buy Van Gogh Exploding Tardis Plates

Van Gogh Exploding Tardis Plates

If you want to eat in style while watching Doctor Who on TV then you need these Tardis plates.

The white ceramic plates have a diameter of 8 inches and are microwave and dishwasher safe.

On the white plates you can see the exploding Tardis just like how Vincent Van Gogh painted it and besides the Tardis it also says “There are more wonders in this universe”.

And as you may have friends over for food they put 4 Tardis plates in a set so that you and 3 other people can have a civilized meal together.

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buy Doctor Who Set Of 4 Ceramic Plates

Doctor Who Set Of 4 Ceramic Plates

Even a true Doctor Who fan like you needs plates to eat from and you are in luck because now there are amazing blue Doctor Who plates.

These blue plates come in a set of 4 and are 8 inches in diameter. And they are ceramic plates made to make your life easy so they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Now any meal you like can be eaten from Doctor Who plates and even a dinner party will be so much better all thanks to these ceramic Doctor Who plates that are made to last and are real easy to combine with your other dishes.

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buy Tardis Doors Paper Plates

Tardis Doors Paper Plates

If you want a Doctor Who party that has food then you need these Tardis paper plates.

The square paper plates are 9 inch and come in a pack of 8 and on the plates you can find the blue Tardis doors with the famous signs and the big windows.

With party wear like this any party can become a Doctor Who party and that of course is something a Doctor Who fan wants.

Birthday party or a big bbq these paper plates are perfect for cake, hotdogs and more. And after the party no dishes as these plate are made for one time use.

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buy Tardis Soup And Sandwich Set

Tardis Soup And Sandwich Set

If you like Doctor Who and soup and sandwiches then now you are going to love it even more as there now is this amazing Doctor Who set specially made for your soup and sandwich.

This set has a plate that shows a vortex and galaxy and then on top of that you find a soup bowl with a lid that looks like the Tardis from the Doctor.

This set is made from ceramic and is dishwasher and microwave safe and just the perfect way to get your food served.

Now soup and sandwiches would be your go to food just so that you can eat it from this plate and bowl set.

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buy Doctor Who Party Supply Set

Doctor Who Party Supply Set

If you want a Doctor Who themed party or maybe even a birthday party then this  party supply set could be just what you need.

The set is good for a party of 16 people as it includes 16 paper cups, 16 7 inch plates and 16 napkins.

On the plates and cups you can see the blue police box that we all know as the Tardis and next to it you can see what to me looks like the Sonic Screwdriver of the 4th Doctor and on the other side of the Tardis you can see red bowties.

The napkins have something like a vortex on it and if you look closely you can see them to in the background of the plates and cups.

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buy Doctor Who Party Ware Set

Doctor Who Party Ware Set

If you are having a party for a Doctor Who fans then what do you need most?

Paper plates and napkins of course and that are where this set is perfect for.

This Doctor Who party set includes 12 paper plates that have Dalek or the Tardis on it and are 9 inches in diameter and there are 20 paper napkins that have an exterminating Dalek on them.

Now you just need a cake and finger foods and you can have the Whovian party you always wanted to have.


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buy Colored Tardis Plate Set

Colored Tardis Plate Set

How about 4 Doctor Who plates for your table setting?

These plates are white and show a picture of the Tardis but only a part of the Tardis is visible and that stands under an angel. And the Tardis is different of color on each of the 4 plates. They come in red, green, grey and of course blue.

The plates are 8 inch square and made from melamine witch makes them really strong and durable.

If you have a dinner or just a party then get our your Doctor Who plates and see the reactions of your guests.

Eating and parting was never so much fun as with this Doctor Who Tardis Plate Set.

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buy Tardis 4 Piece Square Plates

Tardis 4 Piece Square Plates

Dr. Who Doctor Who Tardis 4 Piece Square Plates

Do you have Doctor Who plates yet?

Either way you can now have a nice 4 piece plate set based on the Tardis.

The set has 4 plates that are 8 inch and square.

On the plates you will find:

  • Door of the Tardis
  • Police Public Call Box
  • White Phone sign
  • St John Ambulance logo

So 4 different plates all themed around the Tardis and all great for a meal or a party.

The Doctor Who plates are made from Melamine and that means they are really strong. Unfortunately they can’t go in the microwave but they can go on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Make your Doctor Who dinner party a success with this Doctor Who Tardis Plate Set.

buy Tardis In Scenery Plate

Tardis In Scenery Plate

Dr. Who Tardis Plate

Why would a Doctor Who fan eat from a boring plane plate?

You can eat from a plate that show the Tardis and a sea side scenery.

This Tardis plate is great for any meal you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner can all be consumed from this Doctor Who plate.

The Doctor Who Tardis plate has a diameter of 10 inch and is drop and break proof so that even the kids can eat from it without worrying what happens when they drop it.

You can wash the Tardis plate in the dishwasher but unfortunately it is not microwave safe.

This plate can change your life forever so come and get your own Doctor Who Tardis Plate.