buy Blue Dalek Dress

Blue Dalek Dress

dr. Who Blue Dalek costume Dress

Are you sick of waiting for the Doctor to come get you to be the his next travel companion?

If you are then maybe you can become a sexy Dalek instead and show the Doctor what he missed out on.

This is a blue Dalek dress witch is a great dress for everyday or as a costume.

The dress is Dalek blue and has black details to make it look just like a real Dalek. On the back it even says “EXTERMINATE” on it.

You can wear this dress also as a costume for Halloween or any other occasion and if you have a Doctor Who friend that wants to join then they can wear a Red Dalek Dress.

This Dalek costume dress comes in sizes Small – X-Large and will be a hit at any┬áDoctor Who party.

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