No Daleks Allowed Sticker


Doctor Who dalek not allowed sticker

This sticker shows the typical traffic sign that tells you that something is not allowed.
And in this sign you can a picture of a Dalek so this means Daleks not allowed.

Doctor Who should get one of these stickers on his Tardis to tell those annoying Daleks to stay away.

This Dalek sticker is die-cut and that means that it round just like the traffic sign and that makes it fun to stick on almost anything from you bedroom door to your laptop. This sticker will even work outside so you can stick in on your car to.

Get enough of these sticker to stick them anywhere and you get 50% of the sticker if you buy 6 or more.

Help the Doctor to keep the Daleks out by sticking some of these Doctor Who Daleks Not Allowed Sticker.

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buy Inflatable Dalek

Inflatable Dalek

Doctor Who Inflatable Dalek

Now you can have your own Dalek, one of Doctor Who’s enemies can now be living with you.

This is an almost life size version of a red Dalek witch stands more then 5 feet tall.

And to make it even more fun this is an inflatable Dalek so you can kill it any time you want by just letting the air out. (I wonder if the Doctor knows this)

This inflatable Dalek comes in two parts and that makes it possible to rotate the head.

A Dalek like this is great for your home, office or a Doctor Who party.

So time to blow up a Dalek but first come and order your Doctor Who Red Inflatable Dalek.

buy Dalek Exterminate Magnet

Dalek Exterminate Magnet

We all would like a Doctor Who magnet but how about a Dalek magnet?

If you would like a magnet from one of the Doctor’s enemies then this Dalek magnet is perfect.

The magnet is mainly blue and shows the top of a Dalek and below that in yellow print the word used by the Dalek “EXTERMINATE!”.

This 2×3 Doctor Who magnet would look amazing on your fridge, locker or anything else made from metal. I even wonder if it would stick on an actual Dalek.

Get your Dalek Exterminate Magnet

buy Abbey Road Tardis And Some Enemies T-Shirt

Abbey Road Tardis And Some Enemies T-Shirt

Doctor Who some of his enmies crossing the road on a t-shirt

The Beatles are not here but instead the Tardis and a bunch of enemies of the Doctor are crossing the road on the crosswalk at Abbey road and this all put on an strange Doctor Who t-shirt.

On this Doctor Who t-shirt you can see a crosswalk and the Tardis, A Dalek, A Silent, A Cyberman and a Weeping Angel are all trying to cross the road.
It looks a lot like the famous Abbey Road picture from the Beatles but then more with alien lifeforms.

This Doctor Who t-shirt is available in men’s version and a ladies babydoll version and both come in a wide selection of adult sizes.

So if you like to warn the world of the enemies we may have to face then come and get your Doctor Who Abbey Road T-Shirt.

buy Tardis And Dalek Socks

Tardis And Dalek Socks

Why get only one pair of Doctor Who socks when you can have two.

This is a pack of 2 pairs of men’s crew socks.

One pair is black with the blue Tardis on it and the other pair is grey with a red Dalek on it.

You have to keep these pairs of socks separated because other wise they fight.

These socks make a fun gift for a man that loves the Doctor as much as you do.

Get your Tardis And Dalek Socks

buy Dalek Orange Beach Towel

Dalek Orange Beach Towel

Are you worried that someone will steal your spot on the beach?

If so then you need to bring some fire power and what better way to do so then with a Dalek towel.
This orange towel shows a Dalek in attack mode and below it it says “Exterminate” just like we are used to hear from the Dalek’s.

If you are a Doctor Who fan in need of a towel then this could be a great addition to your collection of towels.

The Doctor Who towel is made from 100% cotton for optimum softness and absorption.

Get your Dalek Orange Beach Towel

buy White Dalek Button

White Dalek Button

Doctor Who White Dalek Button

If you are a true friend of Doctor Who then of course you need to warn the planet about the Dalek’s and what better way to do that then carry a picture of them with you all the time.

This buttons shows a picture of the Dalek and this means that you can easily pin one on almost anything that is made from fabric.

You backpack, t-shirt, jacket, pants or hat all can use a Doctor Who Dalek Button.

This button is 2.25″ in diameter and shows a white background on witch you can see a drawing of a Dalek.

The buttons is printed with a fade resistant ink and has a UV protecting layer so that your new Dalek button can last a long time.

If you want to help the Doctor rescue the world then come and get your Doctor Who White Dalek Button.

buy Dalek To Victory Mug

Dalek To Victory Mug

Dalek To Victory Mug

If you like a mug that shows one of the Doctors enemies the Dalek then you are in luck.

This mug shows the poster that is shown in the Doctor Who episode “Victory of the Daleks”.

Of course Winston Churchill didn’t know that their Ironsides where Daleks not to help their war but to win their own. And in this Doctor Who episode you can see that they made war posters with the Ironsides and the words “To Victory”. And this poster is place on this porcelain mug.

So if you are a true Doctor Who fan that needs a cup of tea once in a while then what better place to put it in then in this Dalek mug.

And now could be a good time for a drink don’t wait come and order your Doctor Who Dalek To Victory Mug.

buy Red Dalek Dress

Red Dalek Dress

Fans of the enemies of Doctor Who are gone be happy with this dress.

The dress looks like a red Dalek and that of course is great to bug those annoying Tardis fans.

If you are looking for an nice everyday summery dress or a costume for Halloween or maybe comic convention then you are in luck. This tank top style dress makes you look like a red Dalek without having to more then just putting it on.

The front and back are just like a red Dalek complete with the spots and on the back it even says “exterminate”.

The Doctor Who dress is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex so that it feels and looks great on you.

Get your Red Dalek Dress

buy Doctor Who Wall Calendar 2014

Doctor Who Wall Calendar 2014

Doctor Who Wall Calendar 2014

We may know that this is the last season of the 11th Doctor but with this 2014 wall calendar you can enjoy Matt Smith as Doctor Who just a little bit longer.

The 2014 Doctor Who wall calendar will bring you 16 months of Doctor Who fun and yes that means that it starts in 2013 to make the fun begin soon.

Of course as the picture above tells us the Doctor Who calendar will have the Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams and the Dalek. And it is my guess but I am pretty sure the Tardis will be there to.

If you are looking for the perfect Doctor Who present for yourself or a friend then have a look at this  Doctor Who Wall Calendar 2014.