buy Exploding Tardis Women’s Wrist Watch

Exploding Tardis Women’s Wrist Watch

This Doctor Who watch has a cool exploding Tardis band and a classic looking digital watch.

This is a women’s wrist watch that maybe a bit strange but that makes it extra cool.

The strap os the watch shows the exploding Tardis painting and then there is the watch that is a beige color with the digital clock in the middle and around it the text “Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey” and it has a small image of that Tardis as well.

No this wrist watch is not for a for a formal occasion but it’s great for wearing to work, school and everyday use.

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buy Blue Tardis Napkins

Blue Tardis Napkins

Every Doctor Who party of course needs napkins and now there are Tardis paper napkins specially made for that.

These napkins come in a pack of 20 and measure 6.5 x 6.5 inch and they are blue of course with the doors of the famous police box on it complete with all the signs . These Doctor Who napkins are 3 ply and that makes them nice and strong for wiping the ketchup and cake from your face.

Birthday party, summer bbq or just a Doctor Who marathon these Tardis napkins are just perfect to get your party going and keeping you clean.

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buy Tardis Doors Paper Plates

Tardis Doors Paper Plates

If you want a Doctor Who party that has food then you need these Tardis paper plates.

The square paper plates are 9 inch and come in a pack of 8 and on the plates you can find the blue Tardis doors with the famous signs and the big windows.

With party wear like this any party can become a Doctor Who party and that of course is something a Doctor Who fan wants.

Birthday party or a big bbq these paper plates are perfect for cake, hotdogs and more. And after the party no dishes as these plate are made for one time use.

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buy Tardis Sign Paper Cups

Tardis Sign Paper Cups

If you are planning a Doctor Who themed party then you need these Tardis paper cups.

The paper cups are Tardis blue and have the famous door sign on them so that everyone finally can read the whole text that you can find on the door of the Tardis and any classic blue police box.

With 8 cups in each pack this set is a good start for any party. Birthday, bbq or more these 9 oz cups are strong and perfect sized for almost any drink.

And paper cups don’t have to be washed so after your party clean up will be easy to.

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buy 7th Doctor Collector Figurine

7th Doctor Collector Figurine

Now you can have a Doctor Who figurine of the 7th Doctor and that of course is something a real collector needs for it’s collection.

The highly detailed figurine of the Doctor shows him like we all know him with wearing his famous sweater and of course with his question mark umbrella. The figurine of the 7th Doctor Who stands on a nice stand so that you can have the Doctor on display where ever you prefer.

The Doctor is made from a special metallic resin and is hand painted specially for you.

If you figurine collection is still missing the 7th Doctor then you just wonder what you are waiting for.

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buy Tardis Police Box Dress

Tardis Police Box Dress

Now you can have a Doctor Who Tardis dress that is perfect for any occasion not just as a costume.

The blue women’s dress has a fine pattern of gears and a corset top that has white panels just like the Tardis window and above that on the bust line you find the sign that says “Police Public Call Box” and it is a sleeveless dress with lace on the bottom and all that makes this Doctor Who dress just something stunning and just perfect for any occasion.

This Doctor Who dress comes in women’s sizes XSmall – 3XL and is made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex.

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buy 12 Doctor Listen Poster

12 Doctor Listen Poster

Now there is a Doctor Who poster that says “Listen” on it and that is of course something we all should do once in a while.

The square poster shows a picture of the 12th Doctor in front of a black board with on it the word “Listen” and the Doctor looks at us like this is something really important so we better listen to what he has to say.

A Doctor Who poster as interesting looking as this should find a cool spot in your home or office and for people that don’t like just a plain poster they even offer to frame it for you so that you can just find a nice spot on your wall for it.

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buy The 3rd Doctor Bust Mug

The 3rd Doctor Bust Mug

Now you can have a coffee mug that looks like the head of the 3rd Doctor Who.

Yes this face is shaped like a head and you are drinking your favorite beverage out of the top of the head.

A true Doctor Who collector of course would need to have this bust mug as it is just one of those unique items that only a true fan of the Doctor can appreciate.

The doctor played by Jon Pertwee is just portrayed perfectly in the mug.

And sure if you don’t like drinking out of someone’s head then I understand but that does not makes this a great item to have maybe just as a display piece or with pens and pencils in it on your desk.

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buy Dalek Eyestalk Flashlight

Dalek Eyestalk Flashlight

Are you a Doctor Who fan that is afraid of the dark? If you are then this Dalek flashlight is what you need.

This is not a whole Dalek but just it’s eyestalk and it will bring light to the dark and it even talks Dalek to you so that you kinda feel scared when your flashlight start talking to you.

Doctor Who fans will enjoy owning this flashlight as beside bringing light and sound it also looks like you own a real part of a Dalek and that looks cool in your Doctor Who collection.

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buy Ood Sigma Figurine

Ood Sigma Figurine

Now your Doctor Who collection can have an Ood in it as this is an Ood figurine.

The figurine shows Ood Sigma and it is standing on a nice base.

Made from resin this Doctor Who figurine has great details and yes there is a Sigma on the uniform the Ood is wearing and that of course is how we know it is Ood Sigma.

The Ood figurine is 4 inch tall and just a great addition to any collection of Doctor Who memorabilia.

Come get this Ood a home as he deserves one after all he went through in Doctor Who adventures.

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