buy Doctor Who Gift Tags

Doctor Who Gift Tags

Doctor Who Gift Tags for Christmas

We already showed you Doctor Who Christmas wrapping paper but a Doctor Who present also needs a gift tag.

Now there is the perfect Doctor Who gift tag for you holiday presents.

The gift tag is light blue with snow in the air and 11 Doctors around the Tardis with snow on the ground and K-9 to keep them company.
And then it of course has the the “to:” and “from:” and the text “Happy WHO-lidays!”.

And because you have more then 1 present to give the gift tag comes in a pack of 10 so plenty to go around and each has a blue ribbon to attach it to the presents.

Come and start wrapping the presents and marking them with these Doctor Who Holiday Gift Tags.

buy Doctor Who Christmas Sweater

Doctor Who Christmas Sweater

Everyone is talking about ugly Christmas sweater but how about a cool Christmas sweater.

This Doctor Who Christmas sweater is just cool not ugly.

On this sweater you can fin snowflakes and the Tardis, Sonic Screwdriver, Dalek, Weeping Angel and Cybermen.
And all of those make a fun sweater and as Christmas is one of those seasons where angels are in place we can this time accept the Weeping Angels to as long as we don’t blink.

This Doctor Who sweater comes in some fun colors and a wide selection of sizes.
And if you don’t like this sweater look then you can get this design as t-shirt or hoodie to.

Now you can be all set for a Doctor Who style Christmas.

Get your Doctor Who Christmas Sweater

buy Tardis Christmas Wrapping Paper

Tardis Christmas Wrapping Paper

How do you wrap all your Doctor Who Christmas presents this year?

How about in Tardis Christmas wrapping paper?

This wrapping paper is blue and has pictures of the Tardis on it with a Christmas wreath on the door and fireworks behind it.

Now you presents will be so much more fun with Doctor Who Christmas wrapping paper. A Doctor Who presents in Doctor Who Tardis wrapping paper that is what will be the gift to get this Christmas .

You have to click on the picture above to see it how nice the paper looks up close.

Get your Tardis Christmas Wrapping Paper

buy Tardis Christmas Stocking

Tardis Christmas Stocking

Dr. Who Tardis Christmas Stocking

When Christmas comes we all want a stocking for Santa to fill.

And if you are a Doctor Who fan then of course you want a Doctor Who stocking.

This Doctor Who Christmas stocking has the Tardis on it while going through space and on top you find the Doctor Who logo.

This Doctor Who stocking is 17″ long an is made from felt so that it will stay nice for many more holidays to come.

Why go for a simple red stocking when you can have one with the Tardis on it?

You never know maybe even the Doctor will stop bye to bring you a little gift.

Start decorating for Christmas with this Doctor Who Tardis Christmas Stocking.

buy Tardis And Santa Christmas Card

Tardis And Santa Christmas Card

Do you wonder how Santa Claus has all those presents on his sleigh?

He doesn’t this year Santa borrowed the Tardis of Doctor Who as it is so big on the inside that it can hold al the presents in the world.

And if you want to send a Christmas card to your friends then you want one themed around Doctor Who.
Of course we got you covered and this card shows the Tardis and look It’s Santa inside with a bag full of presents.

Now all your Doctor Who fan friends can get a personal greeting card for Christmas that is all about the Tardis and Santa.

Get your Tardis And Santa Christmas Card

buy 11 Doctors Glass Ball Ornament

11 Doctors Glass Ball Ornament

Doctor Who Glass Ball Christmas Ornament

Of cours you could have 1 Doctor as Christmas ornament but how about 11 of them?

Now you can because this ball ornament shows 11 Doctors with the 11th Doctor Who in the middle.

Your Christmas tree will look so amazing with this glass ball ornament that will stand out nicely with all the other decorations.

The blue ball is made from glass and designed by Kurt Adler who is famous for his quality Christmas decorations.

So if you want Doctors 1 – 11 in your tree then you just need to get this Doctor Who All Doctors Christmas Ornament.

buy K-9 Christmas Ornament

K-9 Christmas Ornament

Dr. Who K-9 Christmas Ornament

K-9 is one of the Doctor’s oldest companions and even though he doesn’t show up often we still have him close to our heart.

And now K-9 loves to be part of your Christmas tree.

This Doctor Who K-9 Christmas ornament shows K-9 complete with some decorations like fluff on his ears.
A K-9 ornament is special and that is why it is made by Kurt Adler and it is made from glass.

The K-9 robot dog is about 4″ wide and 3″ high and is specially hand crafted for your Christmas tree.

Doctor Who loves to see K-9 in your tree so why wait come get your Doctor Who K-9 Christmas Ornament.

buy Doctor Who 5 Piece Christmas Ornament Set

Doctor Who 5 Piece Christmas Ornament Set

Do you want to decorate your Christmas tree Doctor Who themed this year?

If you do then you should check out this Doctor Who ornament set.

The set has 5 pieces and include a Tardis, Dalek, Doctor Who Logo, Cyberman and a Sonic Screwdriver.
Each Christmas ornament is about 2 inch tall and comes with a silver hanging loop.

Just imagine how much fun you tree would look this holiday season when it is all decorated with Doctor Who items.

And as it is Christmas the Doctor will not mind that you have some of his enemies in you tree because Christmas is the time of year that we forgive our enemies.

Get your Doctor Who 5 Piece Christmas Ornament Set

buy 11th Doctor And Sonic Screwdriver Christmas Ornament

11th Doctor And Sonic Screwdriver Christmas Ornament

As Doctor Who fan you, of course, want Christmas also to have a Doctor Who theme.

With these two Christmas ornaments, your tree will have a strong Doctor Who theme especially because one of these two ornaments is the Doctor himself.

This set has two ornaments that are around 4 1/2 inch tall and both have a silver loop to hang them in the tree.
And the ornaments are the Sonic Screwdriver of the 11th Doctor and yes the 11th Doctor played by Matt Smith.

So now you can have a real Doctor Who ornament that actually looks like the Doctor and his useful tool the Sonic Screwdriver.

You Christmas has to be super this year if you just have these two ornaments in your tree.

Get your 11th Doctor And Sonic Screwdriver Christmas Ornament

buy Tardis Snow Globe

Tardis Snow Globe

dr who Christmas Tardis Snow Globe

The Tardis is used to all kind of situation from stars and space to rain and snow.

And this time the Tardis is surrounded by snow in this Doctor Who snow globe.

The base of this Tardis snow globe is blue and has the Doctor Who logo on it and then above that there is a glass ball with the Tardis inside on a piece of snow and soon it will be snowing again in the little globe.

If you like to see the Tardis in a snow storm then you really need a Tardis snow globe. And this snow globe runs on 2 AAA batteries (not included).

The Doctor Who Tardis snow globe is 6 1/2 inch tall and is great as Christmas decoration or the rest of the year as focal point of your Doctor Who collection.

Come and have a closer look at this Doctor Who Tardis Snow Globe.