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Tardis And Union Jack Pajama Pants

Posted by on Sunday, 31 August, 2014

Dr. Who Tardis And Union Jack Pajama Pants

Some fun pajama pants are great to sleep in or to just lounge around the house.

If you are a fan of Doctor Who and England then you may like these pajama pants.

The pants are blue and shows the Tardis and Union Jack flag next to each other over and over again until the whole pants are covered in this typical Doctor Who design.

And these Tardis pajama pants are made from 100% jersey knit cotton and have an elastic waistband with drawstring.

And yes these pants come in men’s sizes Small – 3XL and they look great on  girls to.

Get ready to lounge at the couch and watch Doctor Who in your new Doctor Who Tardis And Union Jack Pajama Pants.

Tardis Pajama

Posted by on Wednesday, 19 March, 2014

Dr. Who Tardis Pajama

If you like to dream about Doctor Who and his adventures then now that will be a lot easier to achieve.

Simply wear these Tardis pajamas and you are ready to go.

The top of the Pajamas look like the doors of the Tardis with all the details you expect and yes that included the St. John Ambulance logo.
And then the pants they are dark blue and have the Doctor Who logo that looks like the Tardis covering the legs in a light blue color.

And this Doctor Who sleepwear is available in sizes  Small – X-Large to be extra comfortable while you dream.

Get ready for bed and dress up in these Doctor Who Tardis Pajamas.

Keep Calm And Don’t Blink Women’s Pajama

Posted by on Sunday, 19 January, 2014

Doctor Who Weeping Angels pajama's

Are you looking for some fun women’s pajama based on the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who?

You are in luck as we found them.

The pants of this sleepwear are a pink plaid design and the top is a black tank top.

On the tank top you can see a picture of a Weeping Angel and the text “Keep calm and don’t blink”.
I personally believe that when you sleep even though your eyes are closed you do not blink so the Weeping Angels stay far away.

This Doctor Who sleepset comes in sizes Small – XLarge and will be a great item to wear at night.

So if you need new pajamas then come see this Doctor Who Keep Calm And Don’t Blink Women’s Pajama.

Dalek Boys Pajamas

Posted by on Monday, 16 December, 2013

dr. who Dalek Boys Pajamas

Do your kids like Doctor Who as much as you?

If so then they will love these Dalek pajamas. They have a dark body and pants and light blue sleeves and then of course there is a big picture of a Dalek on the shirt complete with the word “EXTERMINATE!” around it and on the bottom the Doctor Who logo witch are also on the pajama pants.

These 100% cotton Doctor Who pajamas are available for kids ages 4 to 10.

Maybe now the whole family can wear Doctor Who sleepwear while watching the latest episode of the Doctor.

As the picture above is not great come have a much better look at these Doctor Who Dalek Boys Pajamas.

11th Doctor Costume Pajama Set

Posted by on Tuesday, 3 December, 2013

Dr. Who 11th Doctor Costume Pajama Set

Now you can feel like the 11th Doctor while you dream about his adventures as time lord.

This is a costume pajama set that makes you look just like the real Doctor.

The black pants have the Doctor Who logo on it and the shirt of course looks just like what the Doctor wears.
You can see his jacket and of course the red bow tie.

And this Doctor Who pajama set comes in sizes Small – 2Xl so that you can find the right size for you.

Now you nights will be so much better because you will be the Doctor. And sure you are allowed to go to sleep right after dinner so that you have more time to enjoy your Doctor Who 11th Doctor Costume Pajama.

11th Doctor Pajama Pants

Posted by on Friday, 29 November, 2013

Shop Doctor Who 11th Doctor Pajama Pants

If you want to dream about the 11th Doctor then you should check out these Doctor Who pajama pants.

These Doctor Who pants have squares in different colors and they are filled with items again in different colors and all the items are related to the 11th Doctor Matt Smith.

You can see 3 items on these Doctor Who pajama pants, there is a fez, bow tie or the Doctor Who logo in the squares and that makes these pajama pants fun and colorful just like the Doctor.

These Doctor Who pajama pants are made from 100% cotton and they come in men’s sizes Small – XLarge.

Get ready to lounge around or sleep in these Doctor Who 11th Doctor Pajama Pants.

Doctor Who Logo Pajama Pants

Posted by on Sunday, 24 November, 2013

Doctor Who Logo Pajama Pants

How about some fun Doctor Who pajama pants?

These pants are black and are covered with the logo of the Doctor.
It’s the logo that spells DW but looks like the Tardis.

The Doctor Who pajama pants are great for sleepwear or just lounging around the house and they are unisex so both men and women can wear them but please don’t fight over who can wear them.

These Doctor Who logo pants are made from 100% jersey knit cotton and have an elastic waistband with drawstring.

You can get these fun Doctor Who pajama pants in sizes Small – XXL.

Looking for the perfect gift for a fan of the Doctor? Just get them these Doctor Who Logo Pajama Pants.

Tardis One Piece Pajama

Posted by on Tuesday, 29 October, 2013

Dr. Who Tardis One Piece Pajama

Adults like one piece pajamas to and now you can have one that makes you look like the Tardis from Doctor Who.

This one piece Tardis pajama has feet that you can zip of if you want and makes you look like the coolest Doctor Who fan.

Not only an you use this footed pajama as a pajama you can use it as a lounge suit for at home or a costume for a Doctor Who party.

To many options for this super amazing Tardis sleepwear that is officially licensed.

You can get this Tardis pajama in sizes Small – 2XL and it will look great of men and women.

So if you want to know how it feels to be the Tardis then you just need this Doctor Who Tardis One Piece Pajama.

Tardis Pajama Pants

Posted by on Monday, 28 October, 2013

Dr. Who Tardis Pajama Pants

Are you in need of some new pajama pants?

Doctor Who fans that need some should look at these Tardis pajama pants.

These Doctor Who pajama pants are made from 100% cotton and come in a range of sizes.

As you can see above the pants are black and are covered in pictures of the Tardis. And then there is the black waist band that has the famous text from the Tardis printed on it “Police Public Call Box”.

And sure these pants are men’s but that should not hold the ladies back as they would look good on them to. But the one button fly is probably only useful for the male Doctor Who fans.

Check out this Doctor Who sleepwear for men and soon you will have your own Doctor Who Tardis Pajama Pants.

10th Doctor Costume Pajama Set

Posted by on Friday, 18 October, 2013

David Tennant 10th Doctor Costume Pajama Set

Now any Doctor Who fan can become the 10th Doctor or at least they can be in their dreams.

Just wear this Doctor Who costume pajama set and you will be dreaming about the adventures the 10th Doctor had right away.

The Doctor Who pajamas have some nice pinstriped pants with the Doctor Who logo on it and above that a costume shirt that looks just like the suite and tie David Tennant wore when he was the 10th Doctor.

With sleepwear as nice as this any one wants to become the Doctor.
And you know this Doctor Who pajama will be a great costume for a party to and when you get tired you can take a nap right there.

This Doctor Who costume pajama set come in a range of sizes from Small – 2XL.

Get ready to dream of you as the Doctor by simply wearing these Doctor Who 10th Doctor Costume Pajama Set.

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