buy 10th Doctor Cardboard Poster

10th Doctor Cardboard Poster

Life size Doctor Who free standing poster

If you always wanted the 10 Doctor to stand in you home then you are in luck because this life size poster of Doctor Who can be yours so that he can stare over you all day long.

This is a life size cardboard cut out poster of David Tennant as the Doctor.
He is having his arms crossed like he used to do TV.

This Doctor Who poster is 21 x 73 inch and that makes it the right size for any Doctor.

So if you are looking to invite the Doctor to a party or just to come live with you then this is the easiest way to make that happen.

Come and check out this Doctor Who 10th Doctor Cardboard Poster.

buy Tardis Hoodie

Tardis Hoodie

Doctor Who logo and tardis hoodie


T-Shirt based on Doctor Who are fun but when it gets to cold a hoodie would be better.

This Doctor Who hoodie is navy blue and offers everything what you expect from a hoodie.
Yes it has a hood a nice big pocket that goes from one side to the other.

And on this hoodie you can see a line drawing of the Tardis from the Doctor and above that the current Doctor Who logo.

This Tardis hoodie comes in a nice selection of sizes from Small to 2XL.

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female everyone will look good in this hoodie so come and have a closer look at this Doctor Who Tardis Hoodie.

buy Tardis Baby Bodysuit

Tardis Baby Bodysuit

Doctor Who Tardis Baby Bodysuit

The little Doctor Who fans need some cool clothes to and that is why there is this Tardis baby bodysuit.

As you can see on the picture above this one-piece bodysuit has a fun drawing of the Tardis from the Doctor on it. And that makes you baby a super young Doctor Who fan.

The Tardis bodysuit comes in a fun color range and all will have the same Tardis picture on it.
Made out of 100% cotton this Doctor Who bodysuit will keep your baby warm and protected.

You can get this Tardis one-piece in sizes 3 – 24 months and it is also available in a long sleeve version.

Come and get your baby what it deserves a Doctor Who Tardis Baby Bodysuit.

buy 11th Doctor Cardboard Poster

11th Doctor Cardboard Poster

11th Doctor Cardboard cut out poster

Did you always wanted to travel with the Doctor?

Now you can with this cut out poster of Doctor Who.
Ok it may not be very convenient but now you don’t have to wait for him to show up.

This is a 6 feet tall free standing cardboard poster of the 11th Doctor.

If Matt Smith your favourite Doctor then why not have him all for yourself.

You can use this cut out of the Doctor for all kinds of things like a party or just to decorate your bedroom.

The Doctor is not picky so you can do what ever you want with his cardboard version.

Come and check out this Doctor Who Cardboard Cutout Poster Of  The 11th Doctor.

buy Doctor Who Logo Coasters

Doctor Who Logo Coasters

Are you sick of a dirty sticky table?

If you are a Doctor Who fan then you are in luck with this Doctor Who coaster set.

This set of coaster has 8 different Doctor Who coasters and each coaster has a different Doctor Who logo on it.

And that means that now not only your table stays cleaner it also looks better with all those Doctor Who coasters.

Each coaster is made from ceramic and has a felt back and measure 4 1/4 inch in diameter and that means that most cups and glasses will fit on it perfectly.

Get your Doctor Who Logo Coasters

Doctor Who Logo Sticker


Doctor Who Tardis Logo Sticker

To me the current Doctor Who logo looks like the Tardis but it also has a big letter D and W from Doctor Who on it.

And now you can get this Doctor Who logo as a sticker.

Not just any sticker no a die cut sticker that is shaped like this Tardis DW logo.

This Doctor Who sticker looks super on almost anything. How about having one on your laptop, fridge, car, front door, iPad or maybe even your phone.

This vinyl Tardis sticker is about 4″ tall and can be removed without leaving residue and the Doctor Who sticker is waterproof and will be looking great outdoors for about 18 months.

Doctor Who fan now you can make anything look like Doctor Who merchandise.

Come and order one or more of these fun Doctor Who Logo Sticker.

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buy Dalek Exterminate Magnet

Dalek Exterminate Magnet

We all would like a Doctor Who magnet but how about a Dalek magnet?

If you would like a magnet from one of the Doctor’s enemies then this Dalek magnet is perfect.

The magnet is mainly blue and shows the top of a Dalek and below that in yellow print the word used by the Dalek “EXTERMINATE!”.

This 2×3 Doctor Who magnet would look amazing on your fridge, locker or anything else made from metal. I even wonder if it would stick on an actual Dalek.

Get your Dalek Exterminate Magnet

buy Tardis Cufflinks

Tardis Cufflinks

Doctor Who 3D Tardis Cufflinks

Wearing a suit is one thing but wearing boring cufflinks is not necessary as you can have Tardis cufflinks.

This set of special Doctor Who cufflinks show you a nice Tardis and that makes you dressing up a bit more fun.

And these Doctor Who Tardis cufflinks comes in a special storage box to keep the nice and protected.

The Doctor needs his Tardis and now you need your own Tardis to keep your shirt sleeves nice with this set of Tardis cufflinks.

Come and have a closer look at this Doctor Who Tardis Cufflinks.

buy Doctor Who Special Edition Wall Calendar 2014

Doctor Who Special Edition Wall Calendar 2014

Doctor Who wall calendar 2014

As you know the 11th Doctor was not the first one there where 10 Doctor Who before him.

On this 2014 wall calendar you can find all 11 Doctors and of course the Tardis.

This Doctor Who wall calendar offers 12 months of Doctor Who fun.

It is a special edition calendar like it is made for the 50th anniversary of the Doctor.

So if your wall still has room for one more Doctor Who item then you should check out this Doctor Who 2014 Wall Calendar.

buy Tardis Beach Towel

Tardis Beach Towel

OK so this Tardis towel is not like the real Tardis from Doctor Who so it will not be able to bring you to a sunny beach but when you get to the beach this towel will be super handy.

The Tardis towel is made from 100% cotton and 60 x 30 inch and that makes it almost as big as the Tardis.

If you want to have some fun then I would say dig a big hole in the beach and cover it with this Tardis towel so that people can see how big it is on the inside.

And of course you can use the Tardis towel not only on the beach it loves to go the the pool  and it works fine with the shower at home to.

Get your Tardis Beach Towel