buy 4th Doctor Season 18 Scarf

4th Doctor Season 18 Scarf

As a true fan of Doctor Who you of course know all about the classic long scarf that the 4th Doctor used and you probably knew as well that he changed scarfs in some seasons and in season 18 there was a complete different scarf.

And now we found you the scarf from season 18 so that you can look like the 4th Doctor did in that special series.

The Doctor Who scarf is more red and not so many colors in the design but still a great scarf with tassels and it can be yours for a cold day or as part of a Doctor Who costume.

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buy 11th Doctor Series 7 Action Figure

11th Doctor Series 7 Action Figure

If you are looking for the most amazing Doctor Who action figure then you found it as this figurine of the 11th Doctor Who is just what every true fan needs.

This action figure of Matt Smith as the Doctor is at a 1:6 scale and that makes him about 12 inch tall.

And this is not just a figurine that can stand and be pretty, this is an action figure with many extra’s like hair pieces, fez, extra hands, Sonic Screwdriver and much more so that you can make the Doctor look the way you want him to be.

You can pose the Doctor your way and put it on it’s special stand so that it is ready to be admired.

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buy Union Jack Tardis Belt

Union Jack Tardis Belt

A belt is a great way to make a statement and if you like Doctor Who then this is the belt to get.

This black belt is covered in images of the Union Jack flag but if you look closely you can see the Tardis and part of the Tardis in the images of the flag.

And this is a seatbelt style belt so it has the same kind of buckle and this one has the Doctor Who logo on the middle button.

This Doctor Who belt is easily adjustable so that many of us can enjoy it. The Tardis belt is adjustable between about 26 to 46 inch and that does include the buckle.

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buy Tardis Bluetooth Headphones

Tardis Bluetooth Headphones

Now you can enjoy your favorite music from these Doctor Who headphones.

These are white and blue headphones with on the earpieces a picture of the Tardis.

These bluetooth headphones do not need a cord but if you want you can as they offer aux in and out besides many other features that makes these headphones the perfect way to enjoy your sounds.

The Tardis headphones have volume rocker, microphone and they run on a rechargeable battery that can make you enjoy your music for up to 35 hours without the need of a cord.

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buy Dalek White Analog Wrist Watch

Dalek White Analog Wrist Watch

Doctor Who is great at traveling back and forth in time and I am sure he needs a real special watch to keep track of all that.

If you want to be able to keep track of time then maybe this white Dalek watch is just what you need.

The wrist watch has a white strap with a chrome watch in the middle that has a kinda of strange shaped glass and watch face and on that watch face you can see the 3 hands of the clock and a Dalek on the background and the word “Daleks”.

And to make this watch even better they even put it in a Doctor Who tin so that you can store it away when not in use.

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buy K-9 Pop! Vinyl Figurine

K-9 Pop! Vinyl Figurine

Now K-9 can be part of your Doctor Who collection.

This figurine of K-9is part of the Pop! collection of Funko and it’s marked as number 300.

This K-9 robot dog is 3.75 inch tall like all th other Pop! Vinyl figurines and is just cute and a must have.

The robot dog comes in a nice window box so that you can see him while it’s still wrapped up.

Of course K-9 loves to be around the Doctor’s and other character of the series and would love to live in a new home and is hoping it could be yours.

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buy 10th Doctor Regeneration Figurine

10th Doctor Regeneration Figurine

Now you can own your little Doctor Who that will bring light to the dark.

This Doctor Who figurine glows in the dark and looks like the 10th Doctor just after his regeneration as he still is wearing the 9th Doctor’s clothing so he is all in black but still holding on to his Sonic Screwdriver.

This  3 3/4 inch figurine is part of the Pop! Vinyl series from Funko and this figure is really exclusive so not likely going to be found in store and that of course makes it even more special then other figurines of Doctor Who.

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buy Sonic Screwdriver BBQ Thongs

Sonic Screwdriver BBQ Thongs

If you like to grill in the yard then now you can do it in Doctor Who style by simply using this BBQ Thongs that look like the Sonic Screwdriver used by the Doctor.

The BBQ thongs look like the 11th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver and the thongs when not in use are stored inside the top of the Sonic Screwdriver so that it all looks like a giant Sonic Screwdriver.

Just imagine having a party and you are cooking those burgers holding the Sonic Screwdriver to cook them. All the Whovian’s at your party are going to love it and I am sure you will to.

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buy Cyberman Costume Hoodie

Cyberman Costume Hoodie

If you want to look like a Cyberman and try to delete Doctor Who then maybe this hoodie can help you to look like one.

This Cyberman costume hoodie makes you look just like a real Cyberman and the hood zips up all the way to the top so that it looks you are wearing a mask. Now you can stop worrying about running into a real Cybermen army as they all will think you are one of them.

This Doctor Who costume hoodie comes in men’s sizes Small – XL and is made from 100% polyester and is something a true Doctor Who fan will really enjoy wearing.

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buy Blue Dalek Beanie Hat

Blue Dalek Beanie Hat

If you like Daleks and Doctor Who then this beanie hat could be just what you need.

This blue beanie hat looks like a Dalek with antenna on the top in grey and the shape and color combinations make it look like the real top of the famous enemy of the Doctor.

This Dalek winter hat is one size fits most and both men and women can enjoy wearing this hat outside in the cold or as part of the Dalek costume for Halloween.

And even if you think Dalek are bad then you can still wear this hat as it shows the world that you are a true fan of Doctor Who.

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