obvious.

The waistband is blue with a white string and one of the legs is black while the other is covered in a picture of the Tardis. But the Tardis part is limited making it not all to clear for non Doctor Who fans.

Now you can enjoy the beach and pool and maybe make some new Doctor Who friends while you are at it.

Take a closer look at these Doctor Who Tardis Half Way Men’s Board Shorts.

buy Tumbling Tardis Board Shorts

Tumbling Tardis Board Shorts

Doctor Who men's Tumbling Tardis Board Shorts

What kind of bathing suit would the Doctor wear?

Maybe Doctor Who would wear these board shorts that have many pictures of his beloved Tardis on it.

These men’s swim trunks have a blue waistband and under that white fabric that has pictures of the Tardis in different blue’s and even some of them are upside down.

And on the back these Tardis shorts have a pocket with drainage holes so that your Tardis key has a place to go to.

You can get these Doctor Who swim shorts in sizes Small – XL.

Get ready for a day at the beach or a swim in the pool with these Doctor Who Tumbling Tardis Board Shorts.

buy Tardis Swim Trunks

Tardis Swim Trunks

Summer is the time to go to the pool or beach and that means you need some cool swimwear to wear.

And Doctor Who fans can now get some amazing swim trunks that looks like the Tardis.

The front and back of these board shorts looks like the doors of the Tardis and the waistband has the typical “Police Public Call Box” on it.

You can get these Tardis swim shorts in sizes Small – XL and they even have a fly and pocket making them also perfect to do as “normal” shorts.

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buy Doctor Who Tardis Bikini

Doctor Who Tardis Bikini

If you are waiting and waiting for the Doctor to arrive then maybe becoming the Tardis could help.

Now you can be the Tardis at the beach or pool as this is a Tardis bikini.

The bikini top looks like the windows from the Tardis and the bikini bottoms are Tardis blue and have the “Police public call box” sign on the top.

A piece of women’s swimwear as fun as this of course is something every Doctor Who fan wants to see.

Why go for plain and boring when you can go to the beach in Doctor Who style?

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buy Tardis One Piece Bathing Suit

Tardis One Piece Bathing Suit

A true fan of the Doctor of course deserves a special piece of swimwear and this maybe the one.

This one piece women’s bathing suit looks like the Tardis.

Just imagine the looks at the beach and the pool as you walk around like the travel device of the Doctor.

This Doctor Who swimsuit is Tardis blue with black edges and the bra cups are white with lines that look like the windows and below that the famous top sign that says “Police Public Call Box” witch you can also find on the back. And then in the middle of the bathing suit there you find the famous door sign of the Tardis.

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