buy Stripes And The Tardis Raglan Top

Stripes And The Tardis Raglan Top

Doctor Who fans can get this fun women’s Stripes And The Tardis Raglan Top.

The shirt has a white body with blue 3/4 sleeves and on the front of the Doctor Who shirt it shows colored stripes and next to the stripes you find the Tardis.

You can get this Doctor Who raglan in women’s sizes Small – XL and is made from a cotton and polyester blend.

A fun Doctor Who shirt like this is just perfect for anyone that likes a nice shirt while also have the Tardis near.

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buy Cyberman Costume Hoodie

Cyberman Costume Hoodie

If you want to look like a Cyberman and try to delete Doctor Who then maybe this hoodie can help you to look like one.

This Cyberman costume hoodie makes you look just like a real Cyberman and the hood zips up all the way to the top so that it looks you are wearing a mask. Now you can stop worrying about running into a real Cybermen army as they all will think you are one of them.

This Doctor Who costume hoodie comes in men’s sizes Small – XL and is made from 100% polyester and is something a true Doctor Who fan will really enjoy wearing.

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buy Return Of The Daleks Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Return Of The Daleks Kids Long Sleeve T-Shirt

If you child love Doctor Who and needs a long sleeve shirt then look no further as this will make them happy.

The grey long sleeve top comes in sizes 7 – 14 and is made from 100% cotton.

On the long sleeve t-shirt you can see a big image of a yellow Dalek and the text “Return Of The Daleks!” and also the Doctor Who logo.

Now adults will be jealous as this boys shirt is just amazing looking and it could become your child’s favorite really quickly.

This Dalek shirt is an officially licensed product and that only makes it even better.

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buy Home Is Where The Hearts Are Sweater

Home Is Where The Hearts Are Sweater

This may or may not be a Doctor Who Christmas sweater that is up to you to decide but this white women’s sweater reminds me of my grandma’s handy work.

On the white sweater you can see something that looks like needle work and something that people could have on the wall but this time it’s all about the Doctor.

It all start with a picture of the Tardis and below it the text “Home is where the hearts are” and of course a picture of two hearts as every Time Lord seem to have two.

The women’s pullover is available in sizes XSmall – 2XL and is just great fun to wear.

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buy Dalek And Bowties Christmas Sweater

Dalek And Bowties Christmas Sweater

If red and green are to much for you for the holidays then you may like this black Christmas sweater with Dalek and bowties on them.

This Doctor Who Christmas sweater is mainly black with white question marks and then there is a white panel that shows blue Daleks on them and below that a row of red bowties.

So now you found the perfect ugly Christmas sweater you can wear and even after Christmas sweater can enjoy while watching reruns of Doctor Who of course with the 11th Doctor because of the bowties.

You can get this Doctor Who Christmas sweater in men’s sizes Small – 2XL and yes ladies it will fit you perfectly to.

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buy Cyberman Delete Christmas Sweater

Cyberman Delete Christmas Sweater

If you are looking for a good looking ugly Christmas sweater based on Doctor Who then you came to the right spot.

This blue unisex Christmas sweater shows in the middle a Cyberman made from ice and around him the text “Delete Christmas” and besides his sad view of Christmas it also shows rows with the Tardis and snowflakes.

This 100% acrylic sweater is officially licensed and is available in unisex sizes XSmall – 3XL for the perfect fit for men and women.

Why go for red or green when you can really show the world that you feel blue about Christmas.

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buy The Perfect Tardis Christmas Sweater

The Perfect Tardis Christmas Sweater

This blue Christmas sweater for men and women shows the Tardis from Doctor Who and that makes this the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for your Christmas party.

And on this blue sweater you can see more then just the Tardis there is also some nows and also the Sonic Screwdriver. This Doctor Who sweater also does not scream Christmas so it could be perfect for winter in general as it will keep you warm and looks perfect on any Doctor Who fan.

The unisex Christmas sweater comes in adult sizes Small – 3XL and is made  from 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

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buy Weeping Angel Christmas Sweater

Weeping Angel Christmas Sweater

This Christmas sweater maybe seen as ugly by some but for a Doctor Who fan it will be seen as awesome.

The blue Christmas sweater has 3 Weeping Angel on the front and on the back and below all that action you find a white banner with on it faces of Weeping Angel’s with the text “Don’t Blink” next to it.

You can get this unisex Christmas sweater in sizes Small – 3XL and it would look great on both men and women.

And as this Doctor Who sweater does not have any typical Christmas details you could choose to wear this amazing sweater year round.

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buy 10th Doctor Costume Hoodie

10th Doctor Costume Hoodie

This zip up hoodie is what every Doctor Who fan needs specially the once that like the 10th Doctor best.

The Doctor Who hoodie looks like his overcoat and you can see his vest and tie under it BUT when you open the buttons then his vest appears (click on the picture to see it) and there is also where you find the zipper.

Of course that makes this Doctor Who hoodie better at keeping the wind out and and even more fun item to own.

You can get this Doctor Who costume hoodie in adult sizes Small – 3XL and yes men and women will love to have one.

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buy Tardis Long Sleeve Shirt

Tardis Long Sleeve Shirt

This blue sweater looks like the Tardis from Doctor Who.

The shirt is kinda Tardis blue with on the left sleeve the top sign of the Tardis that says “Police Public Call bBox” and on the front of the shirt you can see the main doors to the Tardis with the windows on top and below that the two door signs that makes it all legit.

The long sleeve t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and comes in adult sizes Small – 3XL.

Men or women both can enjoy this fun Doctor Who shirt and I am sure that you will love wearing it.

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