buy Sonic Screwdriver Dress

Sonic Screwdriver Dress

This Doctor Who dress is a little bit confusing to me.

The dress looks like the costume the 10th Doctor wears with a dark brown pin stripe front and a lighter brown outer shell that looks like the coat the Doctor wears but then if you look closely you can see that the brown is covered in images of the Sonic Screwdriver used by the 11th and 12th Doctor.

It’s like a regeneration dress that is switching from the 10th to the 11th Doctor Who.

You can get this Doctor Who dress in women’s junior sizes XSmall – 3XL and it’s made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex.

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buy Sonic Sunglasses

Sonic Sunglasses

In series 9 we have seen the 12th Doctor use a real interesting sonic device.

Yes not Sonic Screwdriver this time just a pair of classic black sunglasses that have sonic capabilities just like the normal Sonic Screwdriver.

And now you can own a pair of these sunglasses only these once do not have any sonic powers besides being great for blocking out the sun.

They basically are a normal pair of sunglasses with capabilities of blocking out UV rays just like you expect from sunglasses.

So if you want to look like the Doctor then maybe owning a pair of these black sunglasses is just what you need.

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buy 11th Doctor Who Dress

11th Doctor Who Dress

If you like dresses and Doctor Who then now there is a dress that is inspired by the 11th Doctor.

The dress has a sweetheart neckline with red spaghetti straps and the top is white with red stripes and the skirt part is black with Gallifrey symbols on it and to top the whole dress of there is a red bow tie to.

You can wear this dress like this everyday of the year or make it part of a costume for cosplay or Halloween.

The Doctor Who dress comes in junior sizes XSmall – 3XL and is made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex.

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buy Latex Ood Mask

Latex Ood Mask

Ood’s may not be very common on earth but in the Doctor Who universe they are pretty well know and now you can become and Ood.

This mask will transform most humans into something that looks like an Ood so if you want to become a real looking Ood then a mask like this is the way to go.

The Ood mask is made from 100% latex and has amazing details and will fit most adults and yes of course it has eye holes so that you can see when you dress up like an Ood.

Cosplay, Halloween or any other Doctor Who dress up occasion this is the mask you want to own.

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buy Weeping Angel String Lights

Weeping Angel String Lights

Around Christmas and Halloween lights on strings become very common but most of those string lights are just plain and kinda boring.

But if you are a Doctor Who fan then we found you the perfect string light with Weeping Angel’s on them.

The Doctor Who string light is good for indoor and outdoors and it maybe great for Halloween and Christmas as it has scary angels on them.

The Weeping Angel on this string comes in different postures to make them look as real as on TV. And if you want you can even make the Weeping Angel’s flash and I just wonder if that counts as blinking.

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buy Weeping Angel Trick Or Treat T-Shirt

Weeping Angel Trick Or Treat T-Shirt

Doctor Who Weeping Angel Trick Or Treat T-Shirt

This black Doctor Who t-shirt is perfect for Halloween as it is scary.

On this black t-shirt you can see a orange circle that looks like it lights the scene so maybe it is the moon. And in the scene you can see a tree and birds but more importantly a Weeping Angel in front of the Tardis from Doctor Who.

Maybe the angel is knocking on the door for some candy but I am pretty sure this Weeping Angel has different plans.

The t-shirt just is black and orange making it really neat and special and that is why you should take a closer look at this Doctor Who Weeping Angel Trick Or Treat T-Shirt.

buy 12th Doctor Costume Jacket

12th Doctor Costume Jacket

Doctor Who 12th Doctor Costume Jacket

If you want to look like the 12th Doctor Who then this is the jacket to get.

This jacket looks exactly like the one the 12th Doctor wears and that can make you transform into Doctor Who.

Cosplay or Halloween this jacket will be a hit and it is available in size Small – 2XL so that many true Doctor Who fans can enjoy one.

So why would you wait till to close to Halloween when you can already start to enjoy wearing the same jacket the Doctor does.

Come and take a closer look at this Doctor Who 12th Doctor Costume Jacket.

buy 10th Doctor One Piece Costume Pajama

10th Doctor One Piece Costume Pajama

Doctor Who 10th Doctor One Piece Costume Pajama

David Tennant may no longer be the 10th Doctor but that doesn’t mean that you can’t dress up like him and lounge around.

This is a one piece pajama that looks like the clothing the 10th Doctor Who would wear. It even has a Sonic Screwdriver sticking out of the pocket.

Sleep, lounge or use it as a party costume this one piece Doctor Who pajama is just fun to wear and own.

And this Doctor Who 10th doctor pajama comes in sizes Small – 3XL and has a hood and two pockets for tissues, candy and more.

Your Doctor Who marathon will be so much better if you wear this Doctor Who 10th Doctor One Piece Costume Pajama.

buy Tardis Light Up Headband

Tardis Light Up Headband

So you decided to dress up like the Tardis, but do you have a light on top just like the real Tardis?

If not then you definitely need this headband that has a light on it that looks just like the Tardis and yes of course it gives light to.

Now your Halloween or cosplay costume can be all perfect just because of the light.

Doctor Who fans are gone be amazed when they see this fun light on top of you creation.

The light is 3 inch tall and has an on off switch for when you want to go in stealth mode.

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buy The Doctor Here To Help T-Shirt

The Doctor Here To Help T-Shirt

Dr. Who The Doctor Here To Help T-Shirt

Of course you remember the Doctor Who episode “Closing Time” where the 11th Doctor even works in a store to figure out what is wrong. And by doing so he find the Cybermat.

And now you can own that costume the Doctor was wearing in that episode. OK not the actually costume but a t-shirt that looks just like it.

So it’s a plain t-shirt that looks like a dirty button down shirt with of course a red bow tie and suspenders printed on it and there is even a name tag saying “The Doctor Here To Help” just like he had on TV.

The Doctor Who t-shirt comes in sizes Small – 3XL and makes the perfect costume for Halloween or just an everyday fun shirt for the true Doctor Who fan.

Come take a closer look at this Doctor Who The Doctor Here To Help T-Shirt.