buy Flying Tardis Headband

Flying Tardis Headband

If you are a Doctor Who fan that likes to have a good hair day then you should start by wearing this flying Tardis headband.

The headband is flat on the front part with a nice bow and the back is elastic so that it stays on your head neatly.

The design shows many flying Tardis images and it all looks pretty neat.

Now you can have the Tardis in your hair where ever you like to go or just as part of you cosplay or Halloween costume.

You can never have enough hair accessories so if you are a true fan of the Doctor then you need to have this.

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buy Flowers And The Tardis Headband

Flowers And The Tardis Headband

If you have hair that can use a hairband then you should be checking out this Tardis headband especially if you are a Doctor Who fan.

The Doctor Who headband is black and on the black you can find  purple flowers and images of the Tardis and that the light purple and the blue of the Tardis really look nice on the black headband. And this is not just a flat headband, this headband has a bow on it in the same print as the band and that almost makes it looks like you are wearing a bowtie on your head.

Now you can wake up in the morning and just get your Tardis headband and your hair is out of the way and that makes you ready for another amazing day.

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buy Tardis Light Up Headband

Tardis Light Up Headband

So you decided to dress up like the Tardis, but do you have a light on top just like the real Tardis?

If not then you definitely need this headband that has a light on it that looks just like the Tardis and yes of course it gives light to.

Now your Halloween or cosplay costume can be all perfect just because of the light.

Doctor Who fans are gone be amazed when they see this fun light on top of you creation.

The light is 3 inch tall and has an on off switch for when you want to go in stealth mode.

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