buy Tardis Canvas Slip On Shoes

Tardis Canvas Slip On Shoes

Doctor Who Tardis Toms style Shoes

Doctor Who fans need shoes to and with Toms being so popular they made a shoe that looks like that but more importantly it looks like the Tardis from Doctor Who.

These canvas slip on shoes are Tardis blue and on the front you can see the windows of the Tardis complete with the top sign saying “Police Public Call Box” and then on the back there is a label saying “Bigger on the inside” something we all know to be true about the Tardis.

These shoes even have a the Doctor Who logo on the footbed and on little labels on the side.

If your are a Doctor Who fan in need of new footwear then you are in luck as you can get these Tardis shoes in a wide range of sizes.

Do not wait any longer just come and check out these Doctor Who Tardis Shoes.

Get your Tardis Canvas Slip On Shoes

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