buy Doctor Who Logo Tea Towels

Doctor Who Logo Tea Towels

If you like to add some Doctor Who to your kitchen then why not start with a set of Doctor Who logo tea towels.

The tea towels comes in a set of two and they are white and on it you can see blue circles and in the middle you find the famous Doctor Who logo that spells DW and that looks like the Tardis.

The Doctor Who kitchen towels are made from 100% cotton and measure 12 x 8 inches.

A set of Doctor Who towels like this will look stunning in your kitchen just hanging around or to be used to keep your hands and the dishes dry.

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buy Distressed Tardis Beach Towel

Distressed Tardis Beach Towel

Now you can go to the beach or take a shower and then use a Doctor Who towel as this is a special Tardis towel.

The beach towel shows the front doors of the Tardis but it seems more like the Tardis from a few regenerations ago as it looks distressed with some part peeling off.

The Tardis towel is 59 x 29.5 inch and is made from 100% cotton terry cloth making it soft and perfect for drying you off after a hot shower.

We all need towels and if you are a Doctor Who fan then going for something as amazing as this could be just what you need.

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buy Tardis Tea Towel Set

Tardis Tea Towel Set

Dr. Who Tardis Tea Towel Set

How about a fun set of Doctor Who tea towels?

These towels are great for the kitchen or just because they are Doctor Who’s.

The set has two 100% cotton towels one is the front of the Tardis complete with signs and windows and the second towel is just the telephone door sign.

Now tea time and kitchen time will be so much easier because there is a towel to clean up spill or to dry things.

The towels are 17 x 27 1/2 inch and are perfect for a Doctor Who themed home.

Does you kitchen need some towels? I bet they can use a this set of Doctor Who Tardis Tea Towels.

buy 4th Doctor Scarf Beach Towel

4th Doctor Scarf Beach Towel

Bathing time becomes fun again with a fun Doctor Who towel that has fun colors and stripes.

This beach towel looks like a blown up version of the scarf of the 4th Doctor.

This 55 x 29 1/2 inch towel is the perfect size for sunbathing at the beach or a good drying after a nice hot shower.

And instead of boring plain you can now have fun stripes in the colors of the Doctors scarf.

And besides the colourful lines this 100% cotton towel also has the Doctor Who logo on it.

No nobody is gone accidentally  use you towel because it’s the same as theirs because now yours is cool and theirs is boring.

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buy Doctor Who Tardis 3 Piece Towel Set

Doctor Who Tardis 3 Piece Towel Set

Doctor Who Tardis 3 Piece Towel Set

Of course your bathroom is Doctor Who decorated already but what is missing are some cool Tardis towels.

But you are in luck as now there is this 3 piece towel set.

The Doctor Who towel set has 1 big bath towel 50 x 27 inch, 1 hand towel 16 x 27 inch and one face towel 12 x 12 inch. And each towel in this set has Tardis details from the lamp on top to the “Police Public Call Box” sign and each towel also has an embroidered Tardis on it.

And this Doctor Who towel set is made from 100% cotton to make it soft and perfectly absorbent.

Trow out the boring towels and replace them with this Doctor Who Tardis 3 Piece Towel Set.

buy Tardis And Dalek Tea Towel Set

Tardis And Dalek Tea Towel Set

Doctor Who towel set with Tardis and Dalek

Doctor Who fans of course need to dry dishes or their hands when in the kitchen but boring towels just don’t cut it any more.

Luckily for all the fans there now is this tea towel set.

The set has two towels one white one with a Dalek on it and one that looks like the Tardis.

Just imagine these amazing towels in your home. Just watch your friends as they might try to steal them and use them at their Doctor Who decorated home.

And sure you can use these towels any where in the home but they are not big enough to take a shower with but they are made from 100% cotton.

Come take a better look at this Doctor Who Tardis And Dalek Towel Set.

buy Exploding Tardis Beach Towel

Exploding Tardis Beach Towel

Going to the beach, swimming or just taking a shower for all these things you need a nice towel.

And now there is a Doctor Who towel that just looks like a piece of art.
OK on this towel you can see the Tardis exploding just like it was painted by Vincent van Gogh in that famous Doctor Who episode.

So with this being a van Gogh Doctor Who towel you really have a piece of art.

This Doctor Who exploding Tardis towel is 59 x 29.5 inch and that makes it great for the beach, pool and home.

Surprise yourself or a friend with this towel as it would be the perfect gift for any Doctor Who fan.

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buy Tardis Beach Towel

Tardis Beach Towel

OK so this Tardis towel is not like the real Tardis from Doctor Who so it will not be able to bring you to a sunny beach but when you get to the beach this towel will be super handy.

The Tardis towel is made from 100% cotton and 60 x 30 inch and that makes it almost as big as the Tardis.

If you want to have some fun then I would say dig a big hole in the beach and cover it with this Tardis towel so that people can see how big it is on the inside.

And of course you can use the Tardis towel not only on the beach it loves to go the the pool  and it works fine with the shower at home to.

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buy Dalek Orange Beach Towel

Dalek Orange Beach Towel

Are you worried that someone will steal your spot on the beach?

If so then you need to bring some fire power and what better way to do so then with a Dalek towel.
This orange towel shows a Dalek in attack mode and below it it says “Exterminate” just like we are used to hear from the Dalek’s.

If you are a Doctor Who fan in need of a towel then this could be a great addition to your collection of towels.

The Doctor Who towel is made from 100% cotton for optimum softness and absorption.

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