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Inflatable Yellow Dalek

Now you can have your own Dalek just like the once that like to chase the Doctor.

If you are a true Doctor Who fan then this yellow Dalek would make a great addition to you collection.

The Dalek is yellow and looks a lot like the real thing only way softer and not so much extermination going on.

The inflatable Dalek is 30 x 23 x 4 inch and is just something fun to have standing around.

And as it is an inflatable you could of course choose to make this Dalek watch over the pool in summer.

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Inflatable Blue Dalek

Now you can have your own personal Dalek.

OK this one is not so scary as the real once we see on Doctor Who as this blue Dalek is just filled with air.

This is a 42″ tall inflatable Dalek. And of course this Dalek has all the details you want from Doctor Who’s main enemies.

Just imagine having this fellow standing in your bedroom or maybe you can use it as a party decoration.

Any Doctor Who collector would love to own this inflatable Dalek so how about you?

The blue Dalek just need some air from you and it’s ready to be part of you life.

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buy Inflatable Dalek

Inflatable Dalek

Doctor Who Inflatable Dalek

Now you can have your own Dalek, one of Doctor Who’s enemies can now be living with you.

This is an almost life size version of a red Dalek witch stands more then 5 feet tall.

And to make it even more fun this is an inflatable Dalek so you can kill it any time you want by just letting the air out. (I wonder if the Doctor knows this)

This inflatable Dalek comes in two parts and that makes it possible to rotate the head.

A Dalek like this is great for your home, office or a Doctor Who party.

So time to blow up a Dalek but first come and order your Doctor Who Red Inflatable Dalek.