buy Tardis Kids Pajama Set

Tardis Kids Pajama Set

Little Doctor Who fans can now sleep in this Tardis Kids Pajama Set.

This Doctor Who pajama set includes shorts and t-shirt both made from 100% cotton and it is available for kids ages 2 – 13 years old.

The pajama shorts are light grey in color with a black waistband and on the fabric you can find the Doctor Who logo and the Tardis and not just once but many times in all kid of orientations.

Then there is the pajama top that is a black t-shirt with a big image on it of the Tardis and the text “Doctor Who lost in time & space!” and there is even a Dalek on it.

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buy Tardis And The Galaxy T-Shirt

Tardis And The Galaxy T-Shirt

Now Doctor Who fans can have this Tardis And The Galaxy T-Shirt.

This Doctor Who t-shirt is dark blue in color and in the background you can see space with a lots of light and then as part of the blue shirt there is the silhouette of the Tardis with the light of space coming through.

And this Doctor Who t-shirt is unisex making it great for men and women and it is available in sizes Small – 3XL.

It is a great t-shirt for Doctor Who fans like you and it does make for a great present for a Doctor Who fan.

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buy Dalek And Tardis Christmas Sweater

Dalek And Tardis Christmas Sweater

Doctor Who fans can get dress for the holidays in this Dalek And Tardis Christmas Sweater.

This Doctor Who Christmas sweater maybe not the typical green and red in color but the mainly grey sweater looks really nice.

On the holiday sweater you can see lots of stars and holidays details but also two rows with the Tardis on it and one row with the Dalek on in and the same rows you find on the sweater are also on the sleeves.

You can get this unisex Christmas sweater in sizes Small – 2XL and all are made from 100% acrylic and will look great on male and female Doctor Who fans.

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buy Tardis Pin

Tardis Pin

Doctor Who fans can now use this Tardis Pin to show the world around you that you are a Doctor Who fan.

This pin is just the famous blue police box we all know as the Tardis the contraption that Doctor Who uses to travel through time and space.

You can have this fun pin on almost any piece of clothing but it could also work on a backpack or handbag as it does mark you as a big Doctor Who fan.

The Tardis pin is 1 inch tall and 0.75 inch wide and is the typical Tardis blue just like the real thing.

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buy Tardis And The Scarf Christmas Card

Tardis And The Scarf Christmas Card

If you like to send a fun holiday card then check out this Tardis And The Scarf Christmas Card.

This Doctor Who greeting card is blank on the inside and comes with a nice envelope and it even comes in two different sizes.

On the card you can see a wintery background with on it the Tardis blue police box and it is surrounded by the famous scarf of the 4th Doctor and there are some Christmas lights too.

A fun Doctor Who Christmas card like this is great to send out to all your friends that like Doctor Who.

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buy The Doctor Is In The Tardis T-Shirt

The Doctor Is In The Tardis T-Shirt

Now you can have this fun The Doctor Is In The Tardis T-Shirt.

This women’s Doctor Who t-shirt is Tardis blue in color and shows a picture of the Tardis top and bottom but the middle is text that says “The Doctor Is In”.

So if you wonder where the Doctor is then now you know he is inside the Tardis because that is what the Doctor Who t-shirt says.

You can get this Doctor Who t-shirt in women’s t-shirt Small – 3XL and they are all made from 100% cotton.

Now you can wear this fun Doctor Who t-shirt because you deserve a fun t-shirt like this one.

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buy The Many Doctors And The Tardis

The Many Doctors And The Tardis

Doctor Who fans can now be wearing this cute The Many Doctors And The Tardis.

This Doctor Who t-shirt is available in women’s sizes Small – 2XL and is a light gray color.

On the t-shirt you can see the Tardis and it is surrounded by cartoon style characters. If you look closer you notice that they are all the Doctor. You can find at least the first 12 Doctors and even the War Doctor is there.

It is just a fun t-shirt for all the Doctor Who fans that like all the Doctors and even better if they look like cartoon figures.

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buy Tardis Ring Box

Tardis Ring Box

Now you can put that amazing ring in this Tardis Ring Box.

This special ring box is just perfect to surprise a Doctor Who fan with when you got that special ring for maybe even an engagement.

The box is decorated like the Tardis with the windows and door panels on it like you expect from a police box including the signs and everything.

Inside you can choose to have a ring couches or just a plain box and on the inside on the lid it says “Hello Sweetie” to make it even more perfect and fun.

A little Doctor Who jewelry box like this is a must have to surprise the Doctor Who fan in your life.

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buy Tardis Denim Look Wallet

Tardis Denim Look Wallet

If you are a Doctor Who fan in need of a wallet then you just have to check out this Tardis Denim Look Wallet.

This Doctor Who wallet is made by Loungefly and is just perfect for storing your cash and cards.

I would say click on the picture to see this fun wallet from all sides including the inside.

The outside of the wallet has a lot of Tardis details like the blue police box itself but also the windows and the signs. Inside the wallet there is a a pocket for cash that closes by zipper and a whole bunch of spaces for cards including one that has a see-through front for something like you ID card.

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buy Dalek And Tardis Tights

Dalek And Tardis Tights

If you are a Doctor Who fan that likes fun leg wear then check out these Dalek And Tardis Tights.

This is a set of two pairs of tights and they come in different women’s sizes.

The first pair is black with on it many blue images of the Tardis and the other pair is black below the knee and see through above the knew and in between it shows a Dalek and its name.

I am sure that these Doctor Who tights will look great under a skirt, dress, and even shorts. So if you want special tights then look no further as these are amazing.

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